Thursday, May 11, 2006

welcome home, me.

a month of worldly deeds and shit. a month of torture and pain. till i was exhausted with wondering, where will this take me to?

first, there was this final examination. the first i took being at home all the time, studying. the first i took without taking leave from werk (which i was so deeply depressed with).

second, i messed up with a friend, which was a response to his mess with his ex. sorry, this relationship took too much of me and will take too much of you to handle me after all of this.

stupid girl: you are what i never achieved from him. never consider me as a barrier between you two unless you decided to hurt him again, idiot.

third, i treated others vain. maybe lack of socializing with the high and mighty (cheh!). at home i only socialize with a 4-year-old kid, talk to the other end party through my pc, and love only my bed. it's getting me that i didn't talk as much. withdrawn more like it. i was applying the when you don't have anything nice to say, just shut up.

i decided to learn a language after being poisoned by jobstreet. to which a deficit to the poor me. wish me luck.

about the cute kid who is a year older than mr navy and looked much like him, i did something about it, so you shouldn't worry about sappy entries anymore unless i decide it's sappy.

for aN, khaleel, kak liza, kak nuzul, kak leia and kak rina,

a glorious 4 years experience. finished here doesn't mean the friendship does too. thank you for the differences you guys caused in my life. and err... if there's any kad merah printing out soon, message me for my immediate address ok?

i am now working full-time. period.