Monday, May 31, 2004

pissed. off.

pc aku rosak. dedua skali plak tu. yang fedora nye memang lembab, tuka machine tak bleh detect graphic card plak. win ME tetiba wat hal. CMOS tak nak tuka boot device, lagi bodo.

mana aku nak taip final report aku wargh! streamyx kat tasik utama tak cukup port. woi, tambah port cepatla, aku nak online cepat ni. nak update blog pun tak bleh. dah dedua pc aku rosak, chist! ni aku kat ofis, amik boot-cd ME. skaligus online.

chow. so kalo lame tak update, pc aku rosak lagi la tu. adoi.

Friday, May 28, 2004

like an office-boy.

Don't know who to trust
No surprise
Everyone feels so far away from me
Heavy thoughts sift through dust
And the lies

From the Inside - Linkin Park

*huffs* just got back from :

1 - went to the academic office, taking 5 MUET forms for me, awei, adrian, sha and her bf. and filling their names.
2 - photocopying hami's certificates to 3 copies each. and i had to figure out which one is which. argh! got meself a copy of STARZ! - the lil brother of Gempak, Utopia and HYPE!
3 - my house, sorting hami's certs and piling them in the correct order. the fan blew hard and the papers flew everywhere. argh!
4 - ayer keroh's police station to certify the copies of the certs. the inspector even grumbled about the thickness of the certs he had to signs. think it was an inch thick. he messed the cert's order, argh!

---- found out hami didn't sign the application form ---

5- back to the office to get his signature and writing the address on the envelope

--- he signed the form and i typed the address and printed it on paper, cut it and glued it to the envelope. wrote the positon he applied for. we had to do it discreetly because he didn't want the boss to know he's applying for another job. i glued the envelope but forgot the certs. stole another 3 envelopes. brought scissors and glue and a pen. out of the office and went to a dark corner. ripped the envelopes open and transfer to new ones. cut the address and glue to the new envelopes. had to rearrange the messed-up certs and insert to the envelopes. wrote the applied positions and sealed the envelope. case closed! went to musolla for prayers. ---

6 - out from the building to yayasan melaka to send the envelope. jam because workers wanted to get back to the office. argh!
7 - park my bike in front of magnum :Þ opposite graha maju. hmmm.
8 - walked to yayasan melaka building , two blocks away. argh!
9 - the officer there said it should be sent to kl instead. ARGH!

--- hami called. suh beli wayar aerial. die nak tengok tv kat opis. and courier the envelopes using poslaju. ARGH! ---

10 - went to bukit baru's post office, the nearest one.
11 - i had to write the address 6 times! 3 on the envelopes, another 3 on the 3 poslaju forms and another 3 of hami's add! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! kalo alamat pendek2 takpe, ni panjang giler. almost cram my fingers as it was nearing 4pm, i had to rush. balik ni memang claim giler-giler la banyak. aku tak kire!
12 - eating time! plan to drop by beside petronas' stall, but it was closed? had to change to a mamak's restaurant. nasib baik mee rebus dia sedap. *kenyang*
13 - balik opis

i don't know why i did those things. tapi puasla aku maki hami baru aku buat. penat oooo.

and streamyx driving me mad. here in tasik utama habis port? bodoh betul. cepatle masukkan port. aku nak kene bayar sewa telefon lagi, chist!

TODAY LAST PRACTICAL DAY, YEAHOOOO! but it won't be my last visit to the office coz torrents' files like csi, gilmore girls, naruto and *ehem* full metal alchemist in french are here and i need to clear them out before the new staffs enrollment. :Þ

Happy 20th Birthday to Zura! dah tua dah akak. hahahaha! and also a belated one to my sister, Anis. She turned a sweet 17 girl yesterday. lupe nak masukkan dalam entry smalam walaupun aku call dia berkali-kali tak angkat. nasib engko le, birthday ko, aku pow duit ko ganti present bestday aku tak dapat-dapat hahaha!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

i don't wanna...

Her bones will ache
Her mouth will shake
And as the passion dies
Her magic heart will break
She needs to heal
She needs to feel
Something more than tender
Everything wrong
Gonna be alright
Come September
Her eyes surrender
her cry a crying shame
Coming undone is she ever gonna
feel the same
She will run
She's gonna drink the sun
Shining just for you
Instead of everyone

Natalie Imbruglia - Come September

2 days ago, after maghrib i was calling idda up, telling her about MUET's stuff. and my cell rang indicating a private number. well, obviously only two people would bother me with their private numbers, either anand likely or, not so likely, joe. i apologized to idda and said i'll call her back later.

turned out my instinct was right. it was joe. he didn't speak to my first few hellos. and,

me : tak nak cakap ke? hello?
him : nervous
me : nak nervous kenapa pulak?
him : nervous la
me : ye la, nervous kenapa, bukannye i nak makan orang pun
him : you asyik cakap hello je, i diam la
me : you should say hello back, duh!
him : well, hello

and the conversation continues. he said he was sorry. he stayed silent all of this while because he was confused. and,

him : kalau you nak marah i, marah la. you ada hak nak marah i. i tak kisah you nak maki i, nak tengking i ke. up to you. and i'm sorry
me : you're long forgiven, joe. malas dah i nak marah. dah puas dah dulu marah, maki you semua. penat

and he roared into laughter hearing my remark. ah well, i've learnt not to keep grudges. though apparently he knew he was wrong but he didn't know what. he's still the same guy of 7 months ago. and my feelings were indescribable when i first heard him ; angry, sad, happy, missing, love, ashamed; everything.

but i wasn't hoping for a get-together. like omar put it into words, i'm just not his type. but i'm happy he called. at least i know, all this while he still had my number like i did for his too.


yesterday was like a in-and-out-of-the-office so many times. went out to enquire if tasik utama had streamyx ports or not at the upper floor's tmnet branch. i used abang yus' house phone but they couldn't track it. possibly i copied the number that sha gave me wrongly. then, out to kedai telekom at kotamas to register the phone line. and that was 11.30am. the sour-faced officer said that if not by the evening or tomorrow that the phone will be installed. and i took evening for around 4 somethings.

i reached office and ieja asked me to pickup nana, my routine if the boss couldn't make it. out to fetch nana. back in the office, boss came to me and asked for a fillet-o-fish? out to mc'd then. and i never bothered to go inside if i wanted to take away coz taman buaya's mc'd had a drive through. yela walaupun sume keta, aku pakai moto je, peduli apa hahaha! bukannya datang nak merompak. and in the middle of ordering through the window, my cell rang and indicated a local number.

the telekom contractor was ready to install the phone and it was only 1pm! rushed back to the office without having my helmet taken off. put the paperbag and off to my house. watched them doing their job and one of them even cared enough to tell me that his son from poli applied here in kutkm. and i was so nice to tell him that he should try to appeal for a placing, hahaha. kutkm's been lenient with appeals as they needed students to stuff the already crowded small place. :P the contractor said that the line would be ready by 3pm. and i paid a hefty 30 bucks for that. hadoi.

balik-balik ofis memang melepek laa. hami asyik komplen aku lembab buat keje, padahal nak angkat jari pun dah tak larat. sebabnya aku puasa lagi. hahaha. malam sebelum tu, last aku makan mi, tu pun separuh je sbab izzul kemain beriya-iya makan skali dengan aku. kesian plak, aku bagi dia makan sama atan. time-time aku ganti puasa ni la, bos kasi staf makan free. tension betul aku. dahle smalam kafe bawah nun menu nasi ayam yang sedap. rugi betul.

and last night, i slept at the other practical girls' house. felt freaky to sleep at my house after i found out the back-door is a plain door without grill plak tu. and there's been cases of break-ins these days. yela walaupun rumah aku tu ada king's bed dengan sebijik phone je, takde bende nak dirompak pun, habis aku ni? aku rasa selagi tak pasang gril, memang le tobat!

p/s: one of the e-perolehan seminar's participant looked very much like kay. (oit kay, miss you lah, beb!). and i watched black sash series starring russel wong last night. his character's daughter, claire looked like errr, haneem? hehehe.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

emo lagi

I've run from these feelings for so long
Telling my heart I didn't mean it
Pretending that I was better off alone
But I know that it's just a lie
So afraid of taking a chance again
So afraid of what I'd feel inside

But I need to be next to you
I need to share every breath with you
I need to know I can see you smiling each morning
Look into your eyes each night
For the rest of my life

Right here with you is right where I belong
I'd lose my mind if I could see you
Without you there is nothing in this life
That would make life worth living for
I can't bear the thought of you not there
I can't fight what I feel anymore

I need to have your heart next to mine
For all times
Hold you for all my life
I need to be next to you

Leigh Nash - Need to be Next to You

kering perigi duka
larut dibawa kemarau panjang
hilangnya diisi
tuba lara
ibarat pedih luka
dicurah garam kebencian
sembab mataku
menelan ego
memendam rasa
tiada siapa yang tahu.........

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

do you wine? i am so long
and there's nothing in this world
i can do
until you're back here, baby
miss you
want you
need you so
you are the one
and i can't let you go...

bbmak - back here

say, you haven't met this friend of yours for quite some time and one day, you came across him at a petrol station. he smiled at you and waved cheerfully. you stood frozen, and barely breathing. you couldn't help ignoring him coz you didn't want it to be that obvious that you're speechless. and your breathing only came to normal when he's out of sight. and you didn't even say hi. what's going on? jawapannya selepas ini, haha

baru je bukak puasa. dah 2 hari aku berbuka dengan roti sapu mayonis. okla tu, takdela tak buka apa-apa. ape lagi, pose ganti la. aku belum rajin lagi nak wat pose isnin khamis tu, hehe. nak wat camne, kerjaya tak mengizinkan aku bermanja dengan mak aku mintak masak buka best-best. cheh. tinggal 3 hari je lagi. pastu aku nak menceburi bidang lain plak. menjadi penganggur berjaya. :P

tadi, kuar waktu lunch, walaupun aku tak makan, hami suruh belikan panadol. pening kata dia. muka pun semacam je aku tengok. ingat nak gi public jap. nak telefon member aku, bos ada kat ofis, kalo tak, selamat dah phone ofis tu aku gayutkan. so, sampai-sampai dekat public balai polis ayer keroh tu, aku pun dok raba dalam bakul motor aku carik purse. alamak! takde! mampus! aku mati-mati ingat aku dah bawak. patah balik le gamaknya. on the way balik ofis dah chuak gile, mana le tau tercicir pastu orang lain dah amik. woo woo, duit ada bape sen aje, yang penting ic dengan kad bank tu sume. pastu selamattt ada kat ofis, kat sebelah pc aku. fuhh! merasa le buat kerja bodoh, patah balik ofis. cheh. sib baik bukan kat kedai makan. mana mau letak muka, beb?

lepas gi public tu, aku balik umah aku jap. saje jenguk rumah. walaupun takde sape-sape. tetiba aku dapat idea bernas, pasni apa pun jadi, aku kene pakai streamyx. banyak mende aku leh buat. besok lah gi register line phone. tu pun kalo streamyx dah available kat tasik utama yang ketinggalan zaman ni.

anis balik minggu ni. cuti sekolah. ahad gi parit raja. kak liza anak pak bajuri kahwin. adoi, bile la plak turn aku yek? haha.

aku dua tiga menjak ni emosional je manjang. sket-sket rebeh. sket-sket rebeh. ntah le. kalo korang la, orang yang paling korang sayang tak share bende yang paling menggembirakan dia dengan korang tapi share dengan orang yang takde kaitan pun, apa korang rase? lebih-lebih lagi, korang tau bila terjumpa bende yang menggembirakan tu sendiri. pastu celebrate dengan orang yang takde kaitan tu? apa korang rase? aku? ntah le.

last-last aku gi makan mc'd sorang-sorang membawa diri. tapi tak best gak sebab aku tengah sedih pastu makan big mac tu tak rase apa. bosan gile. rugi je dah le beli large. vanilla coke dengan fries tu aku sumbat je telan macam pasir. huhuhuhuhu.

aku balik kampung hari ahad hari tu. jumpa ayait dengan cik wiwa. jumpe jumpe je, cik wiwa trus cakap pipi aku naik. waaaargh! sama cam lysa cakap. makin montel le aku ni. hehe. takpela. takde sape nak bising. mak aku lagi suke aku sihat. kurus sangat dia slalu komplen, hahaha.

i would like to thank a friend. i owe you so much. thanks for being there for me. you know who you are.

p/s : the situation happened when i met khaleel yesterday. i still have a crush on him. *disaster!* he's someone else's bf, huhuhu.

Monday, May 24, 2004

question marks know that i can say
i love you
in any give time or place...
westlife - flying without wings change who i used to be
the reason to start over new
and the reason is
hoobastank - the reason

marah, cemburu
ku telan semuanya
walau sakit
walau pahit
walau perit
kerana hanya air mata
setia tertumpah
peneman kala

Saturday, May 22, 2004

fedora core 2.6

hami already burned my *sobs* precious coloured verbatim cds with fedora. kalo satu tiga posen takpe la. anytime nak sepuluh pun no hal. ni yang aku pow mak aku hari tu siap dengan casing lg ~waaa~. empat empat skali burn. huhu. he downloaded it 2 days ago and said his hdd is already full, so he want to get rid of the files by burning them onto cds. cheh padahal nak install kat server satu lg. anyways, it was good coz i can see the installing process and i already can install fedora on my pc back home :P

guess who did i meet yesterday? my primary days best friend, navin! and of all the places, i met him here in the incubator building. he called my name first, well you know how i am when walking. didn't really look around, too busy thinking to myself. took a moment to register his face. though he didn't change at all!

turned out he was having a fight with the guard. he complained about the rudeness of the guard despite him being a first-timer there. ala, guard sini memang kerek gile. bukan setakat gile aje. nak mampus punye kerek. macam bulding ni die punye je, nak menyombong. even prof ishak the director of the building didn't really menyombong tak tentu pasal. he even demanded that navin apologize to him. bodoh punya orang and this was just because navin wrongly parked his bike behind the building when it should be parked in the allocated place. and the guard yelled to him about that. hmmm, i guess any newcomer wouldn't see the signboard of "motor parking" at the entrance.

any friends of mine especially reunited ones would ask me about boyfriends? huh? am i that big a flirter? and navin didn't believe my answer when i said i'm single. we spent the next few minutes arguing about my status.

him : did you say you didn't have a boyfriend just because you're not married to him?
me : no, i said there's no one to be called a boyfriend. no, i don't have a boyfriend.
him : come on la, you do have a boyfriend right?
me : you're assuming my no for a yes. a no is a no.
him : you can tell me la. your secret is safe with me.
me : ok ok, i'm a big flirter but seriously i'm single at the moment. i don't have a boyfriend now.
him : man, you're 20 and you're single.
me : what's the prob? i'm still young and no point in generating a relationship and get married seven years after that. i want to see the world. (hahahaha)

and the argument only stopped when i accused him that he's changed. and the argument started again, this time about my statement.

him : how do you find me changed?
me : i don't know. kinda feel it (though i was only accusing him of stopping being a flirter. he used to, back in high skool. :p)
him : let's get this straight. we didn't see each other for so long and now you're telling me i'm changed? how?
me : well, maybe in mature ways. we're grown ups now, and well, in a charming way.
him : huh? charming? you know, my mother had been laughing and kutuking till this moment about my attitude. i haven't changed, ain. i'm still the jack of the class.

i do admit that, he's still the joker, he's still talkative, my best friend that i knew since primary and last saw him when he came to my house enquiring about peka kimia in early 2001. and he blamed me for not contacting him.

him : why you didn't contact me all this while? don't say i didn't contact you. your house phone is still blablabla right?
me : (speechless and just nodded)
him : see? i did contact you. you were staying somewhere here right? no wonder.

he had to leave coz his friend already arrived. and he even had the time to complain when i asked for his number.

him : after all we talked, now only you want to ask for my number. oi, do you even remember my name?
me : yes of course! (getting pissed at his remark) hahahaha.
him : hey, keep in touch, ok?

and i was touched. it's the time of reunite for me. after two years going separate ways. i guess, i see who's who in my life. thanks, friend. for making me realize.

Friday, May 21, 2004

double entry, boleh?

...if i could and i would
i'd go wherever you will go...
wherever you will go - the calling

petang-petang camni emo la plak. just wandering around ayer keroh heights, feeding myself fat with curry mee. maarop took my order. i think he's been doing part-time there. well, as long as he didn't mess with me, that's fine. i saw his girlfriend so i guess, i'm safe from his chase hahaha.

and the place was invaded with hungry troops of men, ready to go back to work after friday prayers. and guess what? i'm the only girl there with the exception of makcik and anak makcik and makcik's helper, happily savouring on my lunch as staffs from kutkm passed by. and the sooooo handsome and kerek encik sahran said hi to me? i just smiled at his remark of seeing me in kutkm and then in ayer keroh heights.

me : boringla asyik makan sana aje(my reply of bored to eat at kutkm's mamak restaurant. ala dieorang pun tau bosan hari-hari melantak benda sama, macamla aku tak leh buat. cheh )
him : fuh, memang rempit betul

and i laughed at the rempit part. and they were wearing baju melayu sepasang. oh, as today is friday it was a normal sight.

and somehow, khaleel passed by, being a passenger of yusri's infamous red honda cup. he didn't see me of course as i was busy indulging in my food, though i was facing the road. i saw how small he looked (he IS small!) on that bike behind yusri. truly, he's not the kind of guy i'd fall head over heels with, i mean he's not my type of tall, muscular (though he's square of being a basketball freak). *sighs* that's the problem of being a tall girl nowadays though i'm pretty much average height. but i've known him as what he is first not as how he looked . and he is my type. i tell you, english spoken guys made me weak on the knees. :P enough about him la. these days entries had his name on them. izyan would be jealous. hahaha.

turned out there was a function of the rector's resigning (now parliamentary secretary) at mitc. no wonder all male staffs are wearing baju melayu.

went to my house at tasik utama. my ex passed by with his scoot (too many scoots nowadays. pening) sending faiz i think. the girls and i are going to be neighbours (implement the 40 houses as neighbours) with the guys of our class. we'll be on the same jalan tu.oi, it was not a coincidence as syah wanted to be near with bada. and we booked our house first, mind you.

and my ex passed the house four times. what the heck? i don't fancy seeing him. pissed me that day with a humour message (he thought) but offended me. and his attempts to be friends back. the miss-calls, the messages. hate them all. apa nak buat dengan ex yang tak paham bahasa ni ye?

and i remembered joe while i was browsing through my inbox yang penuh sebab sayang semua mesej. *breathes deeply* he taught me much and i don't hate him. it was short, but worthwhile. joe yang *uhum* "cute" *lmao*

p/s : my mom was feverish. it was the season. and i fit the title bulimic queen after this. it's hard to digest food without getting the urge to throw up. *sobs*

a loooooong malay entry.

this morning was disastrous. i went out from the house at 8.40 uih memang dah lambat giler!. the weather was fine in jasin. i couldn't speed because the fuel was running out and i was damn lazy to drop by the petronas and it was getting late.

nak keluar simpang bemban, aku sikit lagi nak eksiden dengan van kot rasenye? bagus gak. mati hari jumaat. cheh, amal tak cukup, keje kumpul dosa kering je. haha

masuk simpang ulu duyong the wind blew strange and hard and dirts flew by. bergegar jugakle motor buruk aku, terhuyung-hayang. and the sky. it was very VERY cloudy and i mean CLOUDY. memang cari pasal. memang basah le aku kejap lagi ni. argh! baju hujan aku dekat kereta mak. chist. memang dah tawakal gile. janganle hujan.

and then, i saw the clouds took a strange form. sebijik cam kat dalam national geographic tuh. nak jadi tornado lak. aku dah seram-seram jugak. ye la memang le kat malaysia takde mende tu, tapi aku betul-betul lalu bawah awan tu. dah le awan gile hitam pekat semacam. sampai simpang bukit katil dah gerimis. rilek je la sebab ofis dah tak jauh lagi dah. kalau basah pun, tak sampai tahap lencun la.

entah kenape, traffic light depan kolej aku tu kemain baik hari ni, dah hijau. tau aku tak nak basah kot. tengah aku pecut nak kejar counter yang tinggal belas-belas saat tu, kete depan aku emergency brake pulak sebab counter dah kuning. aku nasib baik skali lg dpt elak eksiden. kalo tak elak memang sah-sah aku masuk paper besok. memang berkat baca doa nak pegi berjalan, ajaran mak aku. aku ikut yang sempoi je. kalo amalan yang betul, aku dah sampai ofis pun tak abis lagi terkumat-kamit hehe.

dah lambat ni, memang malas sangat aku nak tunggu lagi 120 saat lagi. aku redah gak walau dah merah tapi lalu tepi la pastu potong masuk balai polis ayer keroh, pastu masuk bomba. dan seperti biasa, jangkaan aku memang betul. hujan le selebat-lebatnya sepanjang-panjang lebuh ayer keroh nun, kawasan taman tasik utama, mitc memang kering kontang. tu yang aku slalu tension. kat sini memang lambat. hujan pun segan-segan (dibaca sangat lambat) nak turun kat sini. haha.

keje aku pagi-pagi sejak dua tiga hari ni, check torrent nye progress, pastu carik torrent baru. bace blog kekawan aku. minggu depan minggu last praktikal. memang takde keje sangat skang ni. sangap gile. ada takde aku kaco hami dengan khalid buat kerja. dieorg memang dah isytihar perang dengan aku sebab minggu depan last aku kat sini. kekonon nak wat life aku miserable la sepanjang last moment aku kat sini. terasa jugak tapi, biarla. dieorang takde, keje sini memang bosan. aku tak ngam sangat dengan budak praktikal lain walaupun kitorang satu kolej. aku mane leh masuk dengan budak-budak skema sangat. jadi bahan buli bolehla. haha.

malam tadi balik rumah dengan perasaan cuak. mak aku dah sound giler pakai sms pasal tak balik malam sebelumnya. on the way tu aku rangka le memacam alasan nak kelentong tapi tau last-last aku wat pe? agak-agak mak aku bukak mulut bising ke, aku diam aje la. paling tidak aku cakaple bateri phone aku habis (yang ni memang betul. aku nak explain je, trus kaput. tension). malam jumaat weh, takkan nak menipu kat mak sendiri plak tu. memang dapat title anak tenggang betul la. cuma aku tak kahwin dengan anak raja aje. hahaha.

patutle mak aku bising. bapak aku dah bising kat die, aku bawak motor pastu balik memalam. kalau jadi apa-apa, memang sadis sebab aku dah 2 bulan sangap kredit wargh! dahle jalan sunyi takde rumah orang. pastu bapak aku suh drive kete. ni duit pegi balik ofis bawak kete, dah boleh 5 kali tuang minyak moto aku. satu kali isi minyak moto bersamaan dengan 2 trip pegi dan satu trip balik. bayangkan bape banyak trip aku leh wat dgn duit minyak kereta? hahaha.

tengok cite push nevada malam tadi. aku dah suke plak tengok cite ni sejak minggu lepas aku tertengok waktu cite dah separuh. memang lain dari yang lain la. cite pasal ejen IRS, jim prufrock pegi kat push, nevada untuk locate duit yang hilang. executive producer die ben affleck dengan matt damon. memang best. tapi aku surf carik info pasal cite ni, ada satu season je? potong stim betulla. dengar cite, dihentikan sbab clash waktu siaran dengan csi ngan will and grace. dah le satu season tu ade 8 siri je. chist. cite ni memang complicated tapi ok la. menghilangkan kebosanan malam jumaat.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

a drive through.

went out with apisz last night. i thought he forgot about our outing. :P but we didn't manage to watch van helsing, though. last screening was at 9.15 but we arrived at 9.30. anyways, we went for dinner sampaila kfc tu tutup. i think we spent barely 45 mins there.

he was no more different than the last time i saw him. lagi banyak cakap ada laa. well, maybe the fact that there were just the two of us. and went out with this guy made me feel queer. why?

one : he's a very soft-spoken guy. you know what happens with my hearing trouble. hahahaha.
two : as he's a soft-spoken guy, which is very different from what i am, loud and gelak tak ingat dunia punya!
three : apisz sangatla comel and i wished i am zura at that time hahahaha. you know, that kind of feeling keluar dengan my brother or something. even my bro is bigger. :P

anyways, he drove me around malacca town. through banda kaba, jonker walk, jalan bunga raya, hang tuah mall, and even a round of the newly opened malacca sentral.

but right in front of equatorial, a traffic police strode right beside the car with a motion of fastening the seatbelt. fuhh! nasib baik tak kena saman.

by the way, this guy was quite a speed-freak. but then, you know guys, their hands seemed to be glued to the steering, smooth and easy. nice to see you, apisz. looking forward to our next meet. haha!

i changed the layout, by sandstarz. and by the way, i know i've told you this before, but i love torrents, now that we're married. bahahaah!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

i love torrents

i'm using torrent macam orang gila! downloading kalau boleh semua sekali. there's scrubs, futurama, csi, simpsons.... the list neverends. now i'm downloading :

- gilmore girls season 4, series 20 and 21
- csi season 4, series 22
- ragnarok animation series 1
- modesty blaise a 33 adventures

and the seeds just kept coming. making me feel i REALLY need streamyx next semester yeargh! but i'm broke, until next ptptn. even then, there's digicam, text-books, RAM and etc etc. it won't be that hard i guess if the phone line is already registered. damn! and the fact that next semester is going to be a busy semester. how am i going to torrent then? NOT with dialup! even with office's broadband, it is still slow, i can't imagine the horror to torrent using dialup. *shivers*

last night, after the frustration of failing fedora's download, one of the less common ringtones of my phone rang. yes, it was khaleel. and later last night, one not so typical message of "just wanna tell you that i'm back in malacca already". believe me, kak an would be screaming mad if she knew about this. he already had a girlfriend but giving out hopes like that she'd say, hahaha! well, he said he's here on unfinished business. oh like syam, maybe? whatever lah, khaleel. you're nice to be friends with and i guess that's it. yes, no?

i'm sleepy today. and i'll be out in a few minutes, watch van helsing and a late lunch *groans*. i hope apisz didn't forget about this outing like he did with that lunch outing that day. :P and i'm gonna sleep for the first time in the house, hehe. no van helsing, eh? too scary. haha.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

fedora, suse's dumped me!

i'm all excited about fedora core 2's final release. i don't have any slightest idea why. been trying to use bitTorrent to download it but to no avail. what's the difference of getting it today and tomorrow anyway, when it will be available through mirrors? i guess it was that phenomenal thingy.

i don't know, these past few days i've been trying mandrake but hadn't succeed in installing it. adoi. then on to suse but only live evaluation cd was available which i hated because i don't have broadband at home where i want to install it on mom's pc. i swapped the pc with mine. and omar blamed me for being a distro flirt (yeah i am very much, thank you!) and recommended fedora. that's why now, i'm waiting to download it. my latest craze. i think i already adapted hami's craze of collecting distro's iso files. but he's been an avid redhat user. bukannya dia buat pape pun dengan fail tu. saje nyemak hdd die dgn 1 gb ram tu dengan broadband ofis yg sgtla stable. jeles betul. chist!

and i'm having headaches of which distro to settle down with. everybody had different opinions. but i guess i'm taking the dive trying everything though it wastes my time. i'm learning, i'm learning. switching distros really get to me. i'm enjoying every bit of this, really.

and by the way, as i typed this, apisz recommended knoppix and another day and 3 hours more the download will finish. so lembab lah linuxiso, so i switched to malaysian mirror, another hour will finish the download.

went to my house this afternoon, to scrub the lubricant oil off the tiles. and i fixed the fuse box, yeay! last minute baru reti nak pasang cheh! makin kotor pulak lantai porch tu aku tengok hahaha.

i want to see van helsing. anyone interested to keep me company?

Monday, May 17, 2004

i don't know..

but i'm happy today. the lecturer, mr ho was very pleasant and nice. he's also cute too. and i like the way he talked. just imagine how nervous i was before he came. and i answered his questions accordingly. but of course, i didn't tell that much. lazy to elaborate though the boss wasn't here this morning.

and guess what? khalid was my supervisor for the session, coz hami wasn't back yet. haha! funny. and he got himself a tie-pin for what he kelentong-ed. haha. well, kutkm spent much money on publicity than for our lab-equipments, chey!

talked to azwan this afternoon. he was very much in the mood of blues these days. oi, find yourself a companion lah! a girl who understands, feels and very much in touch with you. or should i say that we have a bet? who secured a partner first will be treated by the loser, hmm? sounds interesting, but never mind lah. i adore my single life, though it sucks sometimes. :p

emo post.

i dedicate this message to kyle:

after i finally get to you, i don't think i know you anymore. i decided this is it. the day i finally have to let you go. the day when the obsession is going to be over. though the pain won't.

we shared the same qualities. but i guess it's not enough. and i'm not trying to make myself fit in the picture of girl of your dreams. coz i hope you'll like me one day for what i am. for being myself, and loving me as me. but, it's not wrong in hoping right? coz hopes build dreams. but i know now, i'm out.

this is stupid, for letting that small a thing affect us but i don't think i can feel the same, ever. coz i'm .. numb. i don't feel anything, kyle. just sadness and pain.

i gave up. i couldn't live in dreams. and definitely life is cruel, which has given me warning signs, kyle. that i'm goin nowhere with this silent obsession. that we're drifting apart. does it have to be me everytime? i don't know, kyle. you tell me.

goodbye kyle. i'm tired.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

the big fight

i had a BIG fight with zura on saturday night. yea, about the rent.

i called awei up to ask her about the rental stuff. and her answer was like pouring gasoline over an already flaming fire. well, i'm not mad at her. mad at those idiots. after confirming with awei, some facts about the rentals, i called zura up. and the fight began!

i was slow at first, being my old self, but as she asked me the purpose of calling, i tend to explain and in the end i was shouting at the same time. her reply? cold, so cold i felt it creep the way to my heart, leaving a freaking emptiness there. and guess what? it's farrah again!

its's farrah that made us fight. it's her that made me and zura yell at each other. it was her that caused the trouble and it was her who worsened the already sour situation between me and her.

well, the fight ended with me sobbing and zura slowed down. it just hurts to hear her tone speaking to me like that. the cold tone was from someone i am close with these past one year. and tell me what haven't we been through? ok, that fight was the first since we got close. and it loosened the tight knot for the past few days.

and this fight revealed a few things. it was my fault actually, that i didn't actually show the agreement to them. what am i supposed to do then? they were back in kl. two, i thought farrah would understand that i sent the mail-to-sms thing to zura, sha and bada as they are using maxis and she'd been using digi. i didn't send the sms to awei coz she's using celcom and i planned to tell her on my own but it was a big mistake coz i kinda forgot to tell awei earlier and farrah got the wrong picture. and for God's sake, she was with zura and of course i already planned that zura should be sharing the info with her. and the message was tricky? hello? that was plain malay, ladies. not some sophos.

third, the landlord wrongly read the agreement. and wrongly transferred the information to farrah's mom who wasn't supposed to be involved in the picture at all. and that gave me a bad name and zura, a severe headache.

and practically, zura wasn't mad with me. she was pressured with farrah antics and ego. and that farrah and i were so egoistic, to have let her be our punching bag. ok zura, sorry. you know i couldn't bear to hurt you (cheh! macam cakap dekat bf plak!), i promise that this thing would end but i won't promise that things would be the same again with me and farrah ok?

i was right about the deposit. hey, i did the agreement remember? but i was wrong not to give them a clear picture. i already straightened the misunderstanding between us with the landlord.

i guessed saturday wasn't that good a day for me. i ended throwing up before driving back to muar. i think i'm banned from satay from now on.

it's durian season back in muar. but it was very hot, i tell you. this time, the durians were kecik-kecik ones. rase cam tak puas makan pulak bila kenang balik ni. minggu ni balik lagi laa. hehe

i went to my now rented house in tasik utama just now. got the keys already. i messed with the circuit box huwargh! so, no electricity, no trying out the keys inside the house. and dad's car leaking with lubricant oil. i feared something might happen coz the oil flooded the porch's floor. adoi. i may have to scrub it clean later. the meter was weird too. but it was when i was on the way to fill the tank that something happened.

one satria and a sunny overtook me as the unser in front was so damn slow. ai, tak boleh jadi ni. coz i was driving dad's not mom's. it will be a diff thing if i drive mom's car. so i sped up and overtook the unser, the satria and the sunny. coz that satria was one of my junior's. lucky the dad's car window was tinted. if not, tak tau la mane la letak muka, coz the tyre produced smoke huwaaargh! the juniors parked right beside my car when i stopped at petronas huhu. checked the handbrake, ok. i couldn't figure out what's wrong. and i was shaking all over. as i couldn't contact neither mom or dad, i filled the tank and drove back. turned out if i sped over 100, it happen. so, 80 that is. slowwww!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

a disastrous date, drake!

oh! i fixed the background, stretched the canvas and did some borders. pardon me if some of you experienced an ailing sight after the previous background. :)

first things first. turned out, today cuti afterall. boss didn't mention it to the others yesterday except to me so i thought he was joking about it. anyways, i scanned some pictures and it may be up in some time. some outdated raya pics hehe.

khaleel messaged me with a morning message. i was blurred for a moment. it has been a while since he even miss-called me. i can't even remember when. just made me thought about the fun we had in the one month messaging each other. it was memorable, though it hurts now, bad. kak an said he wasn't that good, giving out hopes but not fulfilling them. maybe i wrongly read the barred signs.

from the testimonial, from the messages i kinda conclude that he likes to be friends, he enjoys my company, loves talking to me, but that's it. i am no girlfriend material.

Sam Cues
People like having you around; you're cheerful and
know what to say in any given situation. You
don't crave attention, but people notice you
anyway, and the more they get to know you, the
more they like you.

What song from Gilmore Girls are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You match Jess. Your tastes are similiar to Rory's,
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Gilmore Girls: Whose musical taste do you have?
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drake is driving me crazy. but i love it. later, later.
i changed the layout, AGAIN! well, actually, i want to settle down with the previous replacement of blue black and the modified banner of sorts. but, hami did a great wallpaper of awek iklan hotlink haha. her name is nora danish hanif, very cuteee model. and now i'm having trouble to read my blog, coz of the different color schemes. haha.

yeah, i'm so evil. let your eyes be juling after reading this, that is if you managed to even get this far *muahahaha*

by the way, last night i called matt up. he surely had that kind of kukikukikuki kind of laugh which i find amusing coz he's one of the macho guys in my class but? hahahaha, well i guess he didn't have that macho laugh. and he made a point that i didn't have to scream at the phone just because i was having hearing problems. his was still good, thanks. hahaha. he's a nice guy to talk to though i was having trouble to understand his penang accent plus my hearing trouble LOL.

i still am mad with the other day incident. and tomorrow i'm goin to move in and i'm not happy about it. SHE ruined it!

tomorrow was supposed to be cuti but i'm the only employee that had to come to work. sucks! coz this whatnots with the server and oh my god! my lecturer's coming this monday! matt said that it was goin to be simple but, he's with another lecturer while i'm with some chinese guy, cute lohh...

i'm pretty much emo these days. that time of month kot?

amber wins survivor all-suckers. she got that million bucks and a ring from stupid rob. he planned all the traits and all of it backfired at him. but whaat? lex played the wrong way. and amber gets all of the benefits being rob's counterpart. she got a car!

and kyle is missing in action. HELLO WORLD! where is kyle?

Thursday, May 13, 2004

MAD like HELL!

i'm VERY pissed with one of my housemate-to-be, my close friend that is. owh why should i care? it's zura! that day, she enquired of the money i asked all of the other girls for may rental. i was like what the fuck? she wasn't even there while the negotiating and signing the agreement. and now she questioned me like i wanted the money all to myself.

i believed i made it clear that the money i collected before was for DEPOSIT dammit! the landlord said that if all goes well, we don't have to pay for the very last month of staying there as the deposit will cover it. didn't she know that we're lucky enough that the landlord was damn nice and a very good man? that he didn't demand any extras this and that like our other classmates' landlord? what was she complaining? she made hefty bucks at sony and this must be with that idiot farrah too, what was the problem? awei and sha didn't even complain though they didn't even made a single cent these months like me.

and i didn't have that much money like you did to open a new bank account to dump all of the rental money, fool. that's why i had to use mine to collect it then when it's enough i'll transfer them to our rumah account. you think i like this kind of job? it sucks man, sucks! collecting money and dumping it to my account is not good for my health. i have to keep records and i suck at them too. you think i like it? just shut your damn mouth, you weren't there, you don't know!

and knowing that she asked for the landlord's number and farrah's mom called him, made me boil! i wanna scream at her, i KNOW what i'm doing ok? no, i'm not interested in your money, and no, the landlord is not cheating! what the hell was the use of me then? i thought we made a pact that we'll settle this by our own, and what the hell HER mom did? and know what? we didn't even sign the agreement of rental yet, THAT was just for booking the place and that we PAID the deposit? were you there? no! were your name on it? no! so shut your mouth, asshole!

and sorry, i don't think i know you? oh, that's your best friend now right, farrah? and oh sorry, i'm the black sheep. i wasn't supposed to be in the limelight, but weren't you in need of me in sucker times, to save your ass? and i'm tired being the one in care of the house, the only one excited to live together. it sucks and i amMAD and PISSED. TAKE YOUR PESTERING HANDS OFF MY LIFE!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

my avatar is sad, and so am i

i am sad today. and sleepy.

sad : khalid blamed me of taking his headphone which is office's and the bass was lost. i was listening to the headphone just fine when he asked for it back coz he wanna use it. and in the process of handing him back, the bass was lost and i don't know where on earth the bass be coz i've already turned the place upside down and still, no signs of it. it may be my fault but he didn't have to sound so cynical "abang pakai takde apa pun, ko pakai terus rosak." urgh! like i did it on purpose. and he kept blaming me for the rest of the day.

sleepy : too much sleep last night.

how do you feel when nobody wished you happy birthday on your birthday though you went out picnic with someone close, bought a birthday present and a cake for yourself, felt like celebrating that night with that close someone but tired already so direct to sleep, went to work the next day and got back tired, sleep early, work again the next day and still no cake-cutting and stuff and the cake was left for 2 days in the freezer, and after some cry whatnots, then the celebrating?

i guess i'd feel the same. i'd cry too, yeah yeah i'm a crybaby. coz the cake is already there. i won't give a damn if there's no cake at all. it happen for years that i don't get a cake on my birthday and another birthday is just another typical christmas holiday, hahaha!

p/s : the situation didn't happen to me. it happens to someone i know. :P

Monday, May 10, 2004

i lost my tagboard. *sobs*

i was realli tired yesterday. the picnic really drained me. i drove all the way mind you without mom's guidance (kerek le katakan)...

the day begun with me waking up late as i was chatting around the night before. i think i woke up at the wrong side of the bed as ami scared me out of my sleep and i jumped right from where i was sleeping. and i saw my favorite shirt on the iron board. don't ask who the hell was goin to wear it! i'm not that kedekut to let people borrow my things but the least they could do was ask me. that began to make me furious.

and atan really pissed me off. he had been wearing my jeans and kept denying it. i found it lying on the floor, crumpled. and used of course. and the worst that could ruin my day was yelling first thing in the morning. i felt like slapping him that he did it many times already and left me with no jeans at all! that left me snappy for the rest of the morning.

i sent mom and the girls to school as they were joining the other puterians. turned out 5 buses for each of the forms 1 to 5. i swerved and drove back home picking up the bois. i kinda forgot the route to pengkalan balak but drove of my instinct anyway.

i think i took the longer route as i passed my main campus along the way through durian tunggal, hutan percha then alor gajah to sri pengkalan and masjid tanah, uitm, malacca's matric then finally pengkalan balak. we arrived early. belum apa-apa, makan dulu! i was that hungry then guess what? mandiiiiii kat laut! my first time man, in 6 or 7 years. damn! then in the middle of my second 'input', mom called saying they were at tg bidara? i was like what the fuck? i had to pack everything back in the car and i was soaking wet from head to toe.

then kene la pegi tg bidara as the food were with us. i kinda hated tg bidara coz it was goin to be packed with people on a sunday. it was getting hot that time, and my predictions were not that true. the beach was packed with the puterians haha! but the stalls were in bad condition. i don't know when the hell the authorities were goin to fix em.

and mandi again! hehe, atan with me coz he was shy with the puteris as ami didn't want to join us mandi-ing actually i didn't plan to take the dive anyway but atan simbah me with the water leaving me soaked and i had no choice bahaha! luckily he had a spare track-bottom which i didn't realize was torn beneath the ankle. and i did go with the track to jusco WITH realizing the torn part! hehe! people didn't notice unless they were staring hard i guess.

and i was waiting for mom to arrive in school (her bus was late), i was reading Eh! mag. fez quoted this :

"...pandangan lelaki mampu menembusi tujuh gunung..."

really maybe that short date with him was a mistake *lmao* but his write does expose what men think about women, the insights i mean hehe. and hafidz recent post of men's answer to what women don't like about them, was really funny.

then mom's bus arrived and i was too indulged with the mag that suddenly,

somebody : sombong yer

i was huh? sape plak rajin sound tetiba lak ni?

somebody : yerla orang dah sombong skang
me : haha memang sombong pun. ingatkan salah orang tadi, sebab ada muka serupa laa (really, i thought i was seeing her but another time lain plak, so i take for granted, she wasn't staying at the hostel.)

turned out it was my pet sister yang sudah 3 tahun tak jumpa dan tau apa cerita, moon i wasn't really a good sister anyway. she's already a grown girl, tall and prettier with that curved brow. i promised to call her during the upcoming holidays. i just gotten hold of her phone number the day before that. and this made me thought of ja'e, another pet bro of mine... the last i knew was he went for khidmat negara.... and our last proper contact was 8 years ago? though we live in the same housing area. i met him once or twice but didn't have the chance to say hi coz he was with his father (takutt ooo)

p/s : i lost my tag-board due to some whatnots with the server. *weeps*

Happy Belated Birthday to Shad! she turned 20 yesterday. i add another 20-year-old friend to my list. hehe. may Allah bless you girl!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

din't i tell you....

remember this beautiful girl? her death made headlines 8 years ago. of murder. poor little thing. her name is jonbennet ramsey.

she used to win many little beauty pageants, and she was barely six when she was brutally murdered and molested in her parent's basement. and her case had gone unsolved over these years. rare beauty, i think she'd grow up more beautiful if she didn't end up that way.

oh, i've been exploring the all new yahoo messenger 6 beta version. and created my avatar. hmmmm, pretty conventional with those big eyes. experimenting the expression when i changed the emotions. try them out.

stumbled across my e-mail and found a seven-days-old message from nazri. been focusing on gmail and lately. oh and he's been e-mailing coz he kinda regretted that we didn't really get to know each other now that he's in australia continuing his master. maybe of age-gap? nah, i didn't really think so, joe was 10 years senior, man. anyways, i loved his poems and looking forward to dig into them. keep em coming!

mom dressed smartly when we wanted to go buy tomorrow's stuff just now. i felt weird so i asked mom what was the occasion. she replied that we are goin out to buy the stuffs. but why the pretty dressup? i wanted to drive dad's car as the shop was only 2 blocks away, but she forbid it with the are-you-crazy tone of going to telok mas. what the heck?

i was still blurred of the reason for going to telok mas. turned out she thought i was listening when she explained it to atan which i was sibuk ternganga tengok crayon shin-chan. all i heard of was her warning ofsuruh tutup mulut *lmao*

rupanya encik zubir nak belanja makan ikan bakar dekat sana. lalu jalan gelap-gelap dekat kampung asam kumbang. susup sasap sana sini (i never thought there was still another part of jasin that i didn't even pernah lalu). the medan ikan bakar was somewhere near sekolah henry gurney. very very tight security if you ask me. and the eating place was built floating on the water. freaked me out as i put my hp and carkeys in my low pocket. memang cari susah la kalau jatuh dalam air.

the food was great especially the crab sambal, very well-prepared though i wasn't really a crab-lover. the fish dip was beyond words. the grilled siakap was tender and i had to flake it out using spoons coz it was gooey-like. this place is worth it though the service was quite lembab.

dila kept yelling and taunting izzul today, much to my annoyance. rase nak sepak-sepak je but of course mom backed her up though she was quite pissed with her attitude which caused izzul crying dengan muka sememeh. dila made me remember of angelica pickles of rugrats. i mean she had been bongsu all of 8 years but suddenly this baby came along and took all the attention from her? who wouldn't be sad and jealous right? i wonder if her twin did survive the birth....

i'm going for picnic tomorrow. following mom's school's trip to pengkalan balak. i heard four buses joined the convoy. most of puterians will be joining. been bullying atan of gonna be the only 'young male' there among all of the puteris. coz he's been getting the mysterious calls from unknown admirers. *duh* girls nowadays. i'm driving mom's car (man, i hate the steering wheel but dad's car is petrol consuming. what to do?)

p/s : khaleel's testimonial for me on friendster was really thought-provoking. he said what he didn't before. i was.... a bit touched *sighs*

Friday, May 07, 2004

passionately missing, yours....

days since i last wrote. days i've been nothing but tired. and sleepy. and didn't feel like writing at all though ada benda nak cerita. been browsing and blog-hopping around. added a few links to ponder. and if you're a commoner here, you must've noticed the changes to the side pic.

well, i got tired of the austin pic and back to the old crybaby angel , but as the pic was an old one, i decided to dig through my collection, still nothing that attracts me. finally, i resort to the world wide web and found some cool nature pics. and that's my favorite flower of ancient andalus nilofar. a family of waterlily pronounced as nee-lo-faa.

i'm moving in next week *hooray!* can't wait to go for the jams. the many chances of late night outings hehe.

oh and forgot to mention that the cost of an E class licence is damn cheaper by 200 than a D licence. pretty much the same cost as 10 years ago. and have to save money for upgrading my B2 to B full. the towkay was very friendly, made me feel at home when i accompanied achiq to submit her application for D. achiq passed her second road test yesterday :P.

kak an had been calling me 2 nights straight. missed me, huh? *lmao* tengah terjerit-jerit sakan berborak tu, nampak plak roger. ages since i last saw him. let that idiot be. aku peduli apa?

apai had been very very strange these days. macam aku tak pernah kenal dia langsung. i don't know what happened. coz he's not the kind yang menjaja masalah dia dekat orang lain. ada masalah pun, cool aje. i kinda thought he had split personalities kot?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

khaleel is bossy busybody besides idiotic sleepyhead *lmao*

today cuti. and anis balik taiping. i had a late night and very sleepy. got back from kl yesterday. lucky the journey was smooth, no jams whatsoever.

and guess whom i was sitting beside with in the bus? it was imran, yupe THAT sengal imran, my fellow college-mate. we smiled at each other when i was taking place beside him and we didn't talk all the way to melaka. he was pretty much occupied with listening to his walkman. he even laughed all to himself occasionally. i sneaked to look at the cassettes he's been listening to, one was MLTR (hehe jiwang jugak mamat ni) and the one that touched me the most was Cinta ALLAH. jaja was pretty much lucky to have been liked by him. it's hard to find guys like him nowadays, don't you agree? *lmao*

had a long chat with khaleel last night. he thought of asking me out if i was still in kl. his days were pretty much occupied but he wouldn't mind a night-cap. and to recall that my first night was very much alone and boring. coz he thought it wouldn't look nice that he was taking me out when i was staying in my unc's house. oh, coz i forgot to mention that my unc and his family went for vacation. i thought he wasn't interested in seeing me. *lol* well, never mind then. but thinking about that that night was spent with reading mills&boon and a kiddie comic coz i was dead bored really boiled me *hehe*. anyways, we managed to patch things up. i don't know. sometimes, when i am needed, he'd come for me. but, *sighs*. i am not your toys, please. but i did enjoy bullying him! serves him right that i managed to smash him oh you bossy busybody :P

and i did chat with shakir too. my lovable best-friend. teringat time bulan puasa tunggu sahur kan shakir? *lol* the times when he kept me company to wash the dishes haha.

a friend dropped by and poured his problem to me. seems very much like my situation. he waited for this particular girl for almost 3 years now. he was confused whether he was doing the right thing, waiting for the girl. friend, i wondered the same too. whether i should wait for this guy i've loved for the last 3 years. i've learnt that, i am content that i am capable of loving him without condition, without resentment even when he won't love me back, and even when i can't have him. i think, that's enough. yeah right! and flirting around during that painful process. what else? *lmao*

and today i've been doing nothing but eating. the more i eat the more i'm losing weight. it's like no use of eating now. adoi! :( and i miss kyle that much.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

drop dead, zzzzzzz!~~

a very tiring day. the wedding at izyan's. her sister - nurin mazaya (did i spell it right hehe?) was getting married. was out from the house as early as 11.30. caught the 11.45 intrakota bus and went straight to klcc. very lucky i am, coz as i boarded the bus, it started to rain heavily. and guess, what did i wear that day? my green kebaya songket! i should've thought the consequences as my unc wasn't at home and i had to panjat pagar with that tight sarong *lol* which i didn't coz i had better idea. panjat pagar with my slacks and change into the sarong when i was safely at the other side *grins*. the slacks? stuffed em into the mailbox *lmao*

arrived at klcc half an hour later and i didn't feel it should be called kuala lumpur city center at all. it should've been called yogyakarta city center. man, them people were driving me nuts. everywhere them.

and what were the managements doing? it was a public holiday and people were swarming but only the toilets in ampang mall can be used, due to construction whatnots. i need to straighten my kebaya (you guys know how helpless i was being in cantik-cantik outfits.) wandering off as i couldn't find any descent toilet that wasn't occupied duh!

azwan promised he'd be in kl sentral by 2pm. no use in coming early coz we're not helping anyway, he said jokingly. (didn't i remember about some lines of being tukang bagi bunga telur that day? oh! it was me imagination me think haha!)

kroll arrived about 1.45 as i was going out of the prayer room. and azwan was still at home at that time and he said he'd be very late but by 3 he'd be there. he asked us to wait around. so, hungry i and kroll were, we went to mcd. i had my second small cup of coke. the first was a medium passion fruit at klcc.

and guess what? we spent another 2 and a half hours waiting for azwan! izyan had been messaging twice and she'd been complaining about our lateness. what could we do? azwan had trouble to go to putrajaya station as his cousin kinda forgot that he was supposed to send azwan there. so, kroll and i had a brief tour of kl sentral. made me remember of klia. i really hate waiting for people but somehow i pitied azwan coz he really wanted to go. tak sampai hati pulak nak tinggalkan dia. lucky kroll didn't really mind the long wait.

finally, azwan arrived and we ushered in the putra lrt. he was very masam and he said he'd been yelling at everyone in the house. hahaha! kroll shoved him some choc chips he bought earlier. macam tau-tau je azwan memang lapar, hehe sian! azwan even made a joke about my outfit (sempat lagi tu!) that i looked like the one who's getting married *lmao*.

i think we arrived at izyan's around 5 something. and the caterer's already gone. segan ooo semua dah kemas and my friend AZRUL (hik hik hik) was there with his other friend, sheikh! boy, was i happy to see him again. and then he did it again, the chipsmore act. a moment he's there, the other he's gone. bila la ko nak renti kan tabiat biskut ko ni haa azrul? everyone asked about our lateness and i point the finger to azwan shamelessly. his fault, what? *muahahaha* izyan's siblings surely had very different character and muka semua lain-lain except izyan and his two younger bros. i liked the wedding's theme, maroon and white. :)

the food was great, biasala kenduri kahwin and i finished two glasses of was it mango juice? hehe and izyan generously sent us to taman paramount's putra lrt. thanks my dear! despite our lateness haha! next destination, mid valley.

i complained about going there with that outfit but both azwan and kroll said what's wrong with that outfit? and i gave in though my feet were throbbing with blisters *winces*. sampai-sampai mid valley, ada orang bermurah hati belanja frappucino chocolate blended cream at starbucks. very nice but cepat muak. and that was my first visit to starbucks. in malacca, there's only coffee bean and gloria jean's which i didn't even bother to go *lol*

and the guys left me to jaga their respectively expensive shoes to pray! macam tukang jual kasut kat cm, sepasang 10, murah! murah! *lmao* that's what i hate going out with expensive shoes, you'd have to think twice before leaving them unguarded. and going out with those guys with nike or adidas coz i kene jadi tukang jaga kasut. :p

soru time! i didn't really have the appetite to eat so, i had a garden chicken salad at kenny roger's. very very nice, coz i love veggies! the guys perli me of being not hungry but managed to wipe the dish clean *lmao* kroll had been grumbling about going out again the next day that he had to watch his budget hehe. what to do? going out with me and azwan would surely burn his pocket coz all that we spent was on food, nothing but food, hehe. and the doctor that i last saw on my sickness urged me to eat more coz i had the height, just need to get me fatten up? huh? didn't what i do all this time was eating?

kroll and i said farewell to azwan at kl sentral coz we had to catch putra lrt to masjid jamek, interchange with star lrt, me to ampang and kroll to sentul. looking forward to see you again, bro!

i arrived home at 11.15 and had to panjat pagar again, after i changed into my slacks haha! safe and sound inside with my favorite cup of iced chocolate, thinking about that the day was spent with drinking lots of liquid and excessive visits to the toilet *lmao*

anyways, spending the day with these two marvellous guys, azwan and kroll just rocks! though i was stuck in THAT outfit all day and my feet had severe blisters haha!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

my little trip..

went to kl today after picking anis up at the wee hours of the morning. very sleepy but i managed to keep my conciousness to drive. this public holiday was driving me out of my wits.

mom's been driving like hell when she sent me to the bus stand coz she took the wrong route to the bus stand when we were barely ten minutes due. and to add salt to the wound, the chartered bus was 20 mins late. damn. but that's one thing, there was a huge jam from senawang to nilai. and the bus wasted 1 hour there. i was wondering why the opposite route to the south was jammed to the brink, overflowing, till the police had to open a separate route heading south on the north route. i guess that bit caused the jam on our road.

passed magnum corp along the way to pudu. i saw with my own bare eyes, confirming the news mom brought me. that dad's car number won the first prize on the april 28th draw. *lmao* of all the draws. and that happened with mom's car too, ages ago. and the one informing us was our neighbour nyonya who gave us some goodies in return for our so lucky car number (she managed to get 3rd prize for it *lol*)

halfway through pudu, fez called asking my whereabouts. and damn, he had to cancel pour 'date' (haha!) because his biological clock went haywire. that he had 2 of his close friends' weddings today. he thought it was on monday. and i was happy but pretty much disappointed too (takde can nak naik gti!). relieved i was.

just moments after that, he called back saying he'd come see me for half an hour. and no way i'd be safe today, he said when i jokingly said "ingat dah selamat hari ni".

and puduraya was crammed with people, choking me. i had to buy the ticket back to melaka. after previous unlucky encounters with zura, i dared not risk by redah aje on the day nak balik.

fez picked me up in the jammed roads of petaling street. i walked quite a distance to get to where he was. hampehnye fez! but i guess it was worthwhile dapat naik gti hahaha!

lepaking the promised half hour at kl sentral then fez really had to go. anyways, i've had a fine lunch and enjoyed your company, fez. oh and a reminder, mc'd is not enough to bribe me, ok? and you still owe me pizza!

then, called zura up but she was goin shopping (oi, shopping to ingat aku!), khaleel's bored at home coz he was supposed to go out with friends but his had some kind of emergency. well, i didn't really fancy the thought of asking him out, don't wanna cause anymore trouble now that he's hitched. what else, off to ampang then as early as 4 pm *lol*

this particular guy i sat behind in intrakota bus is drop gorgeous. he had *drools* a perfect goatee and a mass blonde dye on his hair. made me thought of erry, kak an's bro. the kind of guy that made me go :hey here's my number" but *sighs* no courage to do that ....

there goes another goateed guy with nokia 5500 :P