Monday, June 29, 2009


Breakfast: cream-style c0rn

Lunch: ny0nya curry laksa with iced latte

Dinner: kerispykreme glazed ch0c cake

Supper: kerispykreme original glazed, curry in puff, chicken danish

It was as ridiculous as my close guy fren calling me dude which shud be sh0rt of dudette, d femme versi0n.

Also, bumping into my childh0od sch0olmate wh0m i hadnt meet 4 d past 10years n looking like a t0tal slob in fr0nt of her n her ahbeng bf.

Yea, definitely d pic too, a perfect example of me being ridiculous!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

buku lima muka buku

argument 1:

him: nape ko takde phasebook?

me: (stifling laugh) nape?

him: ye la, nape ko tak wat satu?

me: (trying so hard to maintain a straight face) cube cakap satu sebab kenape aku kene buat satu?

him: kan kite leh connect with old friends, cari balik kawan-kawan lama. kan bagus tu?

me: the ones i care about are just a phone call away or seen on a regular basis. so why should i be on phasebook if i already have those who matter near?

him: uh, well, it's weird when you don't have one.

me: (failed to control and laugh out loud) hahaha!

him: ha! you do have it right? i thought so!

me: technically yes, and i only have 9 friends of which all are family members. i don't intend to expand my network in the near future.

him: (speechless and smirks)

argument 2:

her: you do have phasebook right? let me add you?

me: err.. why would you want to add me?

her: well, it's normal for people to add people in phasebook, duh! we can share pics.

me: that's not good enough. tell me something else.

her: (rolls her eyes) obviously you're my bestfriend it will be darn awkward if my bestfriend is not in my list of friends.

me: oh yea, that's damn correct! but i'm still not letting you add me (sticks tongue out)

her: ugh, fine. you will not hear the last of this.

argument 3:

receptionist(her) : oh sorry, i was laughing at the quiz i took in this phasebook. do you have one?

me: (politely) no, i don't.

her: why not? everyone's in it. you should too!

me: nah, i just don't like the concept.

her: you see, me and my bunch of old friends have this gatherings and we took lots of pics and... (ranted on and on and on about this phasebook crap)

me: (impatiently) ah well, it's just that the concept of sharing stuffs freaked me out since not all of the friends on your list are the ones you're very close with. i'm just private.

her: oh well, you're missing out on one of the coolest thing ever!

to that receptionist:

like heck i would care. like i would give a damn. i like my privacy a lot and i intend to keep it that way, not to have some weirdos silent-stalking me though i know i'm not worthy of a silent-stalk but better be safe than sorry right? i may not be today, but who knows i might marry an0ther phasebook-like billionaire and be an instant celeb? yeaaaa, dream on babe!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yea, d name of d fast car d local c0pper utilized, displayed @trium. N also d syn0nym of d m0vie we watched in between p0pc0rn stuffing n laughing my on-the-edge-of-d-seat ass.

Him: aku rase ko gelak paling kuat. Plot Cite lemah.

I was caught offguard with d cynic remark. But i didn't blow up my c0ver everytime i disguised myself on the phone only to be terkantoi with my infamous laugh.

i laughed. out. loud. i found things to be funny when everyone else thinks not.

i guessed that's why i'm seldom sick, i have laughter as the best medicine.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Him: d tix witchu?

Her: yea, u're g0nna pick me up rite?

Him: uh, n0t t0o sure.

Her: ow, i dun mind takin d bus, just that u kn0w buses take ages... (Menacingly)

Him: ugh, d0n't do that. Nanti i nangis guling2 kat sane if u d0n't make it on time.

Her: hahaha! Now wh0's talking?

P/s: d ab0ve b0ok's title d0esn't reflect its c0ntents. Don't judge a b0ok by its c0ver, definitely!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

them + us = happiness

yea, them having fun with the bows and arrows. i would've liked to try but i was reminded by the fact that i sucked big time in sports. hahaha!

the fant4stic four had a rockin' time yesterday. forcing them to try new kind of food, of which they failed miserably to match my 'tolak batu and kayu' tag. i mean, i'm not having much choice during the weekdays, it's very important to have fun with the food during the weekends. yea, should've gone to laksash4ck instead.

then the donat session tepi longkang was kinda cool too. blame me, but watching the trains go by and the cars zoomed along and arguing why the donat was diabetically sweet were things i found endearing.

ughh! i'm becoming sappy coz i liked their company.

p/s: gazillion thanks for rocking up my boring weekend. we'll do that again soon i guess, on sundays right??? hahaha!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hari jumaat

Been av0ided all day. Hmm, but made up with the sh0rt walk after h0urs. What is there n0t to love?

Bumped int0 ken of cruisers and g0t the pic. Total g0odies w0rth:

C4dbury ch0cs: 30
h0t magz: 5.90
lister1ne mouthwash: 3.90
rev1ve 7upp: 1.50
domin0's vouchers

so, around rm40 freebies. i got the ch0cs after i made a complete fool of myself. dang!

i am very happy today. i just wished that i did say something that would definitely put a stop to this whatever and maybe made me even happier.

looking forward to a great weekend. i missed my weekends.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friends in need

I declare the ab0ve as the symbol of friendship and t0getherness. Coz i was there with 2 pe0ple wh0se opini0n matters.

And t0night, the c0mf0rt and solace of miserableness yesterday, what else - scrumpilici0us h0memade nasi kerabu and the cr0wd of 3, wh0se c0mpany i'd trade my beauty sleep with anytime. And y0u can imagine h0w i treasure my beauty sleep.

Yea, g0od friends are definitely a treasure indeed!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Les miserables

Whenever i feel miserable, i seek c0mf0rt with d ab0ve pic.

And i'm never m0re miserable than n0w.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Me: it sh0uld w0rk since it's already reachin d p0int where blabla...

Him: (pleads softly) i'm already tired, please d0n't c0nfuse me.

Me: (gawk and stare) err... Sorry.

Him: why isn't the m0use w0rking? You tryin to c0nfuse me again? (While smiling the delici0us smile)

Me: no! Sorry (m0re gawking and staring and an alm0st visible dr0ol)

It alm0st felt like we're on a flirting dare. Yea, like the <del>walking s3x-b0mb</del> dashing gentleman w0uld even remember my name outside the turf.

p/s i like the hair in d pic. Yet to disc0ver the colour term.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Habuan dari surga!

Ye, d0nat kerispykreme yg datang di kala aku kelaparan.

Yang ini adalah yg ke-2. Nampak sgt aku x segan. Haha, barang baik dan cap pangkah memang SEDAP!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

State of n0thingness

Pic ab0ve sucked c0z with 2x zo0m, i cudnt f0cus on d lady's fat fingers ad0rned with at least 1 ring on each. Every single one finger. With r0cks, kerawang2, u name it, she g0t it. On b0th hands mind u. I was t0tally gr0ssed out, eeew!

Less is definitely m0re.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

feelings and physical unfitness


i am technically liking someone i can't possibly have. not even in my wildest dream. yea, i guess that is what i'm into these days, infatuated with the impossible.


since i've been putting lack of effort into my eating habits which leads to eating disorder catching up flu and physically drained. i guess my immune system plummeted and having a hard time to catch up with the happily partying inhabiting bacilus and virus.


i reached midveli at 11 in the morning. yea, in record time. i wanted to beat the crowds since i was going to buy some stuffs that can't be bought and brought on the bus during the weekdays.

it took a lot of effort since i'm not used to the sun these days. yes people, i'm puteri lilin by nature. afternoon sun makes me dizzy and sick.

went to the flea market too, but i couldn't stand the weird smells. after finishing the tid-bits shopping, arriving at the lrt only to find out that i forgot the detergent! never mind, i still have to use the food coupon.


i'm going crazy at werk! woooohooooo!!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

happiness + sadness = sadly happy?

me: i need to have that, coz it couldn't function properly if blablabla

encik lemon: ok. i'll send the tech over.

me: coz if i don't, blablabla.

encik lemon: ok. just tell him what you need.

me: it's ok for me to have two?

encik lemon: ok. he'll provide whatever you need.

me: (gasped) thank you.

encik lemon: no problem.

the day after,

encik lemon: i want to see that by noon.

me: will try.

encik lemon: don't give me that will try. i thought you're supposed to work faster with two. oh, you don't have it yet.

me: only one at a time.

encik lemon: so, i take it that you have till noon to generate it?

me: (draws breath) you will see it by noon.

encik lemon: that's good. (and he smiled that killer smile)

after he left,

her: he really expected you to do that?

me: see.

her: phew, spell it out, baby.

me: yea, i know when he easily said ok, it's not free.

i liked the fact that he reasoned with me. why he must have it on time and why i must do it in the way he wants it. and he follows up. and then he forgets everything he said just yesterday.

then, i know she's leaving. i was just getting to know you. now, you're leaving? i'm going to miss your quirk, how you bounced and i'll miss your tech-talks. it's not easy to find girls here who talks tech like you. i'm saddened by the thought of you leaving. haih!~~

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


- a second-hand book that i paid more for the shipping charges than the cost of the book itself. my first ever millsnboon wakakaka! it brought nostalgic memories of the first time i read it.

i kinda think that this was where my ideals of the other-half came from. tall, dark and handsome. haha! a girl's gotta have what a girl's gotta have, though my imaginations were pretty vivid.

from jaime knevett to mister darcy when i moved on to aust3n. yes people, i worship my book heroes. each and every one of them with a specific quality and demeanour that i adore. reed t4ylor, h'ring something in the hears-good novel, and a few others.

ah, romance novels will make a girl walk on cloud nine, but back in the harsh reality, the damsel in distress will still have to save her own ass, coz really, knight in shining armours does not exist.

note to self: i'm crushed!

buat encik blog

kepada encik blog,

maafkan saya kerana telah mengabaikan anda dalam jangka masa seminggu ini.

saya tidak akan memberi alasan saya sibuk kerana alasan itu telah lapuk dan banyak kali digunakan.

mungkin saya telah kekeringan idea dan buntu untuk menulis.

mungkin juga saya lebih suka untuk menyimpan peristiwa yang telah berlaku dari menceritakannya kepada encik blog.

saya leka dengan yang sangat dekat di hati.

saya terburu-buru dengan kehendak encik lemon yang semakin galak menunjukkan kesadisannya.

saya jadi bodoh bila encik lemon ketawakan kepanikan saya yang tidak dapat melakukan kerja seperti kemahuan encik lemon yang tahape2.

ya, encik blog. saya tujukan lagu benc1nta kepada encik lemon. saya benci encik lemon, tapi saya cintakan kuasa encik lemon untuk menaikkan gaji saya.

terima kasih encik blog. budi baik encik blog akan saya kenang sampai server blogger mampus.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

cite yoda

him : ko rase aku patut ke buat benda tu?

me: takpe la, pegi je try. tak salah pun.

him: hisy, yoda kata "do or do not. there is no try"

me: yoda tu bongok. ko nak try pun, ko kene do. kalo ko tak do, maknanye ko do not dan ko tak try. haha!

him: kate cakap terbalik, memangle takleh nak caye.

teringat kat orang yang selalu kene ajuk sebagai yoda. sori ler ai tak dapat datang. selamat bertunang, weh!

Monday, June 01, 2009

1+1 = 6

no place like home.

no place like hometown.

nobody like family.

nothing is as good as hometown goodies.

i heart my 6-pax.