Monday, January 22, 2007

a wide angle of relationships..

y! status: coz i lalalalalala love yew.
thinking of: this stupid obsession

my darling angel turned 5 yesterday.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


current y! status : view my webcam

sometimes i thought of closing this place down because of my inability to update on a regular basis. but another part of me detest with the fact that this place is where i learnt about life by writing along with it.

i treasure this small space i had to have my say though i know that little came by. but i do know that one day, i'll come by here, browse around and laugh at my silliness and share the thoughts and feelings i had back then.

i kept promising myself that i will update to which i failed to. i am almost sorry that these days, i had even little time for myself.

a little update:

# serving my practical period which started in december.
# got to know 2 guys and been hit by the 3 months curse (more updates later)
# the thang between me and guys born in '87
# i only get to see my mom on sundays, that is if she doesn't go out. (argh!)
# i am fatter hehehe.

so, i'll type again, soon.