Saturday, January 31, 2009

happy birthday to january babies!

* to my little naughty peachcake, you annoy the hell out of me, you provoke me till i wanna scream hard at you, you taunt me with those crazy antics but i still adore you so. we all love you, peachcake. happy 7th birthday on the 21st, izzul! *pst, don't tell him i call him peachcake. he'll bat me to death, so unmacho he said.

* my best wuman, zack on the 28th. be happy, joyful, murah rezeki. may God bless you always. *mwahx*

* the closest person i've ever had to a bro, on the 29th he turned 25. you turned sappy, mellow and sounded more like a woman these days. you whine, OMG! i guess i'm the macho one now, bwahahaha!!! no matter what, i owe you this much. may you have all the happiness you hope for, may the path lies true. whatever you do, keep in mind that someone do care apart from the one at your side. be happy, ya.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The kid who...

Reads jamie c0nfidential. Tell me, d0es he look like an aspiring chef? Huhaha!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

takdir Allah

aku memang tak percaya tang mimpi2 ni. sebab aku tido tak basuh kaki selalu mimpi aku merepek2. pastu aku tak ingat pun ape yang aku mimpi bile aku bangun tido.

tapi hari tu, aku tersedar je tido, terus aku tak senang duduk. rasa gementar yang teramat dan juga rasa sedih. orang cakap kalo kita kuat rasa perasaan bila baru bangun tido, betul la mimpi tu.

sampaikan terbawa-bawa aku jadi takut nak telefon, takut mimpi tu betul.

petang selasa haritu time aku siap-siap nak balik kl, member aku call beritahu, rakan sekelas aku dah dipanggil menghadap-Nya. terduduk aku sekejap.

Alfatihah buat Mohd Khairul Amin bin Aris. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat atas rohnya.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My baby is back!

Yes, my darling baby vic is back, better than ever!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

when the pros become unherded sheep

i live considerably far from the place i work, and i depend heavily on the public transportation system to and fro.

to rely heavily on the unreliable system is a nightmare since it's not punctual and it tends to disappoint you, many many many times. but choices are what i've been denied of these days, so i'll do the calculations, you do the judgment.

i go out from the house at 0620. the bus will either come at 0630 or 0640, depending on the driver. the mess comes when:

- i go out 5 minutes later

the consequence:

* i'll miss the 0630 bus
* i'll have to take the 0700 bus

the problem is that the 0700 bus is damn packed, sometimes the driver won't even stop for me.

- if i miss the 0700 bus

the consequences:

* i'll be damn late for work

- if the driver for 0630 trip is late


* the ones who should take the 0700 trip will cram the bus
* i have to stand in the bus without rooms for my feet

- if the 0630 bus is late or i take the 0700 bus


* i won't get a seat in the train and i have to stand all the way
* i will have to line up in a LOOOOOONG queue waiting for the train and still won't get a seat
* i will be late for work

the reasons why i don't mind going out earlier than i should are:

* i'll get in a seat in the bus
* i'll get a seat in the train
* when i get a seat, i can sleep in the train, hahaha!

i hate it if the bus is late coz then i'll have to queue for the train and during this period, i can see the human's selfishness, hence the title. no matter how high-ranked you are, you change for the sake of getting a good spot. some even resort to pushing and jumping queues, all proper manners and professionalism gone down to the drain.

the other day, the 0630 bus was late and didn't stop for me, and i had to go with the 0700 bus which was also late. i got to the station at 0730 and i had to queue LOOOONG. when my turn came, i was pushed right onto the yellow line, i thought the train and me were just a breath away. so, i waited for the next train on the yellow line without the chance to back down since there were a LOT of people behind me ready for pushing.

alas, when the train came, there were a lot of pushing and shouting too. the main problem is that: the station is the last stop and the people from the previous stop took advantage (cheated anyway) by infesting boarding the train earlier so that they can grab a seat. it's totally unfair, but sometimes the train that comes stops its operations and all aboard must alight and they'll have to queue like everyone else.

that is why i don't mind going early if that means, comfortable journey as i get a seat. fair enough.

Friday, January 16, 2009

the things i'm positively sure about

1. i love food till death do us part. period.

2. i am a sworn shoe-whore, i'm going to beat imelda marcos soon enough.

3. i sure as hell going to bankruptcy with the rate i'm going of shop-til-you-drop of too many nice books. in this case, drop is more like running out of money to splurge on the, again books.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

when i get depressed

i always think that depression will never get me, not until the very end of it, not like what fyp did to me though (fyp was like my own devil summoned from my own personal hell to haunt me for the rest of my student years *shudders*).

but it was very easy to get depressed these days. maybe the lack of socializing and talking made me a sour and irritable bitch thus leading to depressing moments. i just realized, money doesn't buy you friends in need (cheh, gile pathetic nye ayat!).

i get depressed when i have nothing to do at work. i get depressed when i'm in a crowd which consists of working professionals that become like unherded sheep when it comes to public transports. i get depressed with almost everything these days. irritable bitch that i've become made it almost impossible not to be on the edge.

i like the opportunities that existed around me, but i don't like the price i have to pay to grab them. it means so much yet nothing.

her: how are you doing?

me: i'm ok, but not in a very good health.

her: aih, you need someone to take care of you. you know what i mean right?

me: hahaha. why? you have some cute ahbeng to introduce to me?

her: what la you, your taste and mine so different le.

me: so? as long as he's tall and with money, i'm fine with that. *wicked*

her: huh! you and your perfect ideals. =P

babe, i missed your talkative and pretty face that will set my wrong day to right when i see it. really, i miss you.

What i'm thinkin rite n0w

Yep, no d0ubt abt it, especially d bott0m one. :-*

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

when everything wrong can't go more wrong

you wake up 5 minutes later than you should. it is when you need to do everything: iron the clothes, fill your water tumbler, find your socks. the result: you go and wait for the bus 10 minutes later than you should.

you know you already missed the trip that you normally take. you wait for another. the trip that comes, full to the brim and doesn't even stop at you. you take a different trip to another route, you feel relieved.

but your relief turned into horror, when you got stuck in a jam. you wasted 1 hour. you alight at the wrong stop and realize you have to walk far to the train. after sweating through the shirt you painfully ironed, you arrive at the station and board the train.

you arrive at the station and hail a cab. you get to the office.

the damage:

* RM 5 wasted
* 45 minutes on the clock
* bad day

i still have to count my blessings as today is the 10th of Muharram. any orphans to pat?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

i don't have any excuse

.... for not writing. for writing. for both of them. the days had been tiring. and somehow i just couldn't find my ways around words anymore. blame it on the lack of enthusiasm.

these days i found myself indulging more and more into books while commuting as i forced myself to read than spending it with watching the k-dramas (kapel who can't get enough of each other yeech!). by reading, my imaginations had been running wilder than ever and it exhausts me because imaginations demand a high price: sensible afterthoughts.

after all these years, picturing the ideals was the most obvious mistake. but i'm obliged to say that i learnt a lot. so much that i felt no remorse. there's no point in regret, there are a lot of lessons to ponder.

why settle for second best when you have other possiblities lined up?