Wednesday, August 25, 2004

dah demam?

current Y! status : when the time comes to tell you the painful truth

these girls in my house are having AF fever. tengah2 nak xm malam kang boleh layan satu round cd AF. sorry, they're a lil bit outdated when the winner was already crowned. hehe.

all the people around me were on such craze over AF. actually i don't really get this thingy goin on. what's with the addiction? apai spent 200bucks+ voting for farah, kalah gak. well, this AF stuff isn't really my cup of tea. layan tengok boleh la. nak habiskan kredit, :P

i'm freaking myself out over the network settings. my switch won't work which has been putting headaches to my big head, which temporarily have been kept full and overloaded haha!

i'm having a packed week. 3 major tests, and a major report to submit. one test flunk already. tinggal dua je lagi selang sehari. :P

kak ida, my second manager in command was shouted at last night. by whom else? auntie of course. the closing team wasn't having enough people which pissed vicky off and he was so furious he kept quiet and made face all the time even when auntie asked him what's wrong. i was supposed to be there at 6 but i already told kak ida that i will not be around until closing coz i got an exam. when i reached there, kak erra warned me of telling kesh about this coz he thought i wasn't showing up. i explained to him that i was having an exam and i already told kak ida about this. that was a big mistake coz i told kesh all about that in front of auntie. she started tattering about this and that and she blamed kak ida for it. she made kak ida cry.

i don't know, but i thought these people would understand that i'm working because i need to support this streamyx stuff. and i'm doing it in my leisure time which didn't particularly made everyone happy. this is not my job. i know i'm still a student, so please understand my condition as a student that was subjected to what the lecturer says.

a friend said this " i know you're stronger than this. going to lectures, managing the house's rents and bills, stolen of your leisure and rest time and you're working. "

well, i am but please don't make me feel tired of what happened. i've had more than enough so just leave me, i'm fine without others messing up my life and questioning my decisions and rights.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

of the songbird

that day, when my friends and i were studying for our statistics test, farrah complained of being so hungry at 4 in the morning. headed down to subaidah but unfortunately my favorite naan cheese finished already. so i opted for a roti helikopter hahaha. yea, it looked just like the rotor hehehe. but didn't finish it coz it tasted stupid.

a few of collegians showed up. of course guys. hahaha. hmm.. i didn't know that the restaurant attracted many students in the wee hours of the morning. i think the place's price is reasonable. not just for the orang-kayas only. known for its nasi kandar.

very much blur now. i'm clicking ptr. lookin forward to the first paycheck. hahaha! *evil*

my significant other dropped by just now, handing me my new RAM. very much inviting. looked fresh though just woke up from sleep. hehe. wishing i was there. :P

i'm exhausted and worn out. got this survey thing to finish. tomorrow i want to go to jusco with awei. got this lovely bracelet she's been hagging me of. we'll see. esok fizal ada hahaha! esok keje sampai kul 11 je. bestnye!

i am broke. any part-time job for me?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

when hunger strikes

it's 3 in the morning and i'm still hovering over this pc. why? i'm dead tired and i'm hungry. very hungry that i feel like going out of the house right now and get that naan cheese from subaidah. help!

thinking of that blue 125z with that white arc helmet on that head of someone. i can eat a horse now. the week after break is killing me. i've got 1 major test, 1 assignment and 1 tutorial to be submitted.

next week? horror! one major report and analyses, 2 major tests. *lmao* i'm going to be crazy shortly.

i'm going to shower. and a trip to subaidah. i really need something decent to eat, not maggi.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

the trip.

hey people. i just got back from kl yesterday. spending my 3 days off work. i enjoyed every bit of it (except the time when i was stuck in the bus among so many people in a bad traffic jam, hadoiii!)

monday : arrived. shopped with my aunt and her husband at sogo. tired, the three of us slept like logs when we got home in selayang. got something for my bros.

tuesday : went out to visit farrah in sentul with zura, coz she said she was down with fever. turned out she was ok, and we went to klcc. i ate a very big portion of chicken rice. rasa nak muntah hehe. this was the time i got stuck in the bus. pengsan jap.

wednesday : balik. leaving my bags in pudu and went to klcc. went out with haneem. she was shopping like crazy. luckily i reminded myself of the amount i've already spent. kalo tak, hahaha! i had a great time with a great girl. i will always remember the candy floss we shared. :Þ

i didn't manage to get a bag. semua nya tak berkenan. and i felt sorry too, i didn't get to see everyone especially kay, shad and izyan. tak sempat and i don't fancy seeing all of you in one go. next time eh, people?

anyways, i missed that someone. i don't know if he's special or not but he sent butterflies and electric shocks over me.

to a friend, i don't know if you're avoiding me, or you're that busy, but i'm holding on to what you said when we first talked, that we're going to be friends. what friends are for? care for each other even when we're million miles away.

august birthday wishes :

kak an - belated 21st on the 3rd
azwan - belated 20th on the 8th
shamsudin - turned 18 yesterday
natasha - 20th this coming 14th

may Allah bless all of you with good health and money (so boleh belanja hahahaha!). alright. i need to get out to work. see you!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

happy friendship day?

wishing all of you happy friendship day.

i am currently talking to apisz on the phone at the moment. he's now in kuantan, gonna drive his aunt for her convo in penang. why does his time of blues is almost the same as mine? he's had problems which i found touching. soft soul, just like apai. speaking of the latter, i miss.