Wednesday, June 14, 2006

weight entry

i may have stated that i don't give a damn about how much i weighed in previous entries. as much as i don't care, i don't want to be obese or anorexic for that matter.

it was then, i realized that i do care about how much i weigh. whether ideal (which was getting pretty easy to reach these days compared to the underweight days hahaha!) or a wee bit underweight.

long-time-no-see friends said i was thinner, in what way did they see it i wonder. and everyday-see friends been calling me names like full moon, apam bulat, bujur telur, you get the picture of the 'fuller'-faced me.

being an avid eater with no obvious results showing, friends been hammering me for diet plans. here are some of my past experiences keeping note that i'm a high-metabolism person.

- eat only once a day. dinner at 7 specifically mcd's spicy fried chicken and iced lemon tea. allow yourself to indulge in sundaes with strawberry and chocolate topping 2-3 times a week.

possiblity success rate: 5kgs loss in 2 weeks and jakun tengok nasi being a malay raised with rice.

- almost veggie meal. no meat, only veggies.

possibility success rate : none, but a calmer you spiritually and possibly anaemic too.

- punctuality. morning breakfast of kuih atau roti. lunch at 1, healthy ensemble of rice, white/red meat and veggies. tea of pau kacang merah. dinner at 8, the same healthy lunch ensemble.

possiblity success rate : 5kgs gain in 2 weeks and a busted waistline haha!

- exam mode. your life depend on the high-sugar content snacks and caffein to keep you going for the books till you forget to eat a decent meal.

possiblity success rate : a few kgs loss and terrible nightmare to sleep as the aftermath of the excess caffein.

... and a lot of others. i cared about how much i weigh, but i keep on eating as if nothing really bother me. didn't do much, like i'd care. maybe i did shed some kilos, and i'd be happily munching on some kitkats as i wrote this.

what i do care is, the most important thing is the insides. it's the way you feel confident about yourself, how you carry yourself around and took great pride in it is essential to feel good and trust me, it shows rather than being stick-thin and still scared sick of gaining a gram.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

month of celebration

y! status: available as in 'Available'
thinking of: why i wouldn't update for the past one month

apologies. you will be busy with whatever you wish to be busy with, so i've chosen life as in LIFE to be busy with. so with life, doing what i always does best, well, pretty much good at it: sleep and werk.

mom's been complaining of not seeing me on daily basis. i work the night shift so the time she's at home is the time i work vice versa. you get the picture.

i made up with my friend. it was then i realized that through the painful months, i didn't need to explain anything. best-friends accept things the way they are. though i feel sorry, we did think about what went wrong. there was nothing except people around us. they couldn't believe that we'd die for each other if we have to but remained as close-friends. we are platonic and we'd be like this for as long as it takes coz we are each other's other half though we will end up marrying someone else and not each other.

The long list of birthdays & anniversary chronologically

Shad's 22nd : may 9th
my sister Anees' 19th : may 27th
my darling Zura's 22nd : may 28th
my pet bro Am's : may 29th
Yazid's 23rd : june 2nd
Papai's 24th : june 6th
my uncle Ismail's turning of life : june 6th
Fazik's 21st : june 8th

celebrating my second consecutive year working at the big M, yesterday. a mess of everything where i started my night life. love the place and the people particularly.

happy birthday, fazik. don't let the others put you down about us. they don't know, so don't let them poison you. my wish for you is that i'd die before you so i won't cry broken-hearted for you hahaha.