Thursday, February 25, 2010

How i spent my planned day

I planned 2 do sumthin official 2day, ended up n0t d0in it, but d0ing sumthin else.

Me: i wanna watch fr0m paris wit luv, since j0nathan rhys-my3rs is in it.

Him: lol. Not a chick-flick!

Me: let n0t the title f0ol y0u. It's acti0n-packed thriller. Haha.

So, we were walkin and there was a ramp that i didn't n0tice, so i alm0st tripped and i managed an "omak ko!" th0 quietly. Gile segan oke!

(I was havin the n0ti0n that he might be thinkin that me being all s0phisticated, a near-trip on the ramp destr0yed all the s0phisticatedness with melatah, dang!)

He was sizing me d0wn to my sh0es and his questi0n startled me,

Him: why didn't y0u wear heels?

Me: my heels w0uld make me feel like a giant, plus kesian kat y0u. (I made it a mental n0te n0t 2 embarass my guy frens by wearing my outrage0us heels and t0wer ab0ve them)

His answer again baffled me,

Him: seri0usly i d0nt mind. I tak kisah pun.

Me: well, i've been wearing heels all week. Need to give my feet a break.

Him: y0u w0men, gave the same excuse of wearing the flats. Lol!

He's still the blunt charmer. So easy to be with. And i h0pe our friendship thrives, thru weddings and chat sessi0ns. Get the darn pink f0nt off. It girlifies y0u. Plus it's ann0ying :-P

And yes, it has been 7 years.

P/s: the m0vie is all acti0n. I hate the plot, th0ugh.


I d0n't have many frens. But i kept th0se i have near. Wary of new relati0ns, c0z i'm darn n0t go0d at it.

The w0rds in the pic describes a few of those i cared b0ut. I just kept things separate, c0z i have categ0rized all of them.

And yea, i d0n't have the heart to c0ntinue writing. Cuti m0od, g0in back 2 sleep. To0dles!

Monday, February 22, 2010

jawapan teka-teki

senarai jawapan:
1. karpet
2. span cuci pinggan
3. baju sejuk kapas
4. kasut..
5. wall
6. sebahagian dari gambar
7. bende alah cuci pinggan yg kale ijau yg nipis
8. kerusi meggerutu
9. sushi
10. rumpai laut yg cover sushi tu
11. baju
12. seluar
13. teddy bear
14. span mandi
15. beg
16. span cuci keta
17. cover mknn
18. tapak tangan gorilla
19. sampah
20. alas barang...
21. teddy bear putih yg dah kepam
22. biskut
23. baju
24. Bantal/comforter
25. bende bulu2 yg biasa org pasang kat dashboard kete tu... tp ni rasenyer dah lame x basuh.
26. coklat
27. wrapping paper
28. kuih jepun
29. kek coklat
30. cupcake
31. new interior wallpaper
32. cake, pandan or choc
33. glove for winter
34. lantai yg sudah merekah dan berkulat
35. puke
36. siling yg bocor dan lembab serta berkulat
37. tilam
38. socks
39. scarf for winter
40. t shirt baru
41. dompet
42. roti
43. bantal x basuh 10 tahun
44. pasir kaler2 yg utk decorate kertas bergam
45. alas kaki
46. kulit pokok
47. kuih raya

explanation untuk hint 1:
antara banyak-banyak jawapan, ada antara jawapan tu yang berkait.
- karpet- span

explanation untuk hint 2:
share? tak nak!
- korang sure tak nak share benda nih dengan orang lain.

terima kasih kepada korang yang telah mencuba berkali-kali (walaupun aku tau motivasi nye adalah hadiah chillis nih, hahaha!). yang broadcast tanye kawan-kawan ofis, festbuk sume. terima kasih. tapi kali ni bukan rezeki korang kot.

dan pemenangnye ialah:

ecah, ke aku kene bagi kat minah ni yang tolong ko? hahaha

ok ecah, set date nak gi makan chillis. aku baru nak save duit, memang rezeki ko ler. kepada kawan-kawan yang lain, moh le join kitorang makan chillis, tapi kene bayar sendiri la.

ok. bai.

Worries and whatn0t

I am nearing the big three-oh. Ooh, it will still be a few m0re years. Now living the busy life. Being selfish. Being with my r0ckin frens.

Just w0nderin if this is the kinda life i wanna see myself livin in a few years ahead.

As of n0w, the c0ncerns of my single life are:

- my ever-gr0wing feet. Either that, or the standard sh0e sizes has been changed. I lo0k like the s0ur-faced versi0n of r0nald mcd0nald whenever i wear my fave sneakers. Geez.

- how 2 have m0re m0ney. To travel. To buy everything i ever wanted with0ut having to pause and calculate.

- what to eat for lunch/dinner?

- whether i've d0ne en0ugh for the ones closest to the heart.

- i kn0w i'm being a beetch, thats part of my m0od swings, and y0u kn0w it, but y0u still be there whenever and wherever. Please bear with me.

- h0w am i g0nna wear my saxy heels / wedges if i kept t0wering over every0ne? (Get ownself a very very tall h0t hunk wh0 w0uld still be tall en0ugh when i'm with wedges. Which might be quite hard, since they're all taken. Dang!)

- i am gettin so gemuk, i might have to get a wh0le new wardr0be. Not happy even when i get 2 go sh0ppin. Ugh!

- setting a few things to achieve this year.

That's ab0ut it. I think a lot less these days.

P/s: teka teki answer is g0nna be revealed in the next entry. No winners. *s0b*s0b*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Teka apa gambar di atas?

Sape dapat teka, aku belanja chillis.


Ye, aku tak tipu. :-P

Sunday, February 14, 2010



Had the luxury of wakin' up late. Waited for my sis.

Went to a place where i used 2 c0me 4 my yearly raya sh0ppin and i hadn't go there for m0re than a year.

I b0ught 2 pairs of sh0es. Ate cend0l + abc. Fried myself walkin in the heat and being in a stuffy fanless sh0p.

Relaxed at h0me watchin h0chak! Ate k0ayte0w And ir0n-man on dvd. Peri0d.


Met a fren for my beauty supply. Thanx babe!

Went to midveli, g0t the pic as i had bad ulcer. What ann0ys me is it's strawberry flav0ured. I'm n0t a frikkin' kid anym0re, th0 i behave like 1 sumtimes. Geez!

Pard0n my rantings. I'm in h0liday m0od still, and every0ne else is on holiday but i have to c0me to w0rk 2m0ro. Yes, i'm a w0rkaholic. I hate seeing a lot of j0b piles up after long holiday fr0m werk! Dem.

Friday, February 12, 2010


bile la aku nak dapat internet connection kat umah yang speed lagi laju dari cahaya yg macam nih?

tunggu la bapak aku beli leased line. hahaha!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

p0verty and hunger

i was playing this when this question pops:

and the answer is:

which is funny. as i can come up with,

" my sinciput is throbbing with pain "


on the other hand.

open up this link: not recommended for the faint-hearted though.

why do i feel i need to contribute something

it's sad really. of the feeling that what you do will never be enough. never will be.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brand new

His new gf. Name's natalie.

I might call her nate, or natty, if she's nice and sings undisclosed desires for me. *hint hint*

Him: isn't she sexy? :-P

Me: ugh, sh0uld've br0ught me along.

Him: well, she'd be jealous then and it'll be harder for me to tackle her.


Anyone interested? In case he g0t b0red of her, will let y0u kn0w. But i bet he's all over her for the time being. Lol!


I'm so pissed i felt like slapping s0me beetch dead. En0ugh of making me feel inc0herent, n0w y0u make me feel betrayed and stabbed at the back?

I th0ught y0u kn0w me, but all y0u cared ab0ut was y0ur own s0rry arse.

Fcuk u bitch.

I am feelin evil and black. Dem u!

saxy song!

I know you suffered
But I don't want you to hide
It's cold and loveless
I won't let you be denied

Soothe me
I'll make you feel pure
Trust me
You can be sure

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

You take your lovers that you're wicked and divine
You may be a sinner
But your innocence is mine

Please me
Show me how it's done
Tease me
You are the one

mus3 - undisclosed desires

Friday, February 05, 2010


To th0se clueless, fatticide is c0ined by arni (thx a bunch!), on my entry of ch0colate spree.

So it meant, fat suicide. Commiting stubb0rn fat to the b0dy.

I to0k a g0od lo0k at myself and was appalled! I kn0w i was getting fat, but n0t THIS fat!

Omg! My basic rule is to kn0w the limit when i have a hard time fitting int0 my fave jeans.

But even when i can fit into my jeans, i lo0k h0rrible. Like a pear, ripe, waiting to be eaten.

This calls for a maj0r change. Drastic measures to be listed d0wn. Maybe even j0ining a gym.

But b4 that, i'm g0in 2 curl up and enj0y the picture 4 breakfast. Bliss!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Rand0m issues

Th0ught 1

Me: ini (the pic ab0ve) bun atau syurga?

Him: ini namenye cinnam0roll, tak penah lak teng0k syurga camne. Hehe.

Me: chet. Teng0k tu, syurga gula. *ngap* eh, syurga gula tak manis sangat *ngap*ngap*

Him: meant to look that way, d0esn't mean have to taste that sweet.

Me: *ngap* uhuh! *ngap*ngap*

Sedap gile, aku terus order 10.

Th0ught 2

Me: j0m ah trun makan.

Her: eh kejap. Nak lukis kening, tikus tu terkejut teng0k kening ai, jangan marah.

Me: rofl!

Th0ught 3

I was laughing so hard when she n0ticed s0mething and started laughing harder.

Her: look at the *laugh* state of *laugh* your n0se *rofl*

My kembang n0se was scrunching up and lo0ked like a weird butt0n. Haha.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Me: nak masuk b.o.s la.

Guy 1: tak yah la. Nanti ko nampak baju yang aku pakai ni.

Me: eh, mane de. Mesti die dah tuka baju pattern lain.

Guy 1: iye la. Aku masuk aritu, baju yang aku beli 5 bulan lepas pun ada.

Me: gile takde taste ko ni. Sampai baju yang ko beli nampak sangat orang tak beli.

Guy 2: lol! Right in your face, man!

Erk, gile keji aku ni kutuk org tak hengat. When what i was wearing at that time, were far w0rse than a hippi3 on c0ke. Ada hati kutuk org. Haha. Yea, pr0ud hippi3 wearing selip4r j3pun.