Thursday, July 26, 2007

the elated post

i'm feeling void. yep, not a single thing. numb. sitting at the dark room with a study lamp for the source of light. the stupid lamp decided to torture me with its slowly dying lamp-out. whatever.

i don't feel i have enough time in my hands. not because of the business but by mishandling the little i had. rock the brain, eine! maybe the lack of using it for the past 8 months took its toll, ha!

i have these screaming on my incoming list. trust me, it's going to add up sooner than i could finish the earlier stackups.

- micro-p robotics project. legos, anyone?
- fyp thing. i haven't even finished the shitload of papers to ponder over and it's already the third week! oh yea, the proposals.
- the neverending list of reports to settle.

... that's all i could remember for now, though i knew there's more lurking nastily beneath those lecture notes waiting to scare me and have me screaming at the top of my lungs at the last crucial moments.

oh, i almost had free wednesdays. classes start at 11 am. and maybe just maybe i could cut the extra hundred bucks from my wages and get an extra free day? you tell me.

Monday, July 23, 2007

starting semester

i already started the new 07/08 semester. it was a fresh start, after 8 months leaving the lecture rooms and the labs.

so, i'll be having a very busy semester. i need more money, so taking time off work is not a healthy option for my pockets but dangerous for my schedule. i'll make do with every minute i have.

i have loads to tell, but i'm not in the mood to type long since i still have some work to finish before i hit the bunk.

why are the matters of the heart, difficult to handle and cope with? since they vibrate with the whole being you are.

bf saya balik petang ni. memang la saya still single, tapi dah dia rasa dia bf saya, dan adik saya cakap saya yang perasan cakap dia bf saya, lantak le. i'm so not into this poyo talk about relationship. hahahah!!