Tuesday, September 29, 2009

germplusvirus party

People are supp0sed to get rest and relax during long holidays, so that they'll recharge and be ready for challenges at werk.

I guess that d0esn't apply to me. I had fun like there's no t0m0rr0w, ate like that'd be my last supper. Instead, i am m0re exhausted and even c0ntracted flu. In the end, my long holiday (read: days n0t w0rking m0re than 2) is a hidden sinister plot by the germplusvirus to make me have m0re offdays (read: mc).

The metr0 c0nsumed me. Crammed my being and made me unhappy beeatch. That also flared up my passi0n 4 retail therapy.

P/s: am sh0vin up tamp0ns 4 my leaking n0se. Am havin difficulties 2 talk. I'm technically terr0rizing the p0pulati0n with my c0nstant sneeze and spreading the bug. Ugh.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please tell me...

...what is wr0ng with this pic?


On the other hand, i had a blasted eid.

A rather quiet one spent ind0ors. A lot of stuffing edible delici0us stuffs d0wn the tract that lead d0wn to a s0re tummy.

I'm spending my long overdue week-long holiday with pe0ple wh0 matters. And it's where the jagged pieces that c0mplete the c0mplicated jigsaw, are.

Eid wishes fr0m me.

The one who gives n0nsensical crap all year r0und.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


An array of blissful flav0urs,

teasing the senses,

Waiting to sav0ur m0re and m0re tasteful indulgences that sprang fr0m just a simple dish,

But with s0 much different senses awaken fr0m long numbness by the intricacy of the many j0yful c0mbinati0n of spices.

I am falling deeply in love in mideastern fare.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Visibly dr0olici0us

I have n0thin to say. Or have anything w0rth menti0ning.

Thats why the silence. When the strangled feeling of n0t havin en0ugh time to push m0re and finish the darn j0b gets on the nerves and sh0rtened the life span for 2 years.

Me: y0u remembered abt belanga, i told y0u that day?

Him: er, no. What is belanga by the way?

Me: rofl! That's like the 2nd time y0u asked, again.

The highlight of my day.

Belanga serves the mean picture @ the taman-taman mv.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Hasil rampasan

Bag @ 70
Edt @ 70
Sh0wer gel @ 15
2 de0-spray f0r w0men @ 30
4 de0-spray f0r men @ 60
2 arm p0uches @ 40
Total @ 285

I only paid the last 2 digits. >:)

P/s: i just ad0re sp0iling my b0is r0tten.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The big bad knuckles

Safayafasufukafaafadafaoforafangifitufusafampafaisafayafatafakbofolefehfifikifirbefendafalafaifin. Jifiwafakafacafau.

Knight in arm0ur, making the damsel,


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Postb0x in the mid of n0where

If i had n0t been obsessed with mr-darcy-ideals

If i am n0t self-c0ntained beeatch

If i am n0t m0re int0 b0oks

If i am n0t em0ti0nally detached

If i am n0t the little br0ken jagged pieces of n0thing

c0z a retired heartbreaker is still a heartbreaker.