Saturday, August 19, 2006

busy week

current y! status: my faithful idiot
thinking of: how to start writing the report?

the week before was quite the beginning of busy ones after this. i am still yet to recover from the sekejap demam, sekejap ok phase.

i had quite a row with a friend. period.

i got to know another friend, whom i wasn't bothered with these years.

... the truckload of work to be done.

my parents will be off to courses tomorrow. and i'll be the one in charge of my angel and the house. my hectic social (hehe) and classes sched prevent me from seeing the lot and even i don't see them, i know they're there. but, not having them for the rest of the week just sucks. i'm such a baby about my parents, heh!

Friday, August 04, 2006


i am just plain sick. with fever, flu, and sore cough lining up to devour little of what i had. come to think of what the nurse said of my lack of weight and the chance of hitting the scales notches. right now i'm feeling the scales would hit me, duh.

i've been swallowing colourful pills of all sizes. for the above said sicknesses and plus a pill for treating swollen arm. if it had been colourful sweets, my angel would be all glee to swallow em for me. which thankfully weren't.

i was bothered about what i messed with. or was it rather who i messed with? it gets tiresome if people stop befriending you after they met you. it was plain stupid to look at physical aspects alone. but it also became a nightmare if people get obsessed with you. ok, so i didn't ask for it, i can't help being myself and had people liking me for what i am, right?

*sighs* it pays to have few true friends and keep em than having so many friends till you get confused who will have your back, stabbed or be the one to stab or be just friends to that extent?