Thursday, December 31, 2009

si v a m p i r e

on a discussion about rob patt1nson's new movie, rem3mber me:

me: cite serius gak nih
me: camne agaknye die berlakon
her: aaa...drama filem.
me: tu la
me: cam sedih je
her: tapi handsome dia tetap ada oooo....aura vampire masih ada...
me: die memang hensem
me: rambut serabai janggut tak cukur pun ensem
me: hahaha
her: ya betul, pakai baju melayu camnalah gamaknyer ruper dia yea? hehehe...
her: rofl!
her: harus ramai yg pengsan koma...
her: termasuk diriku


to those clueless, rob patt1nson is edward in tw1light saga.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

of wedding

day 1:

the bride was stunning in her gold attire.

the imam asked,

" mahukah kamu dikahwinkan dengan the groom? "

the bride nodded a yes.

the bride signed the form.

the father of the bride now read the handover of the solemnization to the imam.

i saw tears glistened in her eyes.

the groom succeeded with only one lafaz.

i saw him crying so badly, after that, in front of us all.

i asked the bride,

" don't you feel sad? "

the bride answered,

" no. "

i was sloppy and my tudung was sememeh, in front of the hunkiest cikgu. single hopefully. very the embarassing.

i listened to the taklik, sat like the infamous perempuan melayu terakhir and nearly crammed my ankle.

i collected my own tears.

the bride is now a wife.

day 2:

i arrived late. (2 hours before the sanding is considered late if you're maid-of-honour)

the groom arrived on time.

the kompang arrived late.

the cikgu hunk was the groom's best man, omg!

again, i was a klutz. i tried to close the fancy umbrella on someone's face which was the groom's granny, and almost jabbed a kid.

i was sooooo nervous like i was the one getting married.

luckily, nothing shameful happens after that.

i couldn't eat much, though i was damn hungry.

the bride was again stunning in the beautiful dais which befits a queen.

but she was grumbling,

" why did the groom choose the cikgu to be his best man? now everyone is looking at the cikgu instead of the groom. "

the lesson here is?

jangan bersanding. hahaha.

day 3:

i almost arrived late, was busy playing p4u yuk m1n sushi shop the other nite till late.

the highlight of the day was me eating like there's no tomorrow beside the bride. hahaha!

the bride did cry finally. when all of her family was leaving, and they were crying as well since now she's some one's wife.

the bride make-up was so old-fashioned i was in stitches. save the nice dresses and gowns. one swab of the cotton and her make-up all gone, not a single trace of foundation. haha!

i hugged the bride one last time and the bride cried.

maybe now she belongs to someone else, but she's still my best friend. forever.

Friday, December 25, 2009

buku baru

i am officially

warga perak
(as in jubli perak)


what happens when people was 25?

- mom got me
- my aunt was engaged
- my best friend got married
- my grandma was with 4 kids

i'm fresh out of school, single and loving it. thanks for the wishes.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Words mean n0thing. Pictures explain.

Beef rendang yg lg byk porti0n die drpd nasik, rec0mmended by the bald guy standing over there. Lol.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


me: why did you buy that freaking expensive 135k continental car?

her: because it has sun-roof.

me: ......

me: the sun-roof almost feel like a convertible, is it not?

her: yea. the closest thing.

me: but now you have to send the key back to france to reprogram the chip? because the stupid manufacturers forgot to activate the user-friendly function on the faulty smart key which already locked the whole system on the car and deemed the car useless, all for that 135k.

her: yea, and the office in france is closed for xmas. they will only open back after new year.

me: what the ????? oh my. that's bad.

her: oh yea. i'm the unlucky car owner.

luckily she's a jovial soul who barely noticed my sarcasm. haha!

this is the woman who told me the kind of guy she's talking to on the phone based on her way of talking.

way 1: twirling hair, flirting posture, laughing and speaking softly. smiling always.

- a relatively new guy. flirtatious mode.

way 2: laughing and speaking loudly. bits of hair twirling here and there. smiles.

- known for quite some time already. bits of flirt here and there.

way 3: hmm... ah.... no.... yes... that's not correct...brief nods here and there. none of way 1 and way 2 traces.

- known for too long. possibly ex-potential bf.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Tying the kn0t

My bestfriends are getting married. Fewer peeps to berf0ya2 with, to g0ssip with, to enj0y g0od f0od with.

Maybe it's time to make new frens. Though i used to say i'm c0mfy with the pack of frens i have n0w, since it's to0 tr0ubles0me to start again fr0m A, i guess i'm giving up the solitude.

I'd like to meet pe0ple, th0ugh i can't pr0mise i'm ready, th0ugh i'd try.

Coz only pe0ple who is decent en0ugh to n0tjudge me by h0w em0ti0nless i lo0ked deserved my friendship.

Let's start anew.
Hi, i'm eine. What's your name?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

new beginning

time to change for the better.

time to achieve more target.

be a better muslim.

welcome year 1432 hijriyah.

goodbye 1431.

Friday, December 11, 2009

i was tagged by this person who wrote me with this captions:
eine yg slalu bakar duit n skrg plan g foya2 xnk ajak aku

so now, here you go. =P

1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
- duit. takde duit tak best.

2. Apakah benda akhir yang kamu beli dengan duit sendiri?
- 7 pasang kasut dan 3 beg pada hari yang sama. muahahaha!!

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
- where people who matters can attend it, even in the centre of the earth, hehehe.

4. Berapa lama hubungan kamu berkekalan?
- 3 months curse. :P

5. Adakah anda sedang di lamun cinta?
- out of it, for the time being.

6. Di mana restoran akhir kamu makan malam?
- belanga yang jual sume benda sedap..

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
- random books from big b4d wolf's sale

8. Nama penuh anda?
- eine

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan ayah atau emak?
- mak yang best.

10. Namakan seorang yang kamu ingin jumpa dalam hidup kamu?
- menantu sulung mak (tiru ayat orang yang tag aku. haha.)

11. Sebutkan nama 8 sahabat yang rapat dengan kamu?
- duit (skang nih dah macam tak rapat sangat, aisey)
- kasut
- food
- buku
- katil
- lens + spec
- tepon
- handbag


12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian sendiri?
- lum mampu bayar makcik dobi tolong cucikan

13. Tempat yang paling seronok yang kamu ingin pergi?
- mane-mane la, selain malaysia

14. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.
- dia seorang yang tidak rabun
- dia kedekut. ajak gi berfoya-foya manjang takde duit.
- pastu salahkan aku wat plan gi berfoya-foya tak ajak dia.
- seorang yang menampakkan muka serius dan menjawab telefon dengan nada kerek tetapi hakikatnya seorang yang konfius.
- tu je.

15. 8 perkara yang saya gilai?
- kasut
- tiket flight murah
- honda civic city ex5 cup buruk lampu bulat. haha.
- kerja. memang nampak macam penipuan, tapi itulah hakikat, memandangkan hari ni public holiday kat sini, tapi aku kerja. hahaha!
- cute little pretty things
- fast cars
- cute drummers (hehehe)
- good food

16. Pelukan atau ciuman?
- asalkan halal, apa-apa pun boleh. =p

17. 8 buah buku yang paling baru dibaca?
- tengah baca anne of the island
- tengah baca capric0rnia
- baru habis eclips3
- vampir3 academy tiga-tiga skali
- artem1s f0wl: time parad0x
- the reap3rs

18. 8 lagu yang kamu boleh dengar berulang kali?
- you belong with me - taylor sw1ft
- change your mind - boyce ave
- sisa - n1trus
- i wanna - a.a.r.
- yo te voy a amar - n s y n c
- diary of jane - breaking benjy
- ichirin no hana - high mighty colours
- get another boyfriend - bsb

19. mari main TAG orang lain.
- sape2 jel la, yang tengah bosan takde keje nak buat macam aku. hahaha!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Be thankful

... That y0u're b0rn as a muslim, raised as a muslim, and insya-Allah die as one to0.

But, are we living like a dev0ut muslim should be?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

eid wishes

may the sacrifices made us ponder,

why are we here in the first place.

Friday, November 20, 2009

b00k summary

i just finished reading eclips3, the third installment in the famous vampire love story twi|ight. i've been having the book for so long, i wonder why i didn't manage to finish this book earlier.

one word. despair.

the book might be monotonous. even during the fight scenes, i didn't feel a slight adventurous mode. maybe it was meant that way.

a few lines that i like:

jake's : "she loves me you know, but she doesn't know it yet"

"it's just too late. he's like a drug to you. i will be much healthier for you; i'll be the air, the sun"

edw4rd's lines are always poetic and easily loved. :P

the author made me feel that i wanted jake to be with b3lla instead of edw4rd. because jake was portrayed as being so selfishly human. while edw4rd, being the most unselfish, kind ..... the list goes on for a perfect being. sighs.

and yeah, though it may baffle some, it is possible to be in love with 2 people at the same time.

i like this book, though the love scenes might make some people to throw-up. it is a love story afterall.

b3lla's: i love jake, but it is nowhere near enough. while edw4rd, i've known how was it like to not be with him.

it was a correct decision, since jake will definitely have an imprint in the future.

that's another thing in another book.

toodles. i love but i also hate fridays. dang!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

cuti skola

as a kid, i looked forward to skool holidays. as an adult, i'm not so sure, since:

* the less traffic congestion during skool holiday. -i am not driving to work, so i don't feel it made any difference to me.

* skool holidays don't mean work holidays. - i wish!

* skool holidays is the peak season, where airlines and hotels charge exorbitantly. - i don't go for holidays on skool holidays, so no problem with this.

* malls and cinemas, packed with skool kids. - i lepak at the quietest mall in kl, i don't have the privilege to go watch movies that often.

* skool holidays = solemnization season. - ARGH!

it's not that i don't like weddings. i adore weddings, so many things to look at and learn from. but 3 weddings in a day? would definitely drive anyone sane, crazy. plus if the bride is your best-friend, you'll definitely be the pengapit. and the wedding gift as well, a headache.

you'll be wanting to buy something that the couple will remember. definitely not another rice cooker, or toaster or iron. haha!

(reminder to the guests of my future wedding: please do not buy me household items like the ones i mentioned just now. i'd be happy with your blessings and do not fret, i'll provide you with the list of things that i want. first come, get to buy me cheap items. you know what happens to the ones late. *muahahaha* )

i've long settled the issue of the wedding gifts. easy pick and the couple would definitely not mind it if they have more than one of this item. no, it's not c0nd0ms, you pervert. :P

i'm fully booked for weddings starting this week. there goes my precious weekends. hehehe.

best wishes to the brides and grooms to be. =)

Monday, November 16, 2009

loop forever

There you are with your perfect way
You’ve got that little shine in your eyes
To hear one word would make my day
But there’s no room for me in your life

Oh you’ve got me down on my knees
Oh and in my mind I can see
How perfect everything could be
But you won’t give us a try

If I could change your mind
How would you want me
Would you say you need me
Cause I need you now

I try to move on but your perfect way
Has got this little child asking why
But this world keeps spinning
As my heart stops beating
Is there still no room inside

Oh you’ve got me down on my knees
Oh and in my mind I can see
How perfect everything could be
But you won’t give us a try

If I could change your mind
How would you want me
Would you say you need me
Cause I need you now

If I could change your mind
(Please tell me I’m not the only one)
(Please help me believe I’m not the only one)
If I could change your mind

If I could change your mind
How would you want me
Would you say you need me
Cause I need you now
If I could change your mind
How would you hold me
Would you stay forever
Or just leave me here to drown

If I could change your mind
(Change your mind)
If I could change your mind
(Change your mind)

boyce avenue - change your mind

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pure pressure

Sometimes, for once i wish you'd understand. But when i am at my lowest, you disapp0int me. Maybe my fault of setting to0 high of expectati0ns, i so do despise myself for d0ing that.

If only life would be as beautiful, straightly b0ring as the picture.

These w0rds are mine:

"in everything you do, i d0n't want you to be upset. I only want y0u to be happy."

Which is the hardest thing to do these days.

...uh, i'm just n0t sure which stuff i need badly, a chick flick or syurga di atas pinggan?...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

fish-y issues

him: have some of this. (handing me a pack of dried fruits)

me: thanks. (eating one piece of dried kiwi) this stuff tastes like fish.

him: it's fruit. how can it taste like fish?

me: (grabbing another piece) omg. this one tastes like tuna.

him: there's nothing wrong with it. i ate it just fine.

me: (chewing adamantly) definitely tuna!

him: oh my, there's definitely something wrong with you. lol.

me: (another piece) hmm, this one has less fish taste.

him: (smiling weirdly)

we were discussing about some stuffs. then,

him: have some more of fish. :P

me: sure. (munching on the kiwi) you know what, this is a kind of sick joke or ingenious marketing scam. who would've thought of moulding dried fish into fruit shapes?

him: (shakes head) sighs. you're saying it's fish but you keep on having seconds and thirds. :P

me: it's good fish.

him: lol!

....another colleague came in, and asked if he can have the dried fruits.

me: it tastes like fish (blandly)

he didn't take it at all. LOL!

Monday, November 09, 2009

bahagian 4

hidup ini bukan susah. terpulang cara sendiri untuk menentukan.

aku pilih cara susah.

sebab aku bukan orang senang. sebab aku ada banyak sebab sendiri.

pengalaman hidup mengajar banyak erti. belajar dari kesilapan. elakkan melakukan kesalahan yang sama. tak ramai yang tahu, kehidupan merupakan persamaan matematik. ada yang rumit, ada yang semudah 1+1.

kalaulah kehidupan itu seperti satu persamaan matematik yang pasti, mungkin hidup akan menjadi satu titik normal yang selari. bosan.

5 tahun lagi, aku akan baca entri ini dan senyum sendiri. dengan harapan aku sudah mula separuh memperjudikan hidup yang sememangnya singkat.

tak salah mencintai orang. biarpun hanya sekejap. biarpun hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan. biarpun orang lain tidak tahu. dalam kenikmatan yang diberi cinta, masih ada derita dan air mata.

cerita aku tidak tragis. cerita aku hanya cerita perempuan biasa, yang tidak pernah menoktahkan cinta. cerita aku penuh warna, dilatari hitam sepanjang masa. cerita aku yang tidak punya apa-apa, cuma perasaan berbaur yang selalu disalah anggap.

imaginasi pelangi hasil ilusi bermacam-macam buku menghamparkan tilam vono yang empuk andai realiti menghempas aku jatuh. dan aku akan kembali bangun, mencalit harapan demi harapan atas mimpi yang tak pernah sudah, mengharapkan yang tidak kepada yang pasti dan terus bernafas, walaupun kadangkala perasaan yang menyesakkan membuatkan yang sebati dalam diri menjadi acapkali sukar.

aku akan fight untuk apa yang aku mahu, bila aku mahu andai ia tiada satu noktah yang jelas. bahagia itu pasti. demi masa.

....mungkin bersambung

Saturday, November 07, 2009

bahagian 3

(akhirnya ada mood untuk update bahagian 3...)

apabila kita berada di kemuncak tertinggi perasaan nan satu, yang indah, yang mengasyikkan, kita lupa semua perkara. sedangkan sebagai muslim, kita seharusnya bersedia kepada tiada apa yang kekal kecuali Dia Yang Maha Satu.

seharusnya aku bersedia dengan segala apa jua kemungkinan yang mungkin berlaku. perasaan itu lemah. perasaan itu tulus. perasaan itu jujur, tidak berbohong. kata mungkin boleh berbaur penipuan. hati tidak.

sedangkan hati yang lemah bisa menghancurkan seorang manusia yang dulunya kuat, gagah. aku tidak gagah, jauh sekali kuat, hanya kudrat sebilah tulang rusuk yang mudah patah, lalu aku harus menghadapi apa yang terjadi dengan kekuatan hati.

biar retak seribu, biar hancur berderai, aku perlu terus hidup. untuk diri sendiri. untuk orang-orang yang penting dalam hidup aku. untuk orang-orang yang perlu aku dalam hidup mereka.

air mata tidak mungkin menyelesai masalah, tetapi air mata itu pengumpul perasaan, yang bisa keluar dalam bentuk yang tak terucap dengan kata-kata. air mata bukan ungkapan lemah, tetapi keberanian yang tertumpah membuktikan keutuhan perasaan.

silap sendiri. tak pernah serius. percaturannya: belum tiba masa dan orang yang sesuai. aku masih punya banyak perjudian hidup yang tidak selesai. aku tidak gembira, tetapi aku hidup.

untuk apa dan untuk siapa?

untuk diri sendiri.

semuanya untuk diri sendiri.

because i am a selfish beeatch.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pigging out

Me: *c0mplaining of gaining weight*

Him: haha. Tu baru 5 hari. Kalo sebulan, dah macam teddy bear agaknye.

Chist. I've been pigging out these days. Makan macam takde es0k.

Still n0t in the m0od 4 part 3. :-P

Monday, October 26, 2009

...but with0ut m0ney, wind0w-sh0pping makes me angry! Haha.

I love this pic the m0st. The capti0n summarized it all in a plain, simple sentence.

Me and my obsessi0n with shades. Hehe.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ini bukan bahagian 3

hari ni aku malas nak cerita pasal bahagian 3. sejak minggu lepas, kepala dah blur fikir kerja-kerja-kerja dan kerja lagi.

nak cuti pun kena berkira-kira. mc apatah lagi, seribu kali fikir, endingnye aku datang keje jugak.

so, weekend yang lepas ni, tak beraktiviti, duduk rumah dan menidurkan diri sekaligus menambahkan eyebag aku yang dah tahap kronik. tapi balik naik ketapi.

keretapi ok? yang banyak-banyak gerabak tu, dan kalo cite omputih, the choo choo train. memang sah aku jakun. pantang 2 jam dalam bas, baru kuar pudu dah lentok tido, tapi ni sepicing pun aku tak lelap. eksaited punya pasal.

eksaited punya pasal, subw4y pun aku lupa beli. menonong je naik ketapi. sib baik la tak melompat-lompat dalam ketapi tu.

pengalaman naik ketapi. best. aku nak naik lagi. kenapa ketapi tak turun depan umah aku? tensi je.

skang, aktiviti harian di ofis adalah seth-seeing dan seth-sighting. boleh tersengih-sengih sepanjang hari. ok dah cukup la aku merepek ni.

tunggu je la bahagian 3 nanti disambung. doakan kerja aku berkurang dan gaji aku bertambah. hahaha!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bahagian dua

(entri ini perlu dibaca dari bahagian satu.)

mungkin ramai yang rasa aku poyo tidak bersetuju. sedangkan apabila kita berada di kemuncak perasaan nan indah itu, segalanya menjadi tidak mustahil. termasuklah menyimpan harapan yang besar, tinggi dan gah bak everest.

aku hanya berpijak di bumi nyata, walaupun selalunya aku berangan bagai nak gila terpengaruh dengan fantasi cerita yang aku selalu baca. inilah pemangkin yang membuatkan aku meneruskan hidup setelah rejection yang tak terkira dan juga situasi angkat kaki (juga tak terkira!).

kawan-kawan selalu mengingatkan aku, karma itu roda yang bulat. jika aku boleh angkat kaki bila-bila masa, tak mustahil bila tiba masanya, berkali ganda aku dibalas.

lalu mereka meletakkan aku pada kategori hati kering.

maaflah kawan. aku kan perempuan. mungkin aku tak penuh perasaan macam perempuan lain, tapi fitrah manusia itu berpasangan dan dari situ datangnya kasih-sayang.

bayangkan betapa susahnya mahu bangkit dari kejatuhan jika tiada pemangkin ala tilam spring vono.

aku tak cakap aku baik, tapi kadang-kadang kita perlu mencari jalan untuk hanya meneruskan hidup tanpa rasa sesal. bukan semua orang ada kebolehan untuk terus melupakan. perasaan suicidal itu normal pada aku bila kerja bertimbun-timbun, kurang tidur yang nyenyak dan bukan kerana rejection atau mengenangkan status aku yang masih single trang-tang-tang (iklan free promote diri sendiri, hahaha!)

bila aku tak nak fight untuk orang disukai, bermakna ada sesuatu yang menghalang. diri sendiri yang aku kenal, aku akan kerja keras untuk dapat apa yang aku nak. tapi bila unsur itu dihalang oleh satu maksud dan tujuan yang baik, aku boleh cakap apa? move on!

perasaan datang dan pergi. tapi Tuhan sentiasa ada.

......bersambung lagi.

Monday, October 12, 2009

bahagian satu

him: kenapa ko tak fight untuk dia?

me: tak nak ah. die pendek. hahaha!

him: *bebel bebel dengan begitu panjang sekali, dan aku sangap dan pura-pura dengar*

mungkin aku tak pernah begitu telus dengan dia. tetapi hari itu, aku sangat berterus-terang. aku rasa, dia terkejut. dan aku pun terkejut sebab aku mampu bercerita dengan panjang lebar situasi sebenar.

bukan mustahil jika aku begitu menyukai seseorang ketika ini dan melupakan terus segala perasaan itu 3 bulan kemudian. aku meletakkan harapan itu senipis kulit bawang. ya, optimis itu mungkin bukan sikap aku, hanya oleh keazaman aku untuk meneruskan hidup tanpa rasa sesal.

bila harapan itu tebal dan diletak tinggi, tiba-tiba terhempas, mungkin hanya luka-luka kecil, yang pasti meninggalkan parut yang hanya sembuh di permukaan.

jika harapan itu nipis dan diletak rendah, terhempas, menjadi debu ditiup angin, lalu perasaan itu mudah dilupakan, tanpa rasa sesal. teruskan kehidupan, yang memang seperti roda besar yang bulat.


(ingat nurkaseh je ke yang ada sambungan? hahaha!)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

wasiat kasut

a weird conv on a boring day:

her: wat wasiat siap2. ko kasut saiz baper erk? aku kalo cr0cs size 8. ko ader kasut cr0cs ker? ko wasiatkan kat aku erk.

me: hahahaha. nak kasut aku aje...

her: ko ader umah n kete ker? xper ler. aku xtamak. itu bg parents ko.

...which spurs this status message on y! :

"aku wasiat kan kat ko, kasut cr0cs aku, yang masih ade kat kedai cr0cs." turn got me replies like these:


him: i wasiatkan kat u my toy0ta pr1us yang ade kat kilang jepun. hahaha!


me: my cr0cs will be mary-jane, kaler pink. nak jugak?

him: bleh je kot. buat pakai kat rumah. letak kat balcony nak gi sidai baju.. rofl!

with all these commotions, i don't have a single pair of cr0cs. i'm a cheapskate, i don't buy cr0cs. at least the expensive ones at the flagship store. hehe.

speaking of which, one of my heels had a weird peeling. alasan untuk beli kasut, lagi! *evil*

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When obsessi0n overrides c0mf0rt

I think i 4g0t 2 menti0n abt the sh0e spree that i've g0t meself a few m0nths back.

2 cut the long st0ry sh0rt, i end up wearing the pic after s0me maj0r pain (read: blown up feet lookin like seri0us g0ut) the heels in questi0n inflicted.

To qu0te sum1, beauty is pain.

Haih, baru berangan nak jadi vict0ria beck$ haha!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bagus banget!

My latest quest for g0od fo0d.

It serves thai/ind0n f0od. The place is quiet, dimly lighted (explains the crappy pic) and ad0rned bali-style i think.

I went 4 a nasi dish (which was the cheapest at 15.90!). It looked alm0st like the pic. They're gener0us wit veggies, thank God. (tho there were only pakch0y in the rice, shredded slices of carr0t and cucumber on the side).

It was g0od. And they d0n't b0ther 2 malaysianize the name of the fo0d. Hehe.

They d0n't serve liqu0r like 1 fam0us ind0n j0int i kn0w. And be prepared 2 f0rk-out hard cash here. Who says g0od fo0d always c0me cheap?

The place: Brisik@jaya one.

I'm definitely g0in there, again.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

germplusvirus party

People are supp0sed to get rest and relax during long holidays, so that they'll recharge and be ready for challenges at werk.

I guess that d0esn't apply to me. I had fun like there's no t0m0rr0w, ate like that'd be my last supper. Instead, i am m0re exhausted and even c0ntracted flu. In the end, my long holiday (read: days n0t w0rking m0re than 2) is a hidden sinister plot by the germplusvirus to make me have m0re offdays (read: mc).

The metr0 c0nsumed me. Crammed my being and made me unhappy beeatch. That also flared up my passi0n 4 retail therapy.

P/s: am sh0vin up tamp0ns 4 my leaking n0se. Am havin difficulties 2 talk. I'm technically terr0rizing the p0pulati0n with my c0nstant sneeze and spreading the bug. Ugh.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please tell me...

...what is wr0ng with this pic?


On the other hand, i had a blasted eid.

A rather quiet one spent ind0ors. A lot of stuffing edible delici0us stuffs d0wn the tract that lead d0wn to a s0re tummy.

I'm spending my long overdue week-long holiday with pe0ple wh0 matters. And it's where the jagged pieces that c0mplete the c0mplicated jigsaw, are.

Eid wishes fr0m me.

The one who gives n0nsensical crap all year r0und.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


An array of blissful flav0urs,

teasing the senses,

Waiting to sav0ur m0re and m0re tasteful indulgences that sprang fr0m just a simple dish,

But with s0 much different senses awaken fr0m long numbness by the intricacy of the many j0yful c0mbinati0n of spices.

I am falling deeply in love in mideastern fare.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Visibly dr0olici0us

I have n0thin to say. Or have anything w0rth menti0ning.

Thats why the silence. When the strangled feeling of n0t havin en0ugh time to push m0re and finish the darn j0b gets on the nerves and sh0rtened the life span for 2 years.

Me: y0u remembered abt belanga, i told y0u that day?

Him: er, no. What is belanga by the way?

Me: rofl! That's like the 2nd time y0u asked, again.

The highlight of my day.

Belanga serves the mean picture @ the taman-taman mv.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Hasil rampasan

Bag @ 70
Edt @ 70
Sh0wer gel @ 15
2 de0-spray f0r w0men @ 30
4 de0-spray f0r men @ 60
2 arm p0uches @ 40
Total @ 285

I only paid the last 2 digits. >:)

P/s: i just ad0re sp0iling my b0is r0tten.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The big bad knuckles

Safayafasufukafaafadafaoforafangifitufusafampafaisafayafatafakbofolefehfifikifirbefendafalafaifin. Jifiwafakafacafau.

Knight in arm0ur, making the damsel,


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Postb0x in the mid of n0where

If i had n0t been obsessed with mr-darcy-ideals

If i am n0t self-c0ntained beeatch

If i am n0t m0re int0 b0oks

If i am n0t em0ti0nally detached

If i am n0t the little br0ken jagged pieces of n0thing

c0z a retired heartbreaker is still a heartbreaker.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Buka hari ini. Sungguh nyaman duk s0rg2, pe0ple-watching. Dan juga ketawa s0rg2.

Call me crazy please, but having preci0us me time is s0mething i look f0rward to. Especially when it involves g0od fo0d.

A weekend well-spent, with frens and on my own.

Getting geared up to an0ther busy week starting t0m0rr0w. =)

Friday, August 28, 2009

My amusement park

Me: hoyo, i'm off n0w.

Him: uwkeyh. Take care. May God bless our f0od.

Me: lol. You to0 have fun dr0oling at the bazaar.

When i guess i w0n't go to the rollerc0aster again, there's always s0mething else that made me go addicted, again. The element of surprise is kept to the max.

I like him en0ugh to care f0r him like a fren, th0ugh we just barely exchange smiles when we c0me acr0ss each other.

The one wh0 made my day less lousy with his ingeni0us laugh.

Yes, h0y0 is my amusement park.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this is it

looking forward to saturday.

nak makan sampai lebam.

(ingat makan jek, bukan nak ingat gi terawih laa aku ni)

i don't have anything much to say, but my bazaar sucks, too many people and i am hating places where i've got not freedom to choose and walk and browse around, especially for shoes and food.

i'd rather pay more and enjoy food than bayar murah tapi macam pegi perang bersesak-sesak.

because food is to be enjoyed from the minute you set your eyes on it. but when you set your eyes from the shoulders of strangers and pushing through unknown territories who knows what you've pushed to touch, here and there. haha!, and you ending up eating the food during buka grumbling, which i hate the most.

the lesson, sila lah belajar memasak makan je kat mamak. haha!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ada rasa yang mengetuk.

Minta dipupuk.
Minta dibajai.

Keliru. Sekali lagi. Andai ini takdir. Atau mungkin sekadar satu persinggahan, melepas lelah, yang tidak pasti.
Perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik. Jika itu yang tersurat, redhakan. Ada hikmah berselirat.

Ada sinar penuh rahsia yang minta dimengerti, mungkin disalaherti. Hanya milik DIA.

P/s: eire sandwich @ 0'briens in pic, tastes as mysteri0us.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Him: (gr0ggy with sleep) 'lo.

Me: watpe?

Him: was sleeping. *yawns*

Me: oh, ok. Camtu g smbg tdo la. Bai.

Him: nah, it's ok. What's up?

Me: takde ape. Saje call. Camne keje hari sabtu?

Him: it was fine..blabla (lots of blabs in english)

Me: ko terhantuk dinding ke time nk angkat f0n?

Him: no, i didn't. Why did u ask?

Me: ko sedar tak yg dr td aku tnye bm, ko jwb english? Kite tak penah b0rak dlm english.

Him: eh, did i? Guess i was sleepy and turned on my english butt0n, by accident. Haha!

Well, i guess pe0ple in love tend to do weird things. Sumtimes even the things they th0ught they'd never do b4.

Love d0es that to y0u. Coz chr1s br0wn used 2 say this 2 his then gf, rih4nna:

I bet there's hearts all over the w0rld 2nite with the love of their lives, wh0'd feel what i feel when i'm with y0u.

Yea, y0u're n0t alone suffering this love-palsy. Haha!

P/s: kpd org yg slalu x paham tu, ko paham tak? Kalo ko paham, maknanye org lain paham la. Hehe.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Different white clouds. The same blue, endless sky.

Where my other sky is. Where i c0uld fall asleep with0ut a care in the w0rld. Where missing pieces of my jagged jigsaw heart are.

I'm g0ing there.

Happy blessed ramadhan. May we take the opp0rtunity to embrace the nights where HE is closest.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Loop forever

I never thought that I was so blind
I can finally see the truth
It’s me for you

Tonight you can’t imagine that I’m by your side
Cuz it’s never gonna be the truth
Too far for you

But can you hear me say?
Don’t throw me away
And there’s no way out
I gotta hold you somehow

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Everyday but all I have is time
Our love's the perfect crime

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Every way and when they set me free
Just put your hands on me

Take everything that I know you’ll break
And I give my life away
So far for you
But can you hear me say
Don’t throw me away
There’s no way out
I gotta hold you somehow

Tonight I’m weak
It’s just another day without you
That I can’t sleep
I gave the world away for you to

Hear me say
Don’t throw me away
There’s no way out
I gotta hold you somehow

A.A.Rejects - I Wanna

i am so so sorry. seeing white just shatters it all. damnit!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Of bunga

It's hard 2 figure out what a girl feels.

Th0 flowers are one of the many ways 2 win, 2 find a way, 2 say a lot, to a girl's hart.

So, it's n0t that crazy if y0u're frantic 2 find a florist open at 7pm, just 2 say s0rry thru these prim lil beauties.

To the girl wh0se birthday is t0day:

Selamat hari lahir. Jangan buli student lebih2. Jangan garang2 sgt. Nope, the flowers aren't for y0u or me. But i h0pe that s0meday, s0me1 will give y0u a lot of love fr0m his hart, thr0ugh these flowers.

P/s: note to future suit0rs. I d0n't do r0ses. I dig lilies and turbar0ses. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

emotionally detached and dark past

i have an ability that some people found amusing. i am emotionally detached.
whenever required, i can just detach the emotion, like nothing happened in the first place.

it can be a gift. but also a curse.

a gift, when the subject doesn't feel the same way. or the subject changed direction after a few years.

a curse, when the subject is head-over-hellheels but after certain period, another hot new subject surfaces the subject is not that interesting anymore.

i'm not sorry for ditching, coz i've been paid in cash for being ditched.

no matter how you tried to turn a blind eye over your dark past, it will still haunt you.

for as long as you live.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Exhausting end

It was fun. Hanging out with frens, catching up, eating a lot of burnt stuffs, turned meself h0arse singing bsb.

Thank y0u for making my weekend, a n0rmal one. Else, it will always be lazy-sleep-pr0ne-c0mat0se b0ring one.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

definitely a reason to be happy

i got 2 postcards that i've been anxiously waiting for a forlorn fortnight, yesterday. the happiness is indescribable. dan tersengih-sengih sepanjang hari. my own private moment.

today, i got another 3. beautiful ones. of a lighthouse. of windmills. of a lake.

terima kasih, Tuhan. kerana mengurniakan aku rasa yang sebegini bahagia.

yes, i'm very contented to get 5 postcards. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Me: taste ko cmne ek?

Her: aku ske laki pendiam, aku bleh buli. Pastu, bla...bla...

Me: suke suki je nk buli anak org. haha.

Her: eh, ko tnye aku ni, ko plak cmne?

Me: aku dh kurangkn kriteria aku. Tp ada satu yg aku mesti dapat. Aku nk lelaki tinggi.

Her: le, byk2 benda tu gak yg ko nk.

Me: eh, aku ske sh0pping kasut dan kasut aku byk heels oke? Cmne aku nk pki heels kalo laki aku tak tinggi? Nk buang sume heels tu? Mak sayang sume kasut mak, nyah! Mak tak nak jadi mcm awek dlm gambar kat atas nun.

Her: haha! Betul gak tu. Ai setuju. Susah le ko nk dapat laki mim lam alif ya wau ni, sume mcm sayur x ckup zat.

Me: oi, mulut xde insuran. Haha. Bkn sume x ckup zat, sabo je la, pelan2 cari.

Her: ko nk sabo? Aku rase st0k skandal ko dh kalah le ariana cite matahari tu.

Me: syhh! Tu kite2 je tau. Haha!

Expect m0re pics+c0nversati0n entries. I onli have time 2 m0blog. To0dles!

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 guys

Guy 1

Me: what 2 do? Kene la kerja jugak wikend. Dah lame pasrah dah. Hehe.

Him: pasrah? Pasrah tu haiwan ke?

Me: (dalam hati nak gelak gile dan tak berjaya tahan lalu gelak nak mati) r0fL!

Guy 2

Him: if i cud describe meself in 1w0rd, it's sentimental

Me: wakaka! Ko sentimentally sarcastic

Him: sarcastic tu ape?

Me: (lg gelak gulin2) sarcastic tu ko le!

Adakah ayat aku terlalu b0mbastik?

Mungkin ayat manga dgn rap takde pasrah dan sarcastic. Hehe.

P/s: carved in the pavement, grung3 sign. Aku tibe2 nk tgk emmet main chemistry, takpun vi0pipe ke. Aisey.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

hippiely happy!!

i got some good stuffs with this picture:

and some stupid vouchers that will allow me to go bakar duit. again. people please, give me real friggin' money stuffs, not vouchers, not anything that serves money purpose that will allow me to go spree and bakar duit. damnit!

but i am very thankful that my hasty picture effort got me the stuffs i like. also my attempt on something that i thought might not be so lucky, was fruitful, hence the bakar duit chance. adoi.

and i am very happy. =)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

bakar duit tips

- first and foremost, you need money. without money, not even spelling shopping is allowed. not plastic please, you'll suffer much much later if you spend more than you what you have allocated.

- tote. a very big one. say no to ugly all plastic bags. we don't want environmentalists to blame us bakar-duiters to blame us for not saying no to cute all plastic bags.

- slip-on shoes. slippers are better. if you must be on shoe-spree, the last thing you need are shoe-laces and socks. go bare. this also applies to dresses as well, a plain tee is good, not some sorts that'd take ages to come off and do again.

- buy something that is good for all season trends, something that'd go timeless, like black and white. and stuffs that you'd use/wear, not something that looks good, but you've got no courage occasion to wear it.

- come to the bakar duit haven with own transport, or you'd be a laughing stock when those lacy undergarments spilled out when the lrt brakes.

- last but not least, tukang angkut barang. this is extremely important since 4 hands are definitely better than 2. mestilah seorang yang tak banyak bunyik, tak kisah tunggu lama-lama dan tak bising-bising kene angkat barang banyak-banyak. but if your tukang angkut barang is the other gender, please don't take them to go undergarment shopping. you'd be the point of shooting daggers of other people who are buying the delicate materials.

sekian. updates from the president of bakar-duiters. co-sponsored by 2 ware house sa les yesterday.

Monday, August 03, 2009

funnily found

i was looking for this song,

but i found this,

what the? i want punk rawk, not e1nstein oke? hahaha!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

entri panjang sket

it's a sunday, i'm stuck in the office. no, people. i'm not being gila kerja or something, i just had to come to settle things i couldn't do during weekdays. *sighs*

it has been 3 months since the departure. i'm just not too sure. it's not everyday you come across someone and decide something that will change your life forever. to tell the truth, i'm humming katy's, everytime. you're not forgotten, nor will you ever will. that day, my thought were shattered, built anew. thank you.

i met a few friends last night. catching up with the past few months. they asked one question that made me grinned. haha!

after thinking it over, maybe these are appropriate reasons:

my life is boring. i don't get to know a lot of people. why? because i chose to. i'm bad at starting anew, though it doesn't mean that i can't or i won't. i'm just bad at it, so at times when i can avoid it, i will avoid it.

that is why i like what i am doing. i don't get to be involved with too many people. just me, a few people and the job. fair enough.

i adore going shopping, which reminds me that i still owe this place a shopping tips entry. i get to see people, i get to buy shoes (mind you, lots of them) and be a small particle happy since i hate parting with my hard-earned money.

i like to watch people, just not to be too involved with them. yes, i'm an anti-social beeatch. because, i have people who cares about me and the ones that i cared about, only a phone call away. i accept that with open arms and warm heart.

i whine a lot. yes, sue me for that, hoyo. i complain about the things that i'm not satisfied with to the ones who actually will have my listening ear, anytime. so, if i don't complain to you, it's either i don't have anything worthwhile to whine, or just that i think i'd save you from hearing my nonsensical crap.

with all that going, i need something solid to cheer on to. in some cases, i refer to them as scandals. with due respect, i think of it as a vast opportunity to imagine. imagining things might sound silly, but at least, it made me happy. let's just say, encik lemon is a part of this. =)

thank you for reading.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

kegilaan melanda

aku tak buat baju raya lagi.

tension betul. sebab aku lansung tak bleh pakai baju beli siap. ukuran badan cacat dan pelik tidak menyamai kebanyakan gadis-gadis lain. hahaha!

minggu ni boring gila sebab orang yang sepatutnya buli aku takde. tinggal orang-orang yang aku tak suka pulak yang keje buli aku minggu ni.

nak mc kene fikir berpuluh-puluh kali memandangkan kerja aku yang sekarang ni macam haram kesibukan nya.

aku benci gila dengan ade orang tu. siap la ko, time ko nanti, tengok la ape aku buat. dunia ni berpusing, memang aku akan pastikan time ko tu, aku pijak-pijak ko kasi duduk bawah, baru ko sedar langit tu tinggi nak mati.

pegi berambus.

ini adalah entry gila. sebab aku tak tau apa aku nak cerita dan dari mana nak mula. bai.

Friday, July 24, 2009

wicked week.

minggu yang gila.

minggu kene marah dengan encik lemon.

minggu yang hari-hari aku rase marah gila.

aku tak stress, tapi aku marah.

bila aku marah, aku jadi stress, walaupun aku tak nak stress.

bila aku marah dan jadi stress, aku susah nak tido.

bila aku susah nak tido, aku akan memulakan hari dengan bad day.

dah la hari-hari rase hangin, bad day lak tu.

dan aku menjahanamkan kesihatan diri sendiri dengan tidak sempat memakan sayur.

selsema, hangin, marah, stress, bad day, banyak kerja bertimbun-timbun
= aku pada minggu ini.


p/s: happy birthday untuk orang yang selalu buat aku ketawa, yang selalu ajak aku kumpul duit buat modal bukak bisnes. yang selalu bising sebab nak jumpa aku kene wat appointment sebulan awal. aku message panjang2 wish kat ko, leh plak reply tq je? cheh, belanje aku nanti wey.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Him: i g0t 1 p0tential.

Me: c0ol. Is he cute?

Him: nah. Long hair.

Me: w0w, bad b0y?

Him: i was the bad one, firing lotsa questi0ns. (Evilly) d0n't y0u wanna ask if he's capable?

Me: was ab0ut to, since y0u said he's n0t cute or bad b0y material. If he is, i w0n't b0ther with his capability.

Him: why n0t? (Puzzled)

Me: when he's cute, he's f0rgiven if he's dumb. Haha.

Him: y0u twisted girl! (Laughs)

P/s: d pic is cute, i ad0re d lil gal in it, wh0 had a ben10-themed party.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The s0rry state of a once celebrated car.

Aku rase nak gelak guling2 time amik gambar ni.

Monday, July 20, 2009

pada satu petang...

him: weh takde warehouse sale mane-mane ke?

me: hm... area aku takde la kot rasenye.

him: macam nak gi bakar duit la, warehouse sale takde plak.

me: cheh, sibuk gak nak gi bakar duit.

me: eh jap, ade rase nye kot.

him: ha, mane mane?

me: warehouse sale nir0 gran1te.

him: semacam je bunyi. brand ape tu?

me: brand seat jamban. berkenan? wakaka!

him: hampeh!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

the fastest thing in the world

act 1:

i woke up with a start, with a terrible pain.

i was twisting myself out of bed, a low scream throbbing in my head.

oh my, why did this pain won't go away.

i slumped on to the floor, with the sudden realization that the other room was occupied.

the pain was excruciating, unbearable. i almost screamed at the pain.

she almost jumped off her skin when i banged on her door. i just couldn't stand it any longer....

act 2:

4 candidates were vying for a position in a famous co. the ceo was asking them what is the fastest thing in the world.

candidate 1: an idea. it just came to you when you don't expect it.

candidate 2: the blink of the eye. it is definitely faster than the idea.

candidate 3: switching on the light is definitely faster than the blink of the eye and the idea.

the ceo was intrigued with all the answers. he looked at candidate 4,

candidate 4: my answer will definitely beat the other answers since it is definitely faster as before the idea, before you can switch on the light and even before you can blink an eye.

candidate 4 got the job.

the answer to both act 1 and act 2 is:

the cirit-birit.

Friday, July 17, 2009


yes, i know it's friday. the day when you're supposed to do good things, control your behaviour and all of that good stuffs.


i am very furious, and it has been a while since i get this furious.

why is it always have to be about you?
why is it that everything about you is damn important?
why is it that i have to consider you?
why do i put you first above all things?

when you don't care.
when you don't give a damn.
when you are just a selfish as$hole biatch.
when all you care about is your sorry darn butt.

you know what? f u c k you for making me miserable.

to top it off, i still do love you.

i'm rubbing salt to my own wounds, that you would probably don't notice i was this mad.

t i u l e i.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

mari belajar matematik

class, we have this equation:

girls = evil

now we'll try to prove this equation.

we do know that girls need time and money,

girls = time x money

we also know that time is money,

time = money

so, replacing time with money, the equation becomes,

girls = money x money
girls = money² -------- (a)

we also do know that money is the root of all evil,

money = √evil

replacing the above equation into (a),

girls = (√evil)²

girls = evil (PROVEN)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


* nail buffer.
Pantang nampak kuku x kilat, trus capai. Jimat, x yah g manicure.

* kerispykreme
Semalam sed0zen seploh hengget je. Aku mkn 6, 2 utk supper, 2 breakfast, 2 lunch. Yg lain aku kasi kekawan. Ok, aku dh sendawa d0nat. Ulp!

* blue shirt
Hmm... :-)

Takla happy. Takla unhappy.

Being neutral is bad in certain circumstances especially magnetism. Dang!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Apa di dalam beg?

It's friggin cold 745 in the m0rn. And i'm up. On a sunday. Who am i kidding?

If it was p0ssible to feel all of the feelings in the w0rld, rolled into a single peri0d, i did, this past week. A c0mplicated blur and mess.

Weird, but n0t unwelc0med. Like an anticipated b0ost and wake-up call.

If only i have preci0us time to appreciate it. To think it over. To p0nder ab0ut.

Of which i d0n't.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Aku x tau nk ckp pe bile aku nampak ni.

Tp yg pasti aku ketawa la kn.

Korang nampak ape?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009


Breakfast: cream-style c0rn

Lunch: ny0nya curry laksa with iced latte

Dinner: kerispykreme glazed ch0c cake

Supper: kerispykreme original glazed, curry in puff, chicken danish

It was as ridiculous as my close guy fren calling me dude which shud be sh0rt of dudette, d femme versi0n.

Also, bumping into my childh0od sch0olmate wh0m i hadnt meet 4 d past 10years n looking like a t0tal slob in fr0nt of her n her ahbeng bf.

Yea, definitely d pic too, a perfect example of me being ridiculous!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

buku lima muka buku

argument 1:

him: nape ko takde phasebook?

me: (stifling laugh) nape?

him: ye la, nape ko tak wat satu?

me: (trying so hard to maintain a straight face) cube cakap satu sebab kenape aku kene buat satu?

him: kan kite leh connect with old friends, cari balik kawan-kawan lama. kan bagus tu?

me: the ones i care about are just a phone call away or seen on a regular basis. so why should i be on phasebook if i already have those who matter near?

him: uh, well, it's weird when you don't have one.

me: (failed to control and laugh out loud) hahaha!

him: ha! you do have it right? i thought so!

me: technically yes, and i only have 9 friends of which all are family members. i don't intend to expand my network in the near future.

him: (speechless and smirks)

argument 2:

her: you do have phasebook right? let me add you?

me: err.. why would you want to add me?

her: well, it's normal for people to add people in phasebook, duh! we can share pics.

me: that's not good enough. tell me something else.

her: (rolls her eyes) obviously you're my bestfriend it will be darn awkward if my bestfriend is not in my list of friends.

me: oh yea, that's damn correct! but i'm still not letting you add me (sticks tongue out)

her: ugh, fine. you will not hear the last of this.

argument 3:

receptionist(her) : oh sorry, i was laughing at the quiz i took in this phasebook. do you have one?

me: (politely) no, i don't.

her: why not? everyone's in it. you should too!

me: nah, i just don't like the concept.

her: you see, me and my bunch of old friends have this gatherings and we took lots of pics and... (ranted on and on and on about this phasebook crap)

me: (impatiently) ah well, it's just that the concept of sharing stuffs freaked me out since not all of the friends on your list are the ones you're very close with. i'm just private.

her: oh well, you're missing out on one of the coolest thing ever!

to that receptionist:

like heck i would care. like i would give a damn. i like my privacy a lot and i intend to keep it that way, not to have some weirdos silent-stalking me though i know i'm not worthy of a silent-stalk but better be safe than sorry right? i may not be today, but who knows i might marry an0ther phasebook-like billionaire and be an instant celeb? yeaaaa, dream on babe!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yea, d name of d fast car d local c0pper utilized, displayed @trium. N also d syn0nym of d m0vie we watched in between p0pc0rn stuffing n laughing my on-the-edge-of-d-seat ass.

Him: aku rase ko gelak paling kuat. Plot Cite lemah.

I was caught offguard with d cynic remark. But i didn't blow up my c0ver everytime i disguised myself on the phone only to be terkantoi with my infamous laugh.

i laughed. out. loud. i found things to be funny when everyone else thinks not.

i guessed that's why i'm seldom sick, i have laughter as the best medicine.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Him: d tix witchu?

Her: yea, u're g0nna pick me up rite?

Him: uh, n0t t0o sure.

Her: ow, i dun mind takin d bus, just that u kn0w buses take ages... (Menacingly)

Him: ugh, d0n't do that. Nanti i nangis guling2 kat sane if u d0n't make it on time.

Her: hahaha! Now wh0's talking?

P/s: d ab0ve b0ok's title d0esn't reflect its c0ntents. Don't judge a b0ok by its c0ver, definitely!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

them + us = happiness

yea, them having fun with the bows and arrows. i would've liked to try but i was reminded by the fact that i sucked big time in sports. hahaha!

the fant4stic four had a rockin' time yesterday. forcing them to try new kind of food, of which they failed miserably to match my 'tolak batu and kayu' tag. i mean, i'm not having much choice during the weekdays, it's very important to have fun with the food during the weekends. yea, should've gone to laksash4ck instead.

then the donat session tepi longkang was kinda cool too. blame me, but watching the trains go by and the cars zoomed along and arguing why the donat was diabetically sweet were things i found endearing.

ughh! i'm becoming sappy coz i liked their company.

p/s: gazillion thanks for rocking up my boring weekend. we'll do that again soon i guess, on sundays right??? hahaha!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hari jumaat

Been av0ided all day. Hmm, but made up with the sh0rt walk after h0urs. What is there n0t to love?

Bumped int0 ken of cruisers and g0t the pic. Total g0odies w0rth:

C4dbury ch0cs: 30
h0t magz: 5.90
lister1ne mouthwash: 3.90
rev1ve 7upp: 1.50
domin0's vouchers

so, around rm40 freebies. i got the ch0cs after i made a complete fool of myself. dang!

i am very happy today. i just wished that i did say something that would definitely put a stop to this whatever and maybe made me even happier.

looking forward to a great weekend. i missed my weekends.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friends in need

I declare the ab0ve as the symbol of friendship and t0getherness. Coz i was there with 2 pe0ple wh0se opini0n matters.

And t0night, the c0mf0rt and solace of miserableness yesterday, what else - scrumpilici0us h0memade nasi kerabu and the cr0wd of 3, wh0se c0mpany i'd trade my beauty sleep with anytime. And y0u can imagine h0w i treasure my beauty sleep.

Yea, g0od friends are definitely a treasure indeed!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Les miserables

Whenever i feel miserable, i seek c0mf0rt with d ab0ve pic.

And i'm never m0re miserable than n0w.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Me: it sh0uld w0rk since it's already reachin d p0int where blabla...

Him: (pleads softly) i'm already tired, please d0n't c0nfuse me.

Me: (gawk and stare) err... Sorry.

Him: why isn't the m0use w0rking? You tryin to c0nfuse me again? (While smiling the delici0us smile)

Me: no! Sorry (m0re gawking and staring and an alm0st visible dr0ol)

It alm0st felt like we're on a flirting dare. Yea, like the <del>walking s3x-b0mb</del> dashing gentleman w0uld even remember my name outside the turf.

p/s i like the hair in d pic. Yet to disc0ver the colour term.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Habuan dari surga!

Ye, d0nat kerispykreme yg datang di kala aku kelaparan.

Yang ini adalah yg ke-2. Nampak sgt aku x segan. Haha, barang baik dan cap pangkah memang SEDAP!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

State of n0thingness

Pic ab0ve sucked c0z with 2x zo0m, i cudnt f0cus on d lady's fat fingers ad0rned with at least 1 ring on each. Every single one finger. With r0cks, kerawang2, u name it, she g0t it. On b0th hands mind u. I was t0tally gr0ssed out, eeew!

Less is definitely m0re.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

feelings and physical unfitness


i am technically liking someone i can't possibly have. not even in my wildest dream. yea, i guess that is what i'm into these days, infatuated with the impossible.


since i've been putting lack of effort into my eating habits which leads to eating disorder catching up flu and physically drained. i guess my immune system plummeted and having a hard time to catch up with the happily partying inhabiting bacilus and virus.


i reached midveli at 11 in the morning. yea, in record time. i wanted to beat the crowds since i was going to buy some stuffs that can't be bought and brought on the bus during the weekdays.

it took a lot of effort since i'm not used to the sun these days. yes people, i'm puteri lilin by nature. afternoon sun makes me dizzy and sick.

went to the flea market too, but i couldn't stand the weird smells. after finishing the tid-bits shopping, arriving at the lrt only to find out that i forgot the detergent! never mind, i still have to use the food coupon.


i'm going crazy at werk! woooohooooo!!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

happiness + sadness = sadly happy?

me: i need to have that, coz it couldn't function properly if blablabla

encik lemon: ok. i'll send the tech over.

me: coz if i don't, blablabla.

encik lemon: ok. just tell him what you need.

me: it's ok for me to have two?

encik lemon: ok. he'll provide whatever you need.

me: (gasped) thank you.

encik lemon: no problem.

the day after,

encik lemon: i want to see that by noon.

me: will try.

encik lemon: don't give me that will try. i thought you're supposed to work faster with two. oh, you don't have it yet.

me: only one at a time.

encik lemon: so, i take it that you have till noon to generate it?

me: (draws breath) you will see it by noon.

encik lemon: that's good. (and he smiled that killer smile)

after he left,

her: he really expected you to do that?

me: see.

her: phew, spell it out, baby.

me: yea, i know when he easily said ok, it's not free.

i liked the fact that he reasoned with me. why he must have it on time and why i must do it in the way he wants it. and he follows up. and then he forgets everything he said just yesterday.

then, i know she's leaving. i was just getting to know you. now, you're leaving? i'm going to miss your quirk, how you bounced and i'll miss your tech-talks. it's not easy to find girls here who talks tech like you. i'm saddened by the thought of you leaving. haih!~~

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


- a second-hand book that i paid more for the shipping charges than the cost of the book itself. my first ever millsnboon wakakaka! it brought nostalgic memories of the first time i read it.

i kinda think that this was where my ideals of the other-half came from. tall, dark and handsome. haha! a girl's gotta have what a girl's gotta have, though my imaginations were pretty vivid.

from jaime knevett to mister darcy when i moved on to aust3n. yes people, i worship my book heroes. each and every one of them with a specific quality and demeanour that i adore. reed t4ylor, h'ring something in the hears-good novel, and a few others.

ah, romance novels will make a girl walk on cloud nine, but back in the harsh reality, the damsel in distress will still have to save her own ass, coz really, knight in shining armours does not exist.

note to self: i'm crushed!

buat encik blog

kepada encik blog,

maafkan saya kerana telah mengabaikan anda dalam jangka masa seminggu ini.

saya tidak akan memberi alasan saya sibuk kerana alasan itu telah lapuk dan banyak kali digunakan.

mungkin saya telah kekeringan idea dan buntu untuk menulis.

mungkin juga saya lebih suka untuk menyimpan peristiwa yang telah berlaku dari menceritakannya kepada encik blog.

saya leka dengan yang sangat dekat di hati.

saya terburu-buru dengan kehendak encik lemon yang semakin galak menunjukkan kesadisannya.

saya jadi bodoh bila encik lemon ketawakan kepanikan saya yang tidak dapat melakukan kerja seperti kemahuan encik lemon yang tahape2.

ya, encik blog. saya tujukan lagu benc1nta kepada encik lemon. saya benci encik lemon, tapi saya cintakan kuasa encik lemon untuk menaikkan gaji saya.

terima kasih encik blog. budi baik encik blog akan saya kenang sampai server blogger mampus.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

cite yoda

him : ko rase aku patut ke buat benda tu?

me: takpe la, pegi je try. tak salah pun.

him: hisy, yoda kata "do or do not. there is no try"

me: yoda tu bongok. ko nak try pun, ko kene do. kalo ko tak do, maknanye ko do not dan ko tak try. haha!

him: kate cakap terbalik, memangle takleh nak caye.

teringat kat orang yang selalu kene ajuk sebagai yoda. sori ler ai tak dapat datang. selamat bertunang, weh!

Monday, June 01, 2009

1+1 = 6

no place like home.

no place like hometown.

nobody like family.

nothing is as good as hometown goodies.

i heart my 6-pax.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


- i don't tell everything here.
"coz some things are precious. that's why it's better kept private"

- i love warehouse sales and shopping.
"coz warehouse sales equals to many many many times shopping, which is retail therapy that contributes to my well-being, maybe not my pocket's well-being though"

- i love food and can't seem to stop from spoiling myself with good food.
"good food contributes to well-being. i can't seem to function properly if i keep thinking about syurga atas pinggan and not eating it. sorry, i'm not sharing it. try japanese soba in s3cret recip3, you'll know what i mean"

- i chose to be happy instead of complaining.
"i don't intend to put people into my shoes. i am happy as i am and be content that i'm actually listening to your complaints and not make a face. i may not be a good friend, but you know i'll be there whenever you need a listener"

- i am writing this crap.
"to better understand myself of which some people failed to and whom i don't bother if they do or don't understand me. my writings are my self-reflection of whatever i think and feel, it might not suit you, and like who cares?"

keahlian kelab bakar duit

* segala pembakaran duit yang disengajakan adalah kemasukan secara automatik sebagai ahli kelab bakar duit.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the lemon chronicles

encik lemon: you've got this kind of colours set up already right?

me: yes. this is the same with the one i have.

encik lemon: i want you to change this particular one to this colour, alright?

me: oh, it's purple.

encik lemon: it's fuchsia.

me: (dumbfounded)

on another occasion, on colours again.

encik lemon: see, you've got this colour wrong. you have to set this one to other colours. the breaks are fine, stays at what colour is that???

me: err...turquoise

encik lemon: aquamarine, yea that's the colour.

me: (dumbfounded, again)

encik lemon knows more about colours than i do? sheeessshhh!!!! this came from someone who wears a pink shirt on friday.

it's not pink you see, it's soft pink, he'd say or some sorts.

only encik lemon could make my day go bonkers with arguments on colours.

Monday, May 25, 2009

After bakar duit

in the room.

him: what happened to you?

me: see. the bugs are not being nice to me.

him: how long has this happened?

me: two weeks ago.

him: look at those scratches.

me: what do you expect? the itch bitched like hell.

him: no choice. you'll have to berpantang and i have to give you an injection.

me: the WHAT??? isn't there any other way?

him: anyone picking you up?

me: no, i came by bus.

him: ok maybe no injection. but you'll have to adhere to this list.

(a veryyyyyy long list)

me: what? no nasi lemak?

him: oh yes, and all of those other food. please restrain yourself from eating them for one month?

me: no nasi lemak for one month??? i may die. please not nasi lemak.

him: (definitely ignoring me) ok, that's it.

.... and i got out of the room thinking of how am i going to live without nasi lemak.


him: i changed my mind. you really need that injection.

me: the WHAT?? i thought i got away with it.

him: it won't hurt, like an ant's bite.

me: what kind of ant?

him: the red ant.

me: dang!

a sore pocket contributes to fasting since i bakar so much. but i guess after a sore butt, i might need less effort to fasting since this tak boleh makan, that tak boleh makan.

i am getting thin, from not eating the food i love. no nasi lemak for one month. huwargh!

an sms:

"kak, jom pegi makan charkoayteow"

i replied:

"huhu, aku pantang seafood doh"

the reply:

"haha, oh lupe. bulan 7 ler baru dapat makan charkoayteow"

chist dan chist lagi.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

surat kepada lecturer kks

ke hadapan lecturer kks yang diingati selalu,

apa khabar cik? harapnye cik sihat di samping student2 yg selalu menjadi mangsa pertanyaan cik supaya cik boleh faham tujuan lab itu dan student dapat markah lebih dan tidak perlu berjumpa cik lagi untuk sem depan.

tujuan saya menulis ini adalah untuk memberitahu cik tentang aktiviti saya dan kawan baik cik pada hari ini.

aktiviti kami bermula sejak khamis lepas, apabila saya telah menerima pemberitahuan warehouse sale jenama cl4rks dan juga sale b0dyshop. saya tidak dapat memberitahu cik tentang sale ini kerana memahami keadaan pokok duit2 cik yang baru ditanam dan masih belum dapat dituai.

saya telah pergi ke plaza al4m s3ntral dan mendapati tiada bodyshop di situ tetapi ada warehouse sale c0mma. dengan tanpa rasa bersalah dan tidak memikirkan keadaan tenat poket di hujung2 bulan, saya telah membakar untuk baju c0mma. tetapi saya menyesal sekarang kerana saya lupa bahawa saya takkan mungkin muat free size melainkan jenis stretchable. keghairahan saya membakar duit telah menyebabkan saya lupa, saya masih lagi gemuk.

aktiviti pembakaran diteruskan di sunw4y pyr4mid pula. berhimpit-himpit di dalam b0dyshop tidak menghalang keinginan saya untuk terus membakar. cik, bagaimana menahan diri sedangkan saya sebagai member mendapat 10% tambahan diskaun di samping diskaun yang ditawarkan. maaf cik, saya kalah pada godaan lipgloss yang berwarna-warni.

saya ternampak pula v0ir, dan saya teringat saya masih perlu mengganti sandal ala espadrille yang telah dihartapunyakan oleh adik saya. yang pertama dicuba, hanya tinggal saiz 8, dan ianya longgar. cik, saya telah merasa putus-asa dan berkata aktiviti pembakaran telah terhenti. tetapi saya telah ternampak satu sandal lain yang menarik. maaf cik, ia ada saiz 7 dan walaupun ia lebih mahal dari yang pertama, saya terus membakar tanpa rasa ragu dan was-was.

saya meneruskan perjalanan ke f.0.s dan telah memilih beberapa baju. tetapi saya telah mendapat amaran dan pekikan kuat dari poket saya yang terlalu marah kerana ia telah kering-kontang dan tiada pembakaran dapat dilakukan. saya terselamat dari membakar di sini kerana tiada lagi kertas yang dapat dibakar.

saya juga mendapat perkhabaran dari kawan baik cik bahawa beliau telah pergi ke cl4rks dan tiada berkenan dengan kasut yang ditawarkan. beliau telah terselamat dari membakar duit.

saya berasa cemburu kepada cik kerana cik tidak terdedah kepada godaan wareh0use sale dan juga jualan mur4h sepertimana cik juga cemburu kepada kami yang senantiasa dapat pergi membakar duit di wareh0use sale. percayalah cik, cik sangat beruntung!

saya semakin sibuk sekarang, dengan kerja dan aktiviti membakar duit yang nampaknya semakin rancak. saya semakin takut menghadapi bulan hadapan kerana meg4sale yang telah ditukar nama akan bermula.

nampaknya tulisan saya setakat ini. moga cik sentiasa dirahmati dan selalu jaga diri.
sekian. terima kasih.

"saya yang menurut perintah dan godaan warehouse sale dan jualan murah"

presiden kelab bakar duit

Friday, May 22, 2009

perkara yang tidak difahami


kebaya pendek jarang yang dipakai bersama tube. kain belah kiri dan kanan. betis dan sebahagian dada terdedah.

aku tak faham kenapa dia pakai tudung bersama kebaya itu. takpe la, takde dosa rambut dan leher.


bila amik order, aku beriya-iya speaking english walaupun budak yang amik order tu terang-terang melayu dan cakap melayu dengan aku. tetiba kawan aku call, dok berdekah-dekah ketawa dan cakap melayu. bengang je budak tu tengok aku.

aku tak faham kenapa bila masuk tempat yang ade cukai perkhidmatan, aku akan automatik rasa poyo giler nak speaking english. bile lagi nak praktik ye tak?


dalam masa tiga minggu ni, aku hanya makan nasi kurang 5 kali. dan tengahari tadi adalah yang terakhir.

aku tak faham kenapa jenis kuat makan cam aku ni bleh pandang nasi tadi macam baru pertama kali makan nasi. tapi bukan macam dah kebulur sangat. lebih kepada pandangan pelik, dan buat pertama kali nya dalam sejarah aku makan nasi pada waktu tengahari lebih dari 20 minit. nak kunyah pun rasa pelik.

aku pun tak faham kenapa, sedangkan makanan ruji seumur hidup adalah nasi, tak makan nasi selama 3 minggu, terus lupa betapa sedapnya nasi itu.


aku tak faham kenapa tak makan nasi 3 minggu dan aku masih lagi gemuk. oh, berhempas pulas tak makan nasi untuk 3 minggu, aku telah menghancurlumatkan impian itu dengan mengorder dan memakan syurga di atas pinggan.


encik lemon suka suruh aku buat macam-macam. encik lemon nak semua cepat. encik lemon suka suruh buat kerja-kerja pelik. encik lemon suka marah-marah.

aku tak suka encik lemon bising-bising. aku selalu bengang encik lemon suruh aku cepat-cepat. aku geram encik lemon bagi senarai panjang-panjang dan cakap laju-laju sampai aku tak faham encik lemon cakap apa.

aku tak faham kenapa bila encik lemon senyum, aku terus jadi lupa kesadisan dan kekejaman dia. aku tak faham kenapa aku rasa cair bila mood encik lemon baik dan terserempak dengan aku, die akan senyum pemadam ingatan aku terhadap kesadisan dia dan mengucapkan hai hawau yuu. walaupun encik lemon buat begitu terhadap semua perempuan bila mood die baik, yang mana selalunya mood die tak baik.


aku tak faham kenapa aku sangat happy bila aku bizi. maaf, mungkin sudah terlalu lama aku underworked and overpaid.


bff aku demam teruk. aku sangat faham kenapa aku rasa nak terbang je jenguk dia walaupun time tu dah 10 malam. ye, aku sangat faham.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Syurga di atas pinggan

Tak yah cerita. Sangat bahagia, ngap! Dapatkn di secr3t recip3 berhampiran anda.

Aku pegi bakar duit. Lagi. Di tengah2 bulan ini.

Bizi. Sangat suka. Sebab tu gi bakar duit.

Monday, May 18, 2009

starstruck, lagi!

the weekend started with something sober.

the middle was joyous, meeting up 2 friends. i had so much fun. like serious fun!!

then, i met the drummer. the highest point of my weekend.

i met the drummer at the j0b fair at p w t c. he was with friends. and no andy. gile andy nak datang tempat ramai gile tu, sure kene serbu punya. dan aku pun dengan aman bahagia pergi tegur dino yang tiada siapa perasan. aku amik gambar pun, orang ingat amik gambar dengan kawan lama. hahaha.

kepada orang yang tengah gilakan awek hartamas, thanks for the company. really appreciate it, man.

to my bff, thanks for the rock. i gave you paper in exchange. the only stuff left is the scissors. =P

toodles, nak tido.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guess who?

hint: dia adalah seorang drummer dari 3 beradik drummer yang terkenal di mesia. dan dia yang paling ensem. =P

Kepada orang yg berkenaan, Jangan jeles. Haha.

Aku jumpe idol aku. Happy!

unknown entry

i don't remember how we met. but we know the same circle of friends. i was struck by the many 1's in the nick. and the weirdness of it.

we seldom get to talk, though we might get to once in a while. i like the sound of it.

we lost contact after that. years after, i stumbled upon you. we were reunited. and we even promised a get-together.

i liked your passion of food. i've never seen anyone describe food like you did.

maybe our paths crossed so that i'll be able to learn about it. i thank you for the wonderful gift you presented me, and your friendship.

may Allah bless you, always.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the 300th post!

yea, i know it's nothing to brag or celebrate about since a long-time blogger like me should've reached that number waaaaaaayyy long before. but what the heck? who cares anyway? so, this is to my 300th post. may i have the sanity to write frequently here. adios.

my favourite foodstuff. other people may scoff or even scream yuck at my weird taste for some kind of food. for instance, during the prosper1ty burger promo at mekdi, the set was served with jasmine tea. while others hate the weird smell, i adore its thirst-quenching fab.

natto is a gooey, weird japanese fermented soy-beans eaten stirred forcefully with rice. i admit i might not have the ability to turn a blind eye over the goo, but the dried version offered a relief. it's salty, like eating very the bacin tempe. i hope you get the idea of it. tasty though it is.

granola, muesli. baked combination of rolled oats, wheatgerm, and all other sorts of grain kept together with maple syrup or honey. great for quick lunches when sleep is more important than everything else during lunchbreaks. yum.

wheatgrass drink. another weird green colour drink that screams chlorophyll. 'nuff said.

i love baked beans. i can eat it straight from the can. that's how grossly i love it. i also eat anything with wheat on it. but no, i don't eat tempoyak or anything that utilizes it in. even anything with durian in it. but pulut with kuah durian is HEAVEN!

people sometimes frown at my choice of food. i pile-up veggies on my rice. i just can't live without veggies. if i had to choose between mister depp and mister jackman or veggies, i'd still choose the misters. you think i'd be choosing them veggies? i'll have the misters and ask them to buy tons of veggies for me. so, 2 birds and loads of veggies with one stone. geddit?

in other words, i eat healthy stuffs as much as i eat the unhealthy ones. so, i guess that's why my diet plan has gone nowhere.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

enteng tapi sangat sukar

saat entry ni ditaip, kipas berputar pada kelajuan 4, tingkap terbukak dengan angin malam.

dan aku memang confirm demam!

kepala tengah sakit. kaki walaupun cam agak sakit nak jalan, tapi cam ok lagi la.

kepada mereka yang gila kasut, belilah kasut yang selamat untuk dipakai supaya anda tidak memalukan diri sendiri di tengah-tengah lautan manusia.

istilah selamat:

- kalo heels, pastikan yang branded cam semb0nia ke, cl4rks ke, hushpups ke supaya apabila anda mengejar bas atau lrt, tumitnya tidak hancur seperti yang telah terjadi kepada diriku.

- kalo yang flat, pastikan bukan jenis open-toe kerana kl adalah tempat yang hujan suka-suki. open-toe adalah tidak digalakkan kerana kasut berpeluang menjadi kapal yang berair. risiko rosak kasut dan rosak kuku kaki adalah sangat tinggi.

- begitu juga dengan sandal. pastikan ada tali di belakang yang boleh menghalang arus deras dan banjir kilat dari menghanyutkan kasut di kaki anda sewaktu anda mengharungnya.

kejadian semalam adalah alasan dan tiket grandstand untuk aku pergi beli kasut di min3s. sebab kat situ ade satu kedai yang jual stok boots yang aku berkenan. bukan boots cam dinner hari tu oke? ni stok ankle-length boots yang sesuai dipakai pergi kerja. selamat, dan bertapak lebar. kurang risiko untuk terpelecok.

smashings untuk aku yang kurang berminat jadi cekgu tapi nak sambung lagi belajar:

him: kadang2 pelik tgk you people
him: korang sibuk nak blajar, blajar, blajar
him: ngajar pun tidak
him: contribute ke dunia pun tidak
him: what sort of person would it help mould u to be?
him: and finally, with that masters' degree, how are you going to change the world?

aku tak bleh nak counter attack die. sebab memang betul pun apa yang die cakap. maybe i'm in it for personal gain. hmm, :'(

Monday, May 11, 2009

tiring day

pepagi dah buat aku hangin. remote yang bapak besar tu bleh hilang. display jadi standby mode, takde remote cam ne aku nak on balik. dan aku yang sengal dan menghabiskan 6tahun belajar elektronik tapi masih bengap lagi menghabiskan 1 jam lebih, memikirkan cemane nak on balik tanpa remote. guna softmode tak bleh sebab die dah standby. aku tak berani nak memandai sebab barang mahal weh. di seluruh bangunan, yang tau pasal display hanya 4 orang termasuk aku. lagi 3 orang kerja malam. takkan la aku nak call diorang sedangkan aku tak buat pape resolution lagi.

aku sangat bernasib baik sebab display yang standby mode tu, berada dalam keadaan yang bleh dicapai tanpa menggunakan tangga. aku tekan-tekan manual power button pun tak boleh. pernah ke korang tengok mane-mane jenis display, power button die kat belakang? aku tak penah la kan, so jakun la sikit. 10 kali tekan pun display on sekejap je, lagi la aku hangin. aku try la tekan 2 kali, kot-kot jadi, mende canggih ni kadang-kadang cara nak on pun canggih. hahaha. pun tak boleh. aku resort pada benda yang biasanya berkesan pada tibi biasa: shutdown power. aku tawakal habis la sebab display mahal ni sensitip macam projektor gak.

aku shutdown satu display dulu. kurang-kurang kalo rosak pun, satu je rosak dulu. haha. aku kira sampai 15, pastu aku turn on power. aku tengok lampu die dah bukan kelip-kelip merah dah, dah jadi oren, petanda baik nih. aku terus tekan power button. dup dap jantung aku. dan display tu elok je cam takde pape. aku rase nak lesing, buat aku cuak je.

so, aku dah tau le nak buat ape kalo display merajuk lagi cam pagi tadi.

balik petang tadi aku dah teringat benda yang aku nak beli kat pasar malam. hari ni pakai heels yang dah hilang tumit nye, kire nye dah macam kasut flat laa. elok je aku turun mata tangga terakhir, aku tak tau la apa yang terjadi, sebab tibe-tibe je aku :

" opocot, mak kau! "

ye, aku telah terpelecok dengan kasut yang ala-ala flat itu. terpelecok yang sakitnya buat aku terdiam dan air mata rase nak meleleh sebab sangat sakit. kalo dalam keadaan aku sorang dan bukan tetengah orang yang berpusu-pusu ramainya, aku dah melalak-lalak dah. serius, aku tak penah rase sakit terpelecok sampai macam tu, even dengan kasut yang lagi tinggi.

dan skang nih, aku dah rase nak demam, demam terpelecok. kaki dah macam terseliuh. yang lawak nye tu, bile aku jalan kat pasar malam, aku bleh ketawa-ketawa teringat aku melatah dengan insiden terpelecok tu. adoi la. kelakar betul hidup aku hari ni.

p/s: aku ada broadband kat umah skang. so, entry aku pasni tak semestinya ofis hours lagi.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

smile, even when the world is not as pretty as the heavens

i am feeling neurotic. my diet has gone to the trash. i miss my veggies. i love to sleep.

i spent my boring, uneventful weekend except for 2 consecutive weddings, watching a f 7. yes people, i do watch that show.

after driving in the awful heat (hometown is grill-me-done-town) in my darling vic, my bff came over and we caught up with lots of things. she even ditched her future hubby in place of talking ourselves hoarse.

she invited me to their new lair, and i had this thinking:

"kalo aku pegi, mesti aku tak dapat tengok a f "

but i didn't go. these days i have this weird habit of staying indoors, curling up with a cuppa and my flood of books.

after a few hours, i thought it over and felt this:

" what the heck? having that kind of thought, like i am an adoring fan of the show. fancy missing an outing with my bff and eating my fave food for THAT? oh gosh, i am getting sappy for no reason at all. chist dan chist lagi. "

fortunately, the line-up weren't disappointing. they performed very well, except for that dark frizz-haired male, i wonder why they didn't kick him out yet. even adore one of the performances, he sang mraz's i'm yours.

i blame this on my flatmates, poisoning me to watch the diary every night. i am getting lazy to write these days, but i'll try to sneak in a word or two. maybe more. =p

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

cerita kelakar hari ini

encik lemon: i live on the top floor. nice view over there.

kawan encik lemon: i see. i'm not quite fond of heights. as long as i'm not near some place with an open balcony that i can jump off, i'll be fine i guess.

aku di kejauhan yang terdengar, gelak guling2.

a helluva week. i didn't know what really happened, but sleepless nights. it passed with such a velocity that everything were just a single line of blur. it's time to sort out my feelings, my life.

i don't ask for much, but i demand for a lot. priority is best done with resources available. make do with whatever at hand, and it really helps if you are or have access to jack of all trades.

him: you chose to be happy, instead of complaining like me and everybody else.

you only get one shot at life. either you make the best of it and die trying or you can just sulk and wonder why life is unfair. regrets are means of slowing down. i don't intend to slow down. why?

kerana mati itu makin dekat setiap saat kita bernafas.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

When all else fail

I'm feelin dizzy, n0t kn0win why i'm in this state. Not even the drink in d picture c0uld make me figure out why.

There are a lot of goals m0re, left to achieve. There are still unfulfilled desires. I th0ught i might n0t be ready yet, but there's n0 tellin when will i ever unless a certain fixture is set.

The main argument is, to p0p the questi0n n get it over with. Whether to pr0ceed, or end it, i w0uld be relieved of this big burden.

At least. I hope.