Sunday, May 30, 2010

I heart public transp0rt...

...when there are less pe0ple in it.

...when it's on time.

...when there is a LADIES COACH! Whee!

Kudos to ktm for pi0neering the ladies only c0ach. They even marked the space to wait for the c0ach, where it is with a pink sign. In s0me stati0ns, the pillars are even painted PINK! Definite c0olness!

So ladies, make sure that you look for the LADIES Coach whenever you board ktm komuter.

I loiikee!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

well-said caption. lol!

i was practically complaining of my friend's down-time behaviour that's ticking me off.

me: what's wrong with you? sikit-sikit nak emo. a few weeks back, emo tak sudah, annoying gile. bleurgh!

him: do you think only girls have emotions? lelaki pun datang haid jugak, oke?

me: what the...???

i don't have any words after that because i was rolling on the floor, crying gallons of laughing my heart out.

guys, haven't you heard of the word P.M.S.? *rofl!*

Thursday, May 13, 2010

pagi yang tak berapa cerah

everytime i come in, there's always something that made my heart stopped and made my blood boil. i was in the midst of the morning chaos, of the usual craziness when he called:

him: you busy?

me: pretty much not so. what's up?

him: listen to this.

and there was this familiar tune playing, which i couldn't quite recall.

i was more amused with the fact that he's calling me, making me listen to the tune he's strumming with his guitar when i was only thinking of i'm going to have a bad day. and i felt definitely better.

i typed this on my fb : when i felt my day was going down so early in the morning, you picked the guitar and played me a song. thanks. even if it's u.s. national anthem. :P

yea, it was u.s. national anthem i later found out. tell me how not to appreciate this guy with all his flaws and weaknesses, when all he did was being considerate and thoughtful?

thanks. you're one in a million. :P

i still..

on a not so typical morning;

me: i dah lame tak bicker dgn u

him: i miss you too.

me: uuuu. you dah mellow

him: :)

okeh. still sayang dia ni. sampai bila2. =)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

bile kepala dah tak betul

apologies to any of you who didn't manage to comment here. i stupidly changed a few settings. no wonder, nobody commented :P

this happened 2 months ago:

i was telling 2 guy friends about this guy i like, excitedly:

me: you know he told me this and that... blablabla.

both of them: *stoned*

me: blablablabla... so, what do you think?

guy 1: oh ok. *silence for a moment* bile nak bawak jumpe kitorang?

me: *tersedak*

guy 2: ROFL!

motif? hahahahaha!

i like you. i like you a lot. at least for another 3 months. bwahahahaha!