Saturday, April 24, 2010

The qu0tables

'' she didnt have a dad, her m0m was a drunkard, she had to take care of her family. She had this c0nstant fear that everything is fallin apart. She just had to have c0ntrol. When i c0uld, i'd let her c0ntrol me. Coz it made her feel safe. As her husband, i'd make her feel safe.'

Bleh order tak husband camni kt kedai?

// The qu0te was fr0m mr scav0, lynette's of desper4te wives //

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Premise 1

''Ive been into shit way deep than diz 1 n i know 1 thing.there will alwys be an escape route. ''

Yea, but y0u d0nt get lucky, twice. Remember that.

Premise 2

''you b0th are finding excuses to spend m0re time with each other. I rest my case''

It w0n't be this way, if y0u f0ught harder.

Premise 3

'you w0n't take her, even after she's free'

You're n0t sincere in this c0z y0u'd rather be cina buta.

Being there, but n0t being there. Easy. Careless. Lax.


I want the cake in the pic! Grr!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What happens when 10 single girls threw a party for a single male b0ss?

Pic ab0ve explains. And yea, his present is a d0zen of ferrer0 and jumbo pack of the happy ballo0ns. Rofl!