Tuesday, November 15, 2005

believing in the center of the self

current y! status: invzble
thinkin of : oi the day after tomorrow, i'm gonna be half-dead

i am in exam mood. and it is sad to say, i've changed. deep inside, i know. not that i've forgotten the previous me, but these things i've been dealing with made me sick.

i can no longer look at myself and feel seriously happy. i can no longer laugh my ass out over those silly jokes. i am contented. just maybe not like the old times.

my last paper would be on the 18th. after that i'll be damn busy.

i may not get rid of that feeling, but i'm learning to live happily with it. so would you mind to leave me alone till i get this sorted out? after that, i know i have some explanation to do.

i missed my house.