Saturday, March 27, 2010


For the w0nderful w0man whose favourite s0ng is g4ga's bad r0mance.

Thank y0u for being the reas0n we're here.

Happy birthday m0m. Glad y0u liked the red velv3t cake.

We love y0u!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When loneliness calls

Its exactly 2 weeks i didnt have the urge to write. I have s0 many things to write ab0ut, but i lacked the strength.

When in the middle of n0where, with strangers ar0und, it felt w0nderful when i looked up and see you, looking at me. Waiting for me to disc0ver that y0u're there. Thanks friend, for making me happy.

The pic is the infam0us ayam golek pantai dlm. Sape nk g mkn bwk aku. Hehe.

Nak blik. Jumpe mak. Bai.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

stupidity is an infectious disease

stupidity 1:

one stupid woman pulled the toilet-roll long enough to make a mummy out of herself; just to wipe her not-so-wet hands; when i used only 2 perforated sections for my dripping wet hands. i was shaking my head at the number of innocent trees that were pulled down just because of one show of stupid woman's stupidity.

stupidity 2:

i was patiently waiting for gift wrapping services when a stupid woman cut the queue. waited for her turn to wrap her stupid gift which was one of the small h0t-wheels car. how stupid can someone get, dim enough to buy a cheap car (it was 6.90 tops), dim enough to buy a stupid wrapper and very STUPID to ask for assistance to wrap the car. like a kid cares of how the car was wrapped, it's a car, any little boy would be thrilled. if you're sooo stupid, try learning how to wrap a toy-car, you stupid moron.

i won't be this pissed if she didn't cut the queue just to wrap a little toy-car. fcuk you woman, learn your manners.

stupidity 3:

backstabbers are stupid. they think they won't get caught doing the backstabbing. the problem is, they always do. so, next time stupid woman, try minding your own business, before you meddle with mine. when you do, you're making me dig up the past. which is nasty. which will turn everyone against you. when you're just trying to save your own ass. fcuk you! and i mean it more this time!

lack of sleep + other people's stupidity = a hell of a day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorry isn't the right w0rd

I think i'm feeling s0rry. But as the title suggests, it might n0t be the right w0rd.

I've left this place to fend for itself when i am to0 exhausted to even having an eye open, let alone write w0rds that'll inspire and n0t s0me gibberish that even i have pr0blems to understand in the future.

At times like these, i wish i have the right w0rds that c0nvey my feelings, w0rds that carry the message acr0ss, with0ut revealing to0 much and still being subtle.

In order to achieve this, writing with a clear head, n0t influenced by anything is the m0st imp0rtant. Exaggerating is all part of the drama.

So baby, happy 5th anniversary. Let's t0ast to the m0re writeful years to c0me. Much love *mwahx*

P/s: isn't the pic, a breathtaker? Wonderful p0stcard. Lovin' it! *yawns* g0in back to sleep y'all.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tak selalu

What a saturday. It was pr0bably the zanest one i had in a long time.

I was practically mall-h0pping. Fr0m one end to an0ther. Fr0m car to bus to m0n0rail to lrt.

First st0p, digit4l mall in sec14 acc0mpanying a fren and lo0kin at my baby. I'm c0untin d0wn the days, baby.

Next, midvall3y. 2 find a b0ok. Bought it and c0uldn't find what my sis wanted.

So, we decided 2 go lowy4t. But we didn't, since we end up in times sq. She f0und what she was lo0kin 4.

And i had the sh0ck of my life when he wanted 2 meet me.

Him: janganla marah.

Me: ......

Him: kelakar pun ada, takut pun ada.

Me: ......

I ended up meeting him, for the briefest time after a long time away. In klcc.

He's still him. Those eyes and that gaze. The one i came to kn0w and remember. Th0ugh i ch0se to forget and i forg0t that i ch0se to f0rget, thanks 4 seeing me.

Thats my mallh0pping idea. Bai.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Amazing weekend

That was what i b0ught for all the m0ney we shared for mahadir's wedding.

Melaka was sc0rching h0t. I wish i c0uld be j.lo at h0me, lol!

Her h0use is c0zy. I ad0re it. If only her hubby is n0t there. Hehe.

Jb was fun. Went to eat my fave kacang ph0ol and sot0. Though i was p0orer, it was w0rth it (since s0meone else is driving tehehe)

The gro0m had a nasty pimple on his n0se, yea of all the days. But he was so happy the brilliance outsh0ne the pesky pimple. Congratz dude.

Near or far, being with people wh0 matters are the ultimate balm to a s0re heart.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010



Hardships may turn y0u cold. But keep y0ur heart open and warm, for the love that may t0uch y0u. At least, n0w for nat.


Thanks. Yea, i c0uldn't pass a day with0ut t0uching her.


Touch her. And play undisclos3d desir3s.

Geez. Are we a bunch of retards, making an object s0unds like a real girl? At least i think i'm the retard0. Hehe.