Sunday, April 16, 2006

be right back entry

the young adventurer who became a legend....

from the battlefields...

good stuff, i tell you.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

a new layout, maybe?

current y! status: bruised and battered by your words, dazed and shattered now it hurts.
thinking of: my finals... with hints of budak kecik

i forgot my blog's birthday. on march 23rd. i knew it was in march but lupa to point it out and literally forgot all about it. and to remember that it already turned two, maybe i'd find some new skins. when i have nothing better to do during the upcoming exam week.

watched gubra the other day. go watch it, people! not because i'm a HUGE fan of sepet, but it was worth the bucks you'd spent. though i kinda wondered why did yasmin put all the trouble to end her movie after the credits finished rolling? yes, people, do stay after the credits rolled. it was nothing according to the reviews but who'd expect there's still some scenes to catch after the rolls?

been driving these days with an old black car which i named black maria because of the bland black it was coloured. an 80's car. on the way to work, it rained catdogs till i barely could see the surroundings. as the window can't be properly rolled up, leaving a gap, left me drenched when i arrived. imagine when you're driving but you're as wet as when you ride a bike. i just watched the water trickling down to my right shoulder while waiting for the green light with amusement and frantic effort to wipe it. haha!

i loved the car even it's without air-cond and you had to slam the door hard to close it. i loved the spacious window.

when i talk about budak kecik or the term ayu used anak ikan which refers to the young bois, i'm talking about my current apple of the eye. the guy who has sepet eyes and has the same name origin with mr navy. he liked to sing, more to match my variety of songs to sing every other time. it almost felt like, we're singing those lines to each other. but he sucked. his voice was still on the verge of turning into a man's, so imagine listening to tomok in his early singing career hahahaha!
this is one stupid obsession i dare not get involved with, too much. but everytime he threw that hopeful gaze i'm head over heels with, that i'd stop, smile and talk to him.. yes, i'm perasan but it was something i read from his body language. :P

a very blessed birthday wish to mr navy. watch out for SAPPY sections in EACH and EVERY entry after this.

Monday, April 10, 2006

a little personal

current y! status: when i'm with u, i'm close to tears
thinking of: budak kecik

i was pretty concerned with my current obsession of young bois. shouldn't i be on the same track as my friends, getting hooked with bois our age? been there, done that. it was as a friend said it, age is just a number when attraction is the factor. i don't want to be seen as a paedophile, or even a seductress who'd lure innocent virgin boys to eternal damnation (again an exact quote from a friend).

it has been a while since i last felt this feel. i felt young all over again and blushed like a kid. and this explains my status which meant when i'm with you, i am about to cry of the beautiful feeling, the one you gave me chills and butterflies, of the funny tingle all over me, the unspoken glances and........ that i can only see and adore you from afar coz you're someone else's.

i am really afraid that this will only mark a chapter like when me.d became from diary to history.

i don't know why the first time i saw you, i felt myself warming coz you looked a lot like mr navy with your sepet eyes. and liked you ever since. i liked the way you wrap the things, how you did the chicken perfectly. everytime i stole a glance or two just to know what you're doing, i know you're watching when i wasn't, hoping that i'd say something nice or smile. *dream on*

i'm gonna watch gubra tomorrow with the girls and fazik maybe if i can wake him up. pardon the sappy entry hehe.

Friday, April 07, 2006

them all are finks!

there was this time where i roam around the school wearing jeans freely. there was no one to check us wearing what kind of clothes. our lecturers said it was okay if we wear jeans in the labs. provided we wear the lab jacket. but then, life was simple and happy.

later during my second phase in school, some rules came up. it wasn't new but being reintroduced so students should be aware of it. that even came with a notice of


which i understood as "STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR JEANS EXCEPT FOR PRACTICAL AND LABORATORY SESSIONS" which is quite clear that students shouldn't wear jeans to lectures.

and those fucking notices were pasted at all of lab's notice boards.

and one fine day, i was stopped by a guard patrolling my hostel saying i should change my jeans coz those guards in school were doing spotchecks. ok, my fault coz i was going to a lecture, that weren't allowed.

these days, i resisted the temptations to wear jeans and resort to plain pocketless trousers from my heydays being crew before the new makeover or the black jeans which didn't draw suspicions.

TODAY, my first day of donning jeans after some time WITH A LAB JACKET, but some stupid technician told me i should just get out from the lab because of THE JEANS?


the fact that it pissed me more coz there were certain technicians who allowed jeans in the lab.


what the heck? u're gonna tell me that the notice is useless? the notices were up coz some idiot decided he wanted to wear jeans to labs?


if you want to ban jeans, ban it once and for all. don't let anyone wearing it in campus. no exceptional. you were giving false information to STUDENTS and making those stupid technicians look even stupider than ever.

and even if you are so kind to let us wear jeans to labs, tell those idiotic faggots that you are being so kind to us BY LETTING US WEAR JEANS and let them sulk coz they're taken away those cynical and rude remarks of not knowing the rules to students.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

on being a woman part 1

over the years, my guy-friends came to me with girl-related problems and they always end the heart-pouring session with the expression that girls suck. and i do agree with them. some guys even apologized considering that they were telling all of whatnots to a girl (read: me) and yet claiming girls suck.

and what was i doing? instead of defending my own species, i allied with the enemy to backstab them. sounds like a traitor. and now, proudly being a woman, presenting the so-called back-stabbing reasons.

i've been through so much on dealing with *sic* girls. while me and my guy-friends do agree that girls suck, we meant that SOME of them, not ALL. and this wasn't statistical ok, where you pick a handful from a big bunch and as those handful suck, you conclude that ALL in the bunch were rotten apples. that wasn't how the story goes coz life isn't about the darn statistics.

remember when you were driving fairly fast on what seems to be a deserted road when all of a sudden, a car swerved into the front from a junction causing you to curse wtf? step on those brakes and slow down as that car was so slow and you were inches of colliding into its rear? and as your car sped up and overtook the fucking car, you noticed the driver is a woman who looked innocently ahead like there was nothing happened and you said, patutlah lembab nak mampus and cooled down. they can slowly drive out from a junction without looking out for other cars, made you mutter those obscenities and get away with it.

there were also girls whom got jealous of me just because i had more guy friends than them. err.. hello? i am still single remember? that's why i didn't have to worry about what my boyfriend's feeling if i befriend too many guys at a time. i wasn't even jealous of you having a boyfriend. so, don't be, coz you were luckier to have a boyfriend who cared about you in these days of good guys scarcity. as for me, let me see the world in her baddest, befriending anyone who actually cared to see through the skin.