Wednesday, March 31, 2004

tired of... me?

in the office as usual. the connection at home just sucks. so, why not use the advanced technologies at the office? *wicked*

sleepy today. maybe the consequences of late sleep last night (oh the one hour phone call, bahaha!). it was raining when i wanted to go the office. arrived at the office at 10, one hour late. what to do? i live approximately 20 minutes away.

i browsed for the 5th hp book. 25% discounted price at but add the delivery fee, comes another RM7.50, gosh. it came about the same price too, less 12 bucks haha. never mind, i'd squeeze anis for 50 and i'd beg mom for another 30 hehe. where can i get that price in malaysia, for the hardcover version? i guess, nowhere.. :p

looking for new blog skin. orange is just too flashy, don'tcha think? but i'd keep orange till i find a new one. oh, by the way, check the links. i searched for nurul ain and found those other nurul ains' blogs. haha. :-)

bro am's mother had an operation 2 days ago. hope she's getting better. he's been skipping meals. hate to remind him that he's been neglecting his health.

condolences to dzaidah hanin. she lost her father due to heart-attack last week. al-fatihah to allahyarham uncle azlim

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

in the mood for.... lurrvvvvvve... and quizzes.

Damn, this is really funny!

Power Rangers Movie
Power Rangers Movie!

What movie Do you Belong in?

Hmmm... Maybe i need a boyfriend. Maybe not...

Scroll in your toga?
Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me
"Is that a scroll in your toga, or are you
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You're smooth, okay, but you also need a
boyfriend. Bad.

Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You?
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Yeah. I'm such an asshole. miahahaha

your asshole.

What swear word are you?
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The last part, maybe not so true lah hehe. *winks*

Your Element is Flame. You have a strong,
independant, fiery personality and you
obviously don't let other's push you around.
You like being in charge and don't care what
other people think. In fact, you like to stand
out and be yourself. You're probably shy when
people first meet you but your ball of energy
that could explode at any given moment. You
like to laugh and whether you admit it or not,
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You are DORY!
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Tell me this is not true.. Ughhhh not this color, pleaaaaassssseeeee....

Pink Vibes
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Monday, March 29, 2004

moody. blank. linux. hungry. khaleel.

yesterday was such a boring day even though i cleared the heaps of boxes full with, T.E.R.M.I.T.E.S. damn, i didn't realize that the window's leaking and caused the place to be damp, perfect for them. mom's encyclopaedia is ruined including the nuhasyanafa (my sibling's acronyms) version. only the hardcover's plastic left, they just couldn't digest plastic haha! most of my first semester modules and notes are gone forever. hello! mag uk of prince william's ed is holed on his face and the ones i treasured *sobs*.

naturalist and malaysian nature society's stuff are beyond repair. the rafflesia, uh lucky i had bro wahab's negative with me hehe. guess what? i found hafiz, yes, sazly hafiz's pic hooray! i've been searching for it for so long. where are you lah, mister? btw, he's my first ever irc-friend. lost contact right after pmr till now. i missed him. :p

i robbed mom of a new sweater (man, i love sweaters), even though i avoided blue tom's apparel. why? the colors are very individualistic, but just too many people like it on the streets. i fancied the sweater's design. a blue and aqua fusion. i'm looking for a diesel or b.u.m, maybe with my next salary ngeh ngeh. and i want a white boot-cut huhu.

i messaged zack of me having no company to go to the movies with. and she WAS in town! shit, i thought she was still in nilai. never mind, said she'll reschedule her outing with apiz pendek this sunday. yeay! and maybe if i am lucky enough, icam will sponsor our outing. i miss u lah makcik. let's watch 50 first dates. well, that is if her kementerian kewangan dan hal ehwal sosial approved of it lol.

khaleel queried me about my so heartbroken nick. i said that it was nothing big and with my internet connection's problem, i couldn't get to talk much, and i don't want to talk anyway to him. just hurts too much. and the fact that my message to him bounced back and failed to send due to the report that i received on my hp two days ago.

i treasured him as a friend but syam is between us. so i'd better back-off coz he chose syam and not me. lucky i'm not gonna meet syam that much next semester except in classes.

bro am remembered. and i thought about bro yo. weird. arif matrix miss-called me out of the blues. didn't see him online these days.

.................................................i need kyle, now :( ........................................

Saturday, March 27, 2004

i am b0red n d....e...

just got back from work. ahhh, so tired. rushing back to follow mom. said she was goin to tangkak's pasar malam. i missed laksa johor and fried koay teow. everytime i went there, laksa is already sold out. and that had happen weeks on row.

am i goin to get it this week? i don't know. mom isn't back yet. send kak dahlia (yeah that's her so flowery-true name hehe!) to dentist. no prize in guessing that she had tooth-ache.

who is kak dahlia? this so special nobody in my family that my mom so generously send to dentist? (oh mom's always generous with other people ngeh ngeh..) dahlia was mom's student of batch 1998/99. her aunt is an acquaintance of my mom. her performance in spm science subjects used to be soooo bad (failed all 4 subs) till mom stepped in.

after much scoldings (and more!) and buckets of tears, she managed to achieve better than me. well her hard work pays. (don't ask me! my hard work was during the last weeks before spm LOL). went for the one and a half year matrix on her spm result ticket and now just finished 2nd year of Engineering Degree (Electrical) in KUiTTHO.

i used to be jealous of her relationship with my mom. well, people grow and suddenly i realized, my mom need space. so let dahlia be her own place of space. now? i just don't, won't, give a damn. whaat? ah, childhood grudge. what's worth to remember it?

i want to go out tomorrow. watch some movies, but i don't have any company. iema didn't reply my message of asking her to go out. maybe she thought i was one of her admirers, haha! padan muka, sapa suruh anonymously message dia. and najwa had been silent since she asked about my opinion of her working in malacca town. great! i'd have company to go to work with. :Þ

shucks! i want a boyfriend to accompany me to the movies now *whines*. strictly for movies only. oh and maybe some phone conversations when i'm dead bored. it always happen when i'm in the mood to go out and have fun, my friend would be up to do something else or they are occupied and busy.

any interesting males out there who looked like zain or rob bourdon who'd want a girlfriend to accompany to movies and be there when i need them and stay out of the way when i don't want them? flexible and oh, be very good in english! damn, i am desperate hahaha!

Friday, March 26, 2004

learnin process, duh!

today's mom's birthday. pathetically i didn't get her any present. why? because i didn't have anything in mind to give her. maybe later. HAPPY BIRRTHDAY, MOM! psstt, she turned 45 today hehe.

i'm still learning linux. khalid taught me some flash. enough for basics i guess. like acidb81 and omar yelled at me, rtfm* when i complained to them about linux, LOL. even khalid showed me some useful tutorials on flash. lenkali blanje blueberry cheesecake, haha.

i changed the skin today. thought of edham and sha of orange. edham with his orange catalyzer rxz and sha with her obsession of orange. hmm, i spent most of the morning with editing the codes. i need to adjust the blog to be smaller. too big, made me uneasy.

kak an sent me a flirty message about the moon being so pretty. tau la orang jadi bohjan berjaya dengan dia sem ni haha. even you didn't tell, i'll always gaze at the moon each night. mana taknya tetiap hari balik malam hehe. coz that's the only thing i have in common with khaleel, moon-gazing. enough about him larr. tired already.

aisey, gotta run now. i'm listening to a weird song but very nice guitar sound. those guys refused to tell me the singer. haha.

Thursday, March 25, 2004


~ i'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind, i think about you baby, and i dream about you all the time, i'm here without you baby, but you're still with me in my dreams, tonight, it's only you and me ~

- 3 doors down's here without you

that song i'm listening to now, the crescent moon while the lonely ride back, the song in my head - you and i both by jason mraz, everything around me is uhm...... leading to khaleel. God, this isn't the way it should be. i have already buzzed off because,

he's already an item. with? my own classmate. they'd managed it even before finals. really i had to bite at my lower lip to keep me from crying. my visions were already blurred even though i could keep my voice, laughing and stuff.

yesterday i blogged about not liking him anymore, but why did i have this knot in my stomach?

cause i chose to bow out. i think i've lost an interesting friend. i'd better be tearing my heart to pieces now than having to face the pain of him being silent each time i message or call. it hurts.. just too much.

and syam's jealous. i knew she is coz she hmm, u know girls. i'd better be off than pestering over her man. and to imagine he'd brought this effect just after an exact 2 months. i'm happy for you two, my friends.

and i'm happy too coz i'm heartbroken, again. adoiii, pening hehe..

i learnt to crack root's xs over linux from apisz's friend. thanx again acidb81 (oops forgot to ask for your name, sire!). i owe you a frame, LOL and apisz claiming credits for it haha! feel free to drop by apisz blog's link .

i forced hami to explain about the servers in the office, and he kept babbling about the low pay and him being called an idiot after he asked about it, hahaha! he's on cloud nine after his wedding supposedly on february was called off to may. haii, orang bercinta.

nadia's gonna be back on july? damn, i'd already be back in college at that time. guess i'll be spending time with nana then. haha jangan jeles nadia. muet aku sem depan. :Þ cam jauh je tempat aku dengan rumah ko kan? haha.

again, i miss kyle, i miss k-roll, i miss khubayb (hehe!) , i miss kay (where are you lah, makcik?), i missed kak an, kak misah, all the k's in my life hahaha! not forgetting kir (a.k.a. shakir kuwakuwakuwa LOL!)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

the existing of none

ahh... what a tiring day. third day of practical. ask me where please? my former workplace, LOL.

it's kinda warming that i knew the people there already. the worst part? my boss expected too much. t'was different when i worked there, with nothing to lose. now doin practical, under so much pressure.

first, what is Linux??? i have to start from point none. and the guy who supervised me, Hami was such an arrogant idiot. he thinks he knows it all, and refused to share his knowledge. wait till i get back at him, hehe. *wicked grin* then it's time to think about Apache. uh? *weeps*

had to seek help from fellow friends who's familiar with Linux-based applications. thanx apisz. lenkali blanje bowling. =)

read shad's blog. oi, with nothing to do in the office, Hami's gone MC (macam dia punya company je sesuke ati cuti), i checked any http that crossed my mind including poring effortlessly on haha. truly after these years, i started to see the other side of her. it's threatening but i'm ok with that coz she's shown her true colors. well, people need space to show their other self. i do understand that coz i do need THAT space. =)

went to buy some soap at hang tuah plaza. my aunt recommended the soap after she heard my sibling commented on my recently 'over-tanned' face, LOL. she didn't state any particular brand but those kind of soap that were sold at jamu shops. eine = jamu? ugh, save me! and there i stood in horror as the soap's brand was a brand which had a bad reputation among my friends. i asked the salesgirl and she recommended the same brand too. ah well, if it hurts, i'll stop.

btw, zain is damn HOT! i mean it. saw him n the rest of ruffedge guys last saturday in klcc adjoining with the sepang f1 promotion tour. his gf is damnedest lucky. with dimples in both cheeks and that infectious smile, i'd beg! haha. but then, he's hot, cute n stuff but he's not that photo-friendly. i'd rather see him alive n stripped, ngahaha! *uhum* in baju melayu i mean. i am inzainly crushed. i couldn't take my eyes off him. and that eyes *drools*. the best part? of course his goatee. my rob bourdon finally materialized in the form of mohd kamarulzaman zain lalalala. bother zura didn't tell me they'd performed. in fact i could've throw a negative or two for azan.

is there anyone who knows whether zain smokes or not? his lips are luscious but not as inviting like the effect of smoking.

hmm, actually that wasn't the thing i wanna write. just thought of khaleel when i saw the crescent moon on the ride back home. he liked to gaze at the moon. but he's weird these days. i don't know if i liked him anymore. whether this was just crush, infatuation or... true love?? haha. it won't be the latter. he reminded me much of the 3 years pain. but i hadn't feel the way i feel with him. entah. maybe because i was facing the challenge from my own classmate. yeah, my classmate was hopelessly in love with him. i don't know what to do. to give up? or to fight? stuck. and i miss kyle more......

p/s : i like azan's hair. where did he rebond his hair? or was it just the effect of a branded shampoo? LOL.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

startin of a new... blog?

lookin for the right blog on the web. argh, got so many options but i need something simple and no advanced programming needed. ngaaa, i settled on blogger at last LOL. so i need to continue work now. this fast connection's driving me howling hehe.