Sunday, August 30, 2009


Buka hari ini. Sungguh nyaman duk s0rg2, pe0ple-watching. Dan juga ketawa s0rg2.

Call me crazy please, but having preci0us me time is s0mething i look f0rward to. Especially when it involves g0od fo0d.

A weekend well-spent, with frens and on my own.

Getting geared up to an0ther busy week starting t0m0rr0w. =)

Friday, August 28, 2009

My amusement park

Me: hoyo, i'm off n0w.

Him: uwkeyh. Take care. May God bless our f0od.

Me: lol. You to0 have fun dr0oling at the bazaar.

When i guess i w0n't go to the rollerc0aster again, there's always s0mething else that made me go addicted, again. The element of surprise is kept to the max.

I like him en0ugh to care f0r him like a fren, th0ugh we just barely exchange smiles when we c0me acr0ss each other.

The one wh0 made my day less lousy with his ingeni0us laugh.

Yes, h0y0 is my amusement park.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this is it

looking forward to saturday.

nak makan sampai lebam.

(ingat makan jek, bukan nak ingat gi terawih laa aku ni)

i don't have anything much to say, but my bazaar sucks, too many people and i am hating places where i've got not freedom to choose and walk and browse around, especially for shoes and food.

i'd rather pay more and enjoy food than bayar murah tapi macam pegi perang bersesak-sesak.

because food is to be enjoyed from the minute you set your eyes on it. but when you set your eyes from the shoulders of strangers and pushing through unknown territories who knows what you've pushed to touch, here and there. haha!, and you ending up eating the food during buka grumbling, which i hate the most.

the lesson, sila lah belajar memasak makan je kat mamak. haha!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ada rasa yang mengetuk.

Minta dipupuk.
Minta dibajai.

Keliru. Sekali lagi. Andai ini takdir. Atau mungkin sekadar satu persinggahan, melepas lelah, yang tidak pasti.
Perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik. Jika itu yang tersurat, redhakan. Ada hikmah berselirat.

Ada sinar penuh rahsia yang minta dimengerti, mungkin disalaherti. Hanya milik DIA.

P/s: eire sandwich @ 0'briens in pic, tastes as mysteri0us.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Him: (gr0ggy with sleep) 'lo.

Me: watpe?

Him: was sleeping. *yawns*

Me: oh, ok. Camtu g smbg tdo la. Bai.

Him: nah, it's ok. What's up?

Me: takde ape. Saje call. Camne keje hari sabtu?

Him: it was fine..blabla (lots of blabs in english)

Me: ko terhantuk dinding ke time nk angkat f0n?

Him: no, i didn't. Why did u ask?

Me: ko sedar tak yg dr td aku tnye bm, ko jwb english? Kite tak penah b0rak dlm english.

Him: eh, did i? Guess i was sleepy and turned on my english butt0n, by accident. Haha!

Well, i guess pe0ple in love tend to do weird things. Sumtimes even the things they th0ught they'd never do b4.

Love d0es that to y0u. Coz chr1s br0wn used 2 say this 2 his then gf, rih4nna:

I bet there's hearts all over the w0rld 2nite with the love of their lives, wh0'd feel what i feel when i'm with y0u.

Yea, y0u're n0t alone suffering this love-palsy. Haha!

P/s: kpd org yg slalu x paham tu, ko paham tak? Kalo ko paham, maknanye org lain paham la. Hehe.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Different white clouds. The same blue, endless sky.

Where my other sky is. Where i c0uld fall asleep with0ut a care in the w0rld. Where missing pieces of my jagged jigsaw heart are.

I'm g0ing there.

Happy blessed ramadhan. May we take the opp0rtunity to embrace the nights where HE is closest.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Loop forever

I never thought that I was so blind
I can finally see the truth
It’s me for you

Tonight you can’t imagine that I’m by your side
Cuz it’s never gonna be the truth
Too far for you

But can you hear me say?
Don’t throw me away
And there’s no way out
I gotta hold you somehow

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Everyday but all I have is time
Our love's the perfect crime

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Every way and when they set me free
Just put your hands on me

Take everything that I know you’ll break
And I give my life away
So far for you
But can you hear me say
Don’t throw me away
There’s no way out
I gotta hold you somehow

Tonight I’m weak
It’s just another day without you
That I can’t sleep
I gave the world away for you to

Hear me say
Don’t throw me away
There’s no way out
I gotta hold you somehow

A.A.Rejects - I Wanna

i am so so sorry. seeing white just shatters it all. damnit!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Of bunga

It's hard 2 figure out what a girl feels.

Th0 flowers are one of the many ways 2 win, 2 find a way, 2 say a lot, to a girl's hart.

So, it's n0t that crazy if y0u're frantic 2 find a florist open at 7pm, just 2 say s0rry thru these prim lil beauties.

To the girl wh0se birthday is t0day:

Selamat hari lahir. Jangan buli student lebih2. Jangan garang2 sgt. Nope, the flowers aren't for y0u or me. But i h0pe that s0meday, s0me1 will give y0u a lot of love fr0m his hart, thr0ugh these flowers.

P/s: note to future suit0rs. I d0n't do r0ses. I dig lilies and turbar0ses. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

emotionally detached and dark past

i have an ability that some people found amusing. i am emotionally detached.
whenever required, i can just detach the emotion, like nothing happened in the first place.

it can be a gift. but also a curse.

a gift, when the subject doesn't feel the same way. or the subject changed direction after a few years.

a curse, when the subject is head-over-hellheels but after certain period, another hot new subject surfaces the subject is not that interesting anymore.

i'm not sorry for ditching, coz i've been paid in cash for being ditched.

no matter how you tried to turn a blind eye over your dark past, it will still haunt you.

for as long as you live.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Exhausting end

It was fun. Hanging out with frens, catching up, eating a lot of burnt stuffs, turned meself h0arse singing bsb.

Thank y0u for making my weekend, a n0rmal one. Else, it will always be lazy-sleep-pr0ne-c0mat0se b0ring one.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

definitely a reason to be happy

i got 2 postcards that i've been anxiously waiting for a forlorn fortnight, yesterday. the happiness is indescribable. dan tersengih-sengih sepanjang hari. my own private moment.

today, i got another 3. beautiful ones. of a lighthouse. of windmills. of a lake.

terima kasih, Tuhan. kerana mengurniakan aku rasa yang sebegini bahagia.

yes, i'm very contented to get 5 postcards. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Me: taste ko cmne ek?

Her: aku ske laki pendiam, aku bleh buli. Pastu, bla...bla...

Me: suke suki je nk buli anak org. haha.

Her: eh, ko tnye aku ni, ko plak cmne?

Me: aku dh kurangkn kriteria aku. Tp ada satu yg aku mesti dapat. Aku nk lelaki tinggi.

Her: le, byk2 benda tu gak yg ko nk.

Me: eh, aku ske sh0pping kasut dan kasut aku byk heels oke? Cmne aku nk pki heels kalo laki aku tak tinggi? Nk buang sume heels tu? Mak sayang sume kasut mak, nyah! Mak tak nak jadi mcm awek dlm gambar kat atas nun.

Her: haha! Betul gak tu. Ai setuju. Susah le ko nk dapat laki mim lam alif ya wau ni, sume mcm sayur x ckup zat.

Me: oi, mulut xde insuran. Haha. Bkn sume x ckup zat, sabo je la, pelan2 cari.

Her: ko nk sabo? Aku rase st0k skandal ko dh kalah le ariana cite matahari tu.

Me: syhh! Tu kite2 je tau. Haha!

Expect m0re pics+c0nversati0n entries. I onli have time 2 m0blog. To0dles!

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 guys

Guy 1

Me: what 2 do? Kene la kerja jugak wikend. Dah lame pasrah dah. Hehe.

Him: pasrah? Pasrah tu haiwan ke?

Me: (dalam hati nak gelak gile dan tak berjaya tahan lalu gelak nak mati) r0fL!

Guy 2

Him: if i cud describe meself in 1w0rd, it's sentimental

Me: wakaka! Ko sentimentally sarcastic

Him: sarcastic tu ape?

Me: (lg gelak gulin2) sarcastic tu ko le!

Adakah ayat aku terlalu b0mbastik?

Mungkin ayat manga dgn rap takde pasrah dan sarcastic. Hehe.

P/s: carved in the pavement, grung3 sign. Aku tibe2 nk tgk emmet main chemistry, takpun vi0pipe ke. Aisey.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

hippiely happy!!

i got some good stuffs with this picture:

and some stupid vouchers that will allow me to go bakar duit. again. people please, give me real friggin' money stuffs, not vouchers, not anything that serves money purpose that will allow me to go spree and bakar duit. damnit!

but i am very thankful that my hasty picture effort got me the stuffs i like. also my attempt on something that i thought might not be so lucky, was fruitful, hence the bakar duit chance. adoi.

and i am very happy. =)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

bakar duit tips

- first and foremost, you need money. without money, not even spelling shopping is allowed. not plastic please, you'll suffer much much later if you spend more than you what you have allocated.

- tote. a very big one. say no to ugly all plastic bags. we don't want environmentalists to blame us bakar-duiters to blame us for not saying no to cute all plastic bags.

- slip-on shoes. slippers are better. if you must be on shoe-spree, the last thing you need are shoe-laces and socks. go bare. this also applies to dresses as well, a plain tee is good, not some sorts that'd take ages to come off and do again.

- buy something that is good for all season trends, something that'd go timeless, like black and white. and stuffs that you'd use/wear, not something that looks good, but you've got no courage occasion to wear it.

- come to the bakar duit haven with own transport, or you'd be a laughing stock when those lacy undergarments spilled out when the lrt brakes.

- last but not least, tukang angkut barang. this is extremely important since 4 hands are definitely better than 2. mestilah seorang yang tak banyak bunyik, tak kisah tunggu lama-lama dan tak bising-bising kene angkat barang banyak-banyak. but if your tukang angkut barang is the other gender, please don't take them to go undergarment shopping. you'd be the point of shooting daggers of other people who are buying the delicate materials.

sekian. updates from the president of bakar-duiters. co-sponsored by 2 ware house sa les yesterday.

Monday, August 03, 2009

funnily found

i was looking for this song,

but i found this,

what the? i want punk rawk, not e1nstein oke? hahaha!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

entri panjang sket

it's a sunday, i'm stuck in the office. no, people. i'm not being gila kerja or something, i just had to come to settle things i couldn't do during weekdays. *sighs*

it has been 3 months since the departure. i'm just not too sure. it's not everyday you come across someone and decide something that will change your life forever. to tell the truth, i'm humming katy's, everytime. you're not forgotten, nor will you ever will. that day, my thought were shattered, built anew. thank you.

i met a few friends last night. catching up with the past few months. they asked one question that made me grinned. haha!

after thinking it over, maybe these are appropriate reasons:

my life is boring. i don't get to know a lot of people. why? because i chose to. i'm bad at starting anew, though it doesn't mean that i can't or i won't. i'm just bad at it, so at times when i can avoid it, i will avoid it.

that is why i like what i am doing. i don't get to be involved with too many people. just me, a few people and the job. fair enough.

i adore going shopping, which reminds me that i still owe this place a shopping tips entry. i get to see people, i get to buy shoes (mind you, lots of them) and be a small particle happy since i hate parting with my hard-earned money.

i like to watch people, just not to be too involved with them. yes, i'm an anti-social beeatch. because, i have people who cares about me and the ones that i cared about, only a phone call away. i accept that with open arms and warm heart.

i whine a lot. yes, sue me for that, hoyo. i complain about the things that i'm not satisfied with to the ones who actually will have my listening ear, anytime. so, if i don't complain to you, it's either i don't have anything worthwhile to whine, or just that i think i'd save you from hearing my nonsensical crap.

with all that going, i need something solid to cheer on to. in some cases, i refer to them as scandals. with due respect, i think of it as a vast opportunity to imagine. imagining things might sound silly, but at least, it made me happy. let's just say, encik lemon is a part of this. =)

thank you for reading.