Sunday, September 18, 2005

strapped tight

sometimes, you feel like giving up everything for the sake of the one you loved. even if it's gonna hurt. even if it tore your heart away. even to sacrifice your happiness.

i know i haven't been a good one to you. i know i don't do the things she does that made you happy. i know i am there not to help you out. you know what? i don't belong there. and i'm not sure if i really am anything to you.

i am not sure i feel ok. i laugh a lot. i smile a lot. at work. i am the don't-mess-with-me-or-else girl in class.

btw, i've been messaging one of my guy classmates. he's a nice guy who claims he's a sweet-talker, which isn't haha. and he talks good english. his name's efy and he reminds me of the nerdy version of khaleel. or khaleel is the hip version of efy, take your pick. both of em are themselves. :D

both zuras and anees been talking me out of finding another guy as in's gone. well, guys. we'll see when he gets back in november.

oh, i got assignments to do. so, see you guys in a month... or more.