Tuesday, March 18, 2008

legit, cerita payung dan hujan.

what's with the topic, anyway? it made me remember the fish patty we used for fish supreme. hah!

i went for the general election for the first time. the one i pangkah, menang! thrilled, beb! but anyways, this may sound basi already.

even when the opposition won in the respective "lost" states, forming the mixed-parties government doesn't mean that all will be lost. come on, give them a chance. fresh ideologies and new "ways" are always welcomed.

i'm just a keen observer who doesn't read the news until the boom died out, only then i knew. to whomever this may concern, take heed. malaysians are not like indonesians, we cared too much for the daulat and not even like the thais, we don't shoo you when we don't like you.

this is the way, democracy should be: through the elections. the people have spoken.


i said: ........ i don't care if the whole world turn their backs on me. but not from the ones cared, loved and those who matters. i'd rather be 6' under than live with their anger, scorn and hatred.

he said: and i did not scorn you, am not angry at u, and i never have hated you.

i said: it wasn't an accusation on your part. it was an expression for the hard times. am afraid it will be like last time when i call.

he said: the last time?

i said: the last time i call, hujan turun dengan lebatnye. =p

he said: hmm, payung ade ape?

i said: it's not like you're taking my call tetengah hujan. besides, payung tu i pinjam orang punya. kene pulang balik.

he said: haha, how you've been doing?

i said: ....i need those rains to keep me sane. rain is good. it washes away, everything....

....... except the pile of shit work which won't stop piling adding more misery to the already miserable me. anyway, this guy cracks me up any given time, no, that would be the stolen times we get to chat. see, i don't even have time to talk nowadays. i missed the long hours on the phone and on the net with those who still call me friend apart from me being a busy beetch nowadays and didn't manage to catch up with things.

give me another 2 months, it would be damn OVER. and i'll be laughing on the floor, having my mug of tea, reading goong manhwa with jordin s and chris b's no air playing, or even have marathons of goong, coffee prince, yoo hee, my girl and nodame. yea, i'm a sworn k-drama addict now.

back to rite now, i have rts, ic design and my mental project to worry about.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

pfttt** bzztt**

yep that's definitely the state i'm in at the moment.

because of... this fyp.

our fyp is better known as psm...

which stands for:


end of story.