Thursday, March 29, 2007

tense. period.

workload piled up.

getting so busy.

addicted to tv (i wonder where did my youth wasted?)

my supervisor is going to visit next tuesday. need to prepare presentation, have to finish the codings, the reports.

double argh!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

about the job

about the job

in one article i read:

it's not unhealthy to not like your job. you don't really have to like your job. as long as the pay is damn 6-figures you do it right.

well, it's the other way round for yours truly. i like my job and i enjoy doing it right. EVEN when the pay is only fit for a slave dog. err, that's what some of my so-educated-on-human-rights friends thought. that my employer(s) underpaid their slaves workers.

the fact is, an extra hundred though some may deem small, it goes a long way here especially for a big spender student like me. i mean, who would buang give away a hundred bucks to you without anything in return if you don't consider your parents la kan. hehe.

the station that is assigned to me sometimes is the drive-thru order-taker. i lived my first year working this station. it was pretty boring actually and you don't get to talk or socialize as you'll be alone at the back of the store. the only time to chat was with the customers as you've got all their attention and they, yours. it definitely rocks when you actually chat to a total stranger about akademi fantasia right? especially when you find out that they watch it for the same reason your mother did. hahaha!

it is nice as you get to talk to the customers and cuci mata or mintak no telefon get to know them the way you won't be able to outside. it's really touch-n-go, man. some of them return, some of them might be the first and their last. yet, with a brush of fate, in less than a minute we exchange words that may change our lives. how you really don't judge them by their cars, be it real glam and fancy or even buruk bertompok-tompok.

this is where the rich meet the middle-class. where everyone is treated in the same friendly manner. the VIPs of special treatment here are only kids, pregnant mothers and the elderlies. all, queuing patiently with one same goal. speedy and food and service.

what more to say? i'm lovin' it!

Monday, March 26, 2007

mating season

i got to cuci mata see the birds, do the thang. not just a pair. a lot of tutup mata scenes. i guess, it's the season.

it's a pair of feathery birds, oke. and no, i didn't stare and scrutinize the way they did it.

happy birthday, mak!
love you.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

an attempted joke

me : i am sorry, sir. you still have to wait for your apple pies. can you please wait over there?(while pointing at a drive-thru waiting spot)

pak arab
: you will send them to me?

me : yes, i will.

pak arab : by bluetooth or sms?

me : (stunned for a few seconds at the attempted joke) errr... infrared

his friends apologized later as he was heavily stoned; quoting something about him using weed. i will still laugh when i thought about that stoned pak arab.

Monday, March 19, 2007

oh mirror..

Loves to chat. Loves those who love them. Loves to takes things at the centre. Great in bed. Inner and physical beauty. Doesn't pretend. Gets angry often. A meaningful love life partner. Treats friends importantly. Brave and fearless. Always making friends. It is all about love and fairness. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Horny but does fullfill. Opinionated. Does not care to control emotions.
Knows what to do to have fun. Unpredictable. Someone to have close to you.Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them all.

*lol* so true especially the bold ones. wahahahah!!! oh, taken from GurlFriday's. =)

Friday, March 16, 2007

gile pendek summary review: 300 & mukhsin

  • 300

we started the marathon with this movie. the original intention was that we could get back early since mukhsin would only take about 95minutes while this movie is almost a good 120 minutes. turned out to be a wise choice.

i was intrigued to see this movie since i saw the trailer in the cinema before ghostrider was screened. you know, those cine-ads. i am not a movie buff nor a critique, so this review is gonna be plain & simple.

leonidas was born a king. a tough spartan, too. he was raised to be a fighter; all spartan men are his restlessness defies his racing, tactful mind. when he kicked the berlagak persian messenger into the death hole, he ignited war and anger on xerxes' side. the king himself knew the war would be between sparta against the world.

so, he picked 300 strong spartan men who would fight till the last beat of the heart, the ones who had sons to bear their names even after the menggerutu monsters and the oracle (whom were bribed by the enemy and a traitor) forbade him to go to war for the sake of apa jadah majlis tah. oh, spartan kings went for blessings from the oracle before they went to war.

when his advisor, theron and the council queried his decision to go to war with the 300 men, leonidas coolly said,

"oh, i'm just taking a walk. those are my 300 bodyguards."

well, who would imagine a victory of 300 men against the world, logically speaking kan? unless it's the battle of badar. so, they fought to death after another traitor spilled the bean on the weakness of the hot gates. but their deaths inspired the whole of greece to unite in the line of democracy, fighting xerxes.

the thing about this movie was the way leonidas planned every attack, how every single unit is responsible to protect the whole team, especially the ones on his right and left from the neck to the knee. but then, that's why leonidas is king, not just another comrades. it is interesting to see spartan's coming of age test (called a-go-go agoge), how leonidas lured a big wolf to the corner of his hiding and killed it when it was stuck at the small corner and came home to his people unharmed.

300 is with a lot of effects that look minimal, be it sound (nice soundtacks) or visual and it is 18PL mind you. definite no-no for kids and those who couldn't stand the horror of beheadings and sight of bloods.

queen gorgos, wife of leonidas delivered these;

only spartan women gave birth to real men.

go, my love. you will do what a free man will do for his freedom. be continued.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

another post for today

this is my latest addiction. STEREOGRAMS! this one (no prize in guessing) i like is a big heart.

- taken from image of the week -

i still have to use the complete idiot beginner's way of starting from the nose till the eyes get juling twisted visions.

i still remember the day when i was a kid, i was the laughing stock of the family coz i couldn't figure out the 3D picture beneath the repeated patterns. now, kacang aje.

i'm ready with my popcorn. *whee*

catching up

i spent yesterday and half of today's work with doing practically.... nothing. the programmer needs a break, and with a break she did all these:

friendster-hopping : ok, it's been some time since i last did this. browsed around through some wonderful, awfully loud, insanely wacky or just plain crazy profiles. interesting. i did come across a few ex-schoolmates; one already in overseas, one being the man who wears his undies outside superman freak, a bunch somewhere around the globe.

did stupid quizzes : yesterday was the dating style and today:

What Type of Lover Are You?

Take this quiz!

bleurgh! i am bored dead.

i may not have the best start of a day today. a friend already had his car loaded up and he couldn't get my orders back with him. well, since my orders were ridiculous, i laughed at myself since he was driving a Cil for KECIL hahahah! even if he had a bigger car, i doubted he would tolerate my orders like he did the last time. it's okay dude. next time, it would be my turn and i'd be well overboard with it, mind you. :P

i saw a bad accident involving a trailer, a Cil (again!) and a bike this morning on the way to work. trailer swerved by the roadside in the drain, the Cil in the middle of the road with the bike stuck on its front and the Cil's condition? way beyond recognition, you get the picture. i saw a woman shudder and she almost cried at the look of the horrific scene. me? after witnessing 2 Cil's fought over whose lane is it anyway yesterday and ended up shouting whose fault is it anyway when one of them hit the other causing an ugly ketuk workshop bill, my verdict was: Cils are so fragile.

i will be on my movie marathon later today. for 300 and mukhsin. YEAY!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

my kind of dating style

Your Dating Style:
Casual Dating

You are all about taking things as they come, you may just date someone once or it could turn into a life long thing. You just enjoy the mystery of it all.

'What is your dating style?' at

i rest my case.

Monday, March 12, 2007

the career

yea. i may sound darkly boring (apart from shoving tampons sniffing my leaking nose), but with the eerie silence in the penitentiary (read: the office), what activity is legally possible than sleep while pretending to work stare at the square box? besides, 4pm is considered the most unproductive time of the day. bless me.

it just struck me that the ones i've shared some parts of my life with, have already gone towards different directions. no matter whether our childhood ambitions were doctors, lawyers or even teachers, we are definitely moving on to prove our worth.

what i am going relate will be based solely on my experience. insightful encounters that made me smile everytime.

doctors - they are a bunch of weirdos with a crazy sense of humour. they just can't find the decent side of anything without making a joke out of it. and doctors are able to make dirty jokes and still look innocent without having to pull that angelical halos off their heads. i'll just have to remind them that the no-joke-allowed period will be the time i drink, or prepare for the spurt of the century from yours truly.

teachers - one word: proper. well, since their job is about presenting (read: teaching) where students will be the kutuk scrutinizing end, they'd have to be perfect and composed. err, almost. at least, they should be presentable. as they're very the proper one, they also got the certain level of properness (which i failed to comply miserably). the proper thang made me uneasy but teachers are nice to watch and their ability to command with a glare is definitely one of a kind.

engineers - engineers are a loud bunch, the ones who'd turn a place upside down. they may look like geeks, but their pranks are beyond the nerdy looks. the prank-puller, the party-popper, the ..... list goes on. engineers just rock!

not because i'll be one someday that i wrote a nice one on engineers. they were my observations of my friends and their peers. maybe i'll write more on other careers later.

on the other note, i strongly think that whatever you do, whether in a high-flying international co or even a small cramped office in a suburb, it is vital to enjoy the work. when there's satisfaction, you'll be content and strive towards bigger goals. there's no point fighting for the job that you loathed just for the sake of its 6-figure salary.

siapa kasim selamat? doktor, loyer, majistret? apa? ahli muzik?
- nyonya mansoor in ibu mertuaku

in this famous quote from p. ramlee's drama of social caste; the rich should only marry into their equally rich counterparts. it is a message that the jobs mentioned are the qualities mothers look in potential husbands for their daughters : to provide security, comfort and is financially stable (read: lots of money). i mean would any mother let her offspring she so lovingly bore and bred die of hunger by letting her marry some unknown guy with no stable job and no money?

i'm talking nonsense. about doctors and engineers and suddenly, nyonya mansoor? i blame this on the medication and the unproductive environment. *jumps around* nak balik! nak balik!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

that distant feeling...

emo these days. i don't get to have my chocolatey therapy; the fact that i'm sick (yeah, i made a big fuss over my deteriorating health, i don't get bedridden that often); all of the other yadas added up to miserable me.

the .show and .hide are making me throw up. the classes aren't tolerating without the correct coding to the datagrid. tell me if i am just stupid slow or not learning anything at all? i'm using the designer for the reports, but will it be possible to have two tables in one report through one environment? if you can make any sense out of these, consider getting in touch with me.

after cameron, i seriously need a get-away after this mental abuse intern period ended.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

when it can't hold anymore

i collapsed. due to the fatigue from my hectic schedule. be it work, social, work again and lack of sleep.

i've been having the painful sensation, throbbing my head like crazy. the thought-out solution: well, just shoot me in the head.

the truth is, i don't even have time for myself. my hours are numbered and planned with a lot of things to do. it is a lucky day if i can get back home before 12, in the morning. it is even luckier if i'd be able to sleep before 2. i'm driving my body haywire.

it gets harder to write nowadays. it wasn't a frequent affair that i sat staring at the blank page and blinking cursor a year ago. i'd be flowing with ideas. today, it took me exactly 2 hours to complete this stupid short entry.

i'm done feeling sorry. in fact, i don't. so don't expect me to beg and plead apologize. live with that. this is what i am. be it or fuck off leave.

i'm off, nursing my throbbing head.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

of cars and (mis)fortunes

dear baby,

hope i haven't been causing you too much trouble. since you got back, you've been hospitalized too many a time. and everytime he yanked or treated you roughly, just bear with me. he may not be the best, but i like what he did to you and the way he did his job.

you don't know how much i missed you since we last parted. how i longed and longed for you, longed for the day we'll be able to meet again everytime i see the ones like you. we've been through a lot, together. you may not be in the pink of health, but i'm proud that i still can count on you, to be there through the scorching sun or the cold wind and rain.

i know you're sorry for the times you let me down. but giving your age and health condition, i'm contented that you're still here, with me. i'm more than happy, baby. at times when i can't be with you, don't fret or regret. i cared for you too much to hurt you.

i'm just worried about the bills. soon, i may not able to afford it. that i will have to let you go. until the fateful day comes, we'll both enjoy the day as it is.


your cute owner

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

chocolatey therapy

sometimes when i'm depressed or need to get that stupid thought out of my mind, i'd resort to the bliss and comfort of bed when i'm home. because sleep always work wonders even if i end waking up groggy and puffy-eyed. or i'll just laze and golek-golek on the bed with a book. *ahh, heaven*

if all else fails, i will happily indulge into anything that is edible and would do less damage to my poor tummy. even when it's nasi at 2 in the morning right before neverland, i'll still bon appetit! it rather explains my late night sessions; eating. i do watch my weight because the first signs of that extra baggage will make its presence known with a fuller moon-faced me and painful effort to fit into my fave jeans. but i'd still eat whatever i want, whenever i like. period.

oh, back to the topic. recently, i've taken a craze on chocolate. not that i'm not crazy about them before this, but it has reached a new height. especially when i found out that it has soothing effect on me. the heavenly taste of chocolate melting in your mouth and all you can murmur is MINE, MINE and MINE! and i've become stingy with the chocolates. sorry, i don't share them. go buy your own =p

this mornin i grab gardenia's quick bites with double chocolate. not bad at all. well, it still can't compare to choc indulgence, i can give a go at the cake over and over again. *ngeh*

so, the next time i have a jam or got stuck, you'll definitely find me nyorok-nyorok with mocha nescafe and anything with chocolate in it.

bon appetit chocolat!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

when all that matters is.... sleep

it's hard to begin. but it's even harder to stop once it started. coz i don't do summaries. everything to me must be described in detail down to the last bone. it's in my nature to korek everything out.

but due to the nature of this blog, i am sometimes prone to exaggerate things more than the ways things actually are. the writer in me i guess.

i've had a sober night. this morning was sober too. it was a tough decision to make, but i ruled it out not once, but twice, without even a blink. the curse made its presence and grip known.

it was a new record for the playa

believe me, i'm not even proud of it. especially when it involved people i cared about. the reason? i'm not in a fit state of mind. so, leave it at that. the way i'll always be comfortable with.

i'm dealing with my depression and i don't need strings of events to add more to my already fully-occupied hands. i'm asking time for myself before i can share it with others.

i'm done, summarizing.