Friday, October 10, 2008

of shoes and such

i am a sworn shoe lover. yes, a shoe-whore in that matter. i go high on the sight of espadrilles, platforms, maryjanes..... the list goes on and on.

i shop for shoes every now and then but the now and then means i have the need for them and i swear, i wear them not just bought and stow.

the problem is that when i decide i'd go shoe-shop, there's always:

"sori la dik, saiz tu dah habis"
"tinggal ni je last pair"
"kalo besar sket boleh tak?"

... and it pissed me off coz i don't just shop for any shoe. i have a special liking and selection to whatever shoe i chose coz it fits the me, not just my feet. i always get the first response and i felt like strangling the salesgirl. i know i have very special shoe size but why oh why it has to be sold out when i want to buy it?

oh, there's also this bemused look on any salesgirl when i told them my shoe size. that i shouldn't have that kind of size considering my slim (ugh! perasan!) features. even my friends also were aghast when my statement doesn't fit the actual representation.

my feet are quite sensitive, that's why i have to carefully choose the pattern and the design also the material. and my shoe collection still can't put imelda marcos to shame, heh! i wear my shoes till it became not wearable anymore.

my birthday is coming soon. buy me espadrilles!

p/s: please watch the up-to-no-good column for the most recent update if i'm not updating here. by the way, if i go to vincci and most other ladies' shoe shoppe, i'd ask for size 8. =p