Tuesday, March 31, 2009

retail therapy : day 3

yes, my days these past few days had been nothing but retail therapy. it's been awhile since i last shopped like hell there's no tomorrow.

  • it's not that i have that much to begin with, sometimes the cravings are just too hard to resist.
  • the satisfaction of seeing hasil rampasan money well-spent, bought shoes worn and dresses tak muat fitted nicely dan orang puji cantik

  • but today, i shopped mostly for household including a set of screwdrivers in pink! i wish!. still need a few tools to screw my already screwed up life the stuffs. i think a guy dropped his jaw and looked at me in awe stared at me long enough when i took the set into my shopping basket. it's not everyday you see a girl buying toolsets oke? :P

    i'm telling ye, if you want to go shopping of sorts, flea market @ amcorp mall is the place to go. why?

  • you'll find almost anything from cupcakes to gramaphones (please look this up at dictionary.com) and old vinyls.

  • if you're an avid toy collector, cute figurines, transformers, hot wheels are here too, almost all are still in mint condition.

  • thought you'd never put your hand on that particular issue of marvel comics or dewata raya or alam perwira (i read this when i was budak hingusan a teenager) you missed when you were a kid? fret not! there were JUNKS of it. i mean a whole load that'd make a recycling plant guy drool with anticipation.

  • what i liked most about flea market is that you go 2h's for haggle (again, dictionary.com is just a click away) hunt.

    you go hunting for a particular item. this may include some poking, serious digging, a little bit of testing, a wee bit of squatting, eagle-sharp vision would be a great help and the likes. you will never know what priceless item you will find.

    when you got the item, you haggle. the price is not fixed and you still have the chance to bargain with the seller. the art of haggle is learnt after a few unsuccessful attempts at it. the idea is to push a little and pull a little, give and take a few. voila! you might just get the item at a much lower price and a much thinner wallet and a happy heart. at least for me, hehe. though it is to be noted that not all items can be haggled for.

    i just heart flea market. whee! (though i spent a bomb huwahuwahuwa)

    Monday, March 30, 2009

    retail therapy : day 2

    went to another warehouse sale. this time, i got to shop peacefully.

    i bought lots of goodies. and a pair of shoes.

    end of story.

    Friday, March 27, 2009

    retail therapy day 1 : warehouse sale

    i went to mattel's around 1pm. when i arrived, grabbed a box and browsing around. the small area was packed with people queueing to checkout and people browsing around too.

    i was taking my time when i arrived at the fisher-pricey section.

    i was STUNNED. events in chronogical order:

    • parents were hovering at the table, demanding that more boxes be opened.
    • the staff said no more stocks for today
    • the staff gave in after a nod by the big boss
    • there were screams and a lot of pushings
    • the table gave way and dropped to the ground after severe pushes by the angry mob
    • the staffs were surrounded by the mob, demanding that those boxes be opened
    • the staffs opened the boxes and handing them out; resulting in more pushings and screams
    • during the last boxes, the staffs had to order everyone to back off because the terrible mob just won't listen
    • one woman and a man siap main tarik-tarik the particular last box, i got it first, no, i got it first, kind of argument. didn't manage to see who got it in the end though
    • the staffs declared 'habis'
    • the angry mob then proceed to open other unopened boxes

    after all these commotions, i sat down in a spot, mused myself watching these:

  • VERY long queue to checkout, only 4 counters to cater to those angry mob
  • every single person had at least 2 big boxes filled with toys
  • pregnant ladies yang turut sama berebut dan tak sayang diri
  • ignorant parents who dragged their kids along. another pushed her baby in a pram in that crammed space. bodoh ke ape?
  • people guarding their hasil rampasan and shooting daggers if other people peeked at theirs
  • people exchanging their unwanted toys with complete strangers

  • me? i took a few hot wheels, some barbies and polly pockets clothings in a very small box. why? coz that's the only toy people ignored and don't give a bat of an eye.

    why the prim proper professionals (3p's) became uncivilized angry mob?

    fisher-pricey which retail for 100+ - 200+ gone for 45 - 150. barbies retail at 60 gone for 10 - 15, same goes for hot wheels. uno cards retail at 25, gone for 5.

    in the end:

  • i decide that i must work harder so that i don't have to go to warehouse sales and watch the 3p's turn into angry mob
  • 3p's fought for toys like the famished fought for food
  • do malaysians' have that much to spend in this hard times? coz even the toys are cheap, they're not that cheap. and again, the same people came to this sale every year, that's not thrifty spending even though the toy lasts a lifetime.

    i left my small box and walked peacefully out. not a single regret of not taking all those toys. they don't have express counters for less than 10 items like me. to declutter my head from the angry mob's antics i went to the warehouse bookshop the floor below. complete peace of mind and ultimate bliss!
  • Thursday, March 26, 2009


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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    tak faham

    someone: i'm gonna pursue master's, will do it part-time and self-sponsored.

    me : you sure? it's going to be hectic.

    someone: *sighs* i'll have to make do with it or i'd be nowhere.

    me : err.. what's up?

    someone: it's just that i'm just bored that i'm doing nothing during weekends.

    me : weekends are days to oversleep and wake up late for people like us. don't have to do anything.

    someone: you know what i mean. go out on a date and leisure, nothing. i feel that i'm miserable with my life.

    now, this particular someone made me sound like i'm the most miserable person in the whole planet: single, dateless, doing nothing on the weekends, not even thinking of pursuing my studies (i blame my spending too long a time in the education system for that), taking one day at a time and be happy even when i'm watching movies alone.

    really, that sounds pathetic even as i'm typing it. but let's just face it, i've become an incorrigible boring beeatch who enjoys her solitude.

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    brimming with...

    ... maybe some thoughts. some overly-ambitious thoughts.

    it's good since my head keep spinning and prevent me from lulling to sleep.

    malam malam, mimpi dan mengigau qian, qian, qian.

    mana mau dapat qian, qian, qian?




    Friday, March 20, 2009

    hangin lagi..

    the hr doesn't cover dental claims. what the heck?

    if the claim is worth a week's meal, i can still tutup mata and let go.

    how about 4 weeks'?

    *muttering obscenities*

    note to self: dental clinics are banned unless in hometown, right until the co covered for teeth damages.

    *muttering more obscenities*

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    people DO change

    i first caught glimpse of her when i was a kid. i felt pitiful of what she had gone through and secretly thought, she is very pretty. but we never knew each other personally.

    as days went by, i met a friend who was her close friend in school. the way she talked about her, i felt i've known her a lifetime. seeing their pictures, innocent girls with hijab. i admired her.

    i never heard anything about her after that. then recently, i read in the papers that she already got married. alhamdulillah, at such a young age she took a major decision that will change her life.

    then, i saw her on a magazine. i just couldn't believe my eyes. is this the same girl that my friend had been telling me about aeons ago? is this the same girl that i pitied when i was a kid? is this the same girl that i secretly admired?

    painfully, yes. she was without hijab. she married a musician. if i were to remember again what my friend told me about her, the girl back then wouldn't dream of being the woman she is now.

    but then, who am i to judge? i am no one. i also do change, in many ways or others that might have hurt people.

    i'm just disappointed.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    belahan jiwa

    sometimes i wish i am with a heart that feels nothing. coz feelings hurt, even when you're in love.

    happy i'm not. unhappy i'm not. dwelling in the nothingness with Him as the Guide, the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate.

    i am just feeling nothing but contented.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    postcrossing entry

    the picture is actually a stamp from finland. kenapa? tak percaya? other countries' stamps are damn cute and pretty. this one is a sticker, doesn't even look like the typical stamp i tell ye. and of course, i adore this one best.

    this stamp i got from the many postcards i received by joining postcrossing. to any of you who have read the following in a previous entry, sorry ya. i was requested to put this up in a separate post.

    what is postcrossing? a project that allows users from all over the world send and receive postcards.

    why are you doing this? i love receiving beautiful postcards and cute stamps. it has been a while since i receive something personal in the mail apart from the bills, bills, bills.

    - register @ postcrossing
    - get addresses to send postcard (max 5 addresses at a time)
    - send postcard (don't forget to write the postcard id given with the address)
    - wait for the user to receive and register the postcard
    - wait for your turn to receive one! (or 6 in my case, hehe)

    spread the virus. i just love spreading infectious stuffs. haha!

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    hangin entry

    these days, i've been facing writer's block. most of the entries were either published from mobile or written in malay, proof that i'm too blacked out to think straight (read: write properly in english).

    i hate things last minute. coz it disrupts the original plan. and it really pissed me off if someone changed the plan that involved me without telling me earlier that the plan has changed. do not expect me to be okay with that, coz even though i may sound tak apa but really, i do have a life and other plans, even when i don't sound like i do.

    i'm not sure whether my recent decision on something has any good effect on me. i'm not regretting it but did any good come from it is yet to ponder upon.

    been listening to this song but i forgot the catchy lyrics once the song finished. it took a while to pin it to mind.

    Cahaya terang menembusi
    Bagai sebuah kisah misteri
    Kau mungkin … asing
    Kau mungkin …
    pernah ku kenal sebelum ini

    Resah gelisah dibuatnya
    Bagai sebuah cereka cinta
    Haru … biru
    Kelam … jiwaku
    Semakin kacau

    Siang malam termimpi mimpi
    Pagi petang tercari cari
    Tiap saat ternanti nanti
    Kau masih tiada disisi

    Apakah ini satu mimpi
    Terasa bagai sebuah delusi
    Ilusi … mata
    Mainan … jiwaku
    Semakin kacau


    Haru … biru
    Kelam … jiwaku
    Semakin kacau

    pesawat - mirage

    hangin means angry. why am i hangin? the stuff is too delicate to put here. argh!

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Sedia dig0reng...

    Arwah dah. Lahir di cherating, ki0k di key-ell. Cam sedap dibuat seperti title. Haha!

    Keharuan melanda, putus fius!

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    At the end of the rainb0w...

    Ada leprechaun yang kaya raya. Hehe. Best betul. Atau ada benji... Benji yang buat aku angau petala kelapan. Huh!

    Life is n0t ab0ut satisfying others, it's ab0ut living it fully and be pr0ud of it.

    For everyday i managed to wake up healthy, i thank Him for with0ut His blessings, i'm n0thing.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    less is more

    another long weekend spent. i had so much fun till i forgot that i have a full-time job waiting.

    i miss my youth.

    Friday, March 06, 2009


    hari ni dapat buku yang aku tunggu-tunggu (2 hari je pun). kene kutuk lagi tu, adoi.

    me : ingat tak buku ....... (isilah sendiri name buku ni)?
    her: igt lg...
    me : naper???
    me : saya terjumpa ade satu website publisher ni
    me : die offer buku tu rm18 je, siap dgn delivery
    me : kalo kt kedai rm22
    me : trus sampai kat ofis pagi tadi
    her: owh...
    her: awk nk beli ker??
    me : dah depan mate ni pun ha
    me : tengah belek2
    her: awk beli???
    her: awk minat ker???
    me : itu lah
    me : spur of the moment,trus bayar
    me : padahal kat umah tu berlambak lagi buku lom bace
    her: hahahahhahaaha....
    her: minat jgak awk kt buku camtue ek...
    her: sy mmg x brapa mnt..
    me : novel malay saya memang malas beli
    me : mahal dan kadang2 tah pape

    yes. i have a knack of buying on impulse. but at least i'll make sure the book is worth it. and i never sometimes buy malay novels compared to english ones.

    the other reason i'm gumbira is that another postcard arrived today. i'm already infecting my aunts with this postcrossing virus. HAHAHA!

    Thursday, March 05, 2009


    weekend ni aku nak balik, nak makan lots of things yang aku dah lama tak makan terutamanya mak aku masak. ye la, masak dengan kasih sayang, mau tak nye sedap, haha. tetiba teringat ayam kasih sayang makcik aku, peh meleleh jap.

    • nasi lemak nody kat bb dengan air buah skali. tak leh cakap ape, aku memang addicted dengan nasi lemak, silap-silap burger bodoh dia pun aku sebat skali.
    • popia cik noor kat up. makcik 25 ye, 10, 10 dengan 5. makcik ni pun dah kenal aku yang tak pernah order sikit.
    • apple donat! kalo adik aku ade la.
    • mee kari dengan satay kerang sebelah petronas takh. pergh!~~~
    • steamboat kat klb, tengok couple bodoh make-out, cam haram, wahahah!!
    • lepak kat cafe untuk kawan-kawan aje kat klb gak.

    nostalgia la sume ni. aku NAK BALIK!!

    Wednesday, March 04, 2009

    sampai sudah

    her: ko bila nak kawin ni? rugi tau kawin lambat-lambat. banyak faedahnye.

    me: *blur* err.. apa faedahnye?

    her: dah tentu ade orang tanggung. lagi pun kalo tersentuh tangan, takde la ko kene 'bayar cash' on the spot kan?

    me: ........ chist! ko ingat lagi reason poyo aku tuh.

    her: mau nye tak. tak penah aku dengar orang bagi reason sengal cam tuh. hahahaha!

    soalan kahwin lagi. penat nak bagi alasan berlainan setiap kali. tetapi kalau aku cakap alasan utamanya, mesti orang tak percaya. maka, aku akan jadi kreatif mengarang jawapan setiap kali soalan yang sama diutarakan memandangkan jawapan sebenar tidak diterima.

    ya, aku faham soalan itu berbaur cemburu berniat baik, tetapi jangan risau, akan aku maklumkan berakhirnya zaman berfoya-foya aku majlis meraikan hari aku bergelar cik puan.

    Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    jawapan kepada persoalan

    q: what kind of guy who listens patiently to you rambling with tears and smiles about another guy you like, makes a sick joke out of it till you feel cheerful again?

    a: the guy who is not interested in you.


    Monday, March 02, 2009

    when it gets overbearing.

    i hate clingy people.

    fuck you.