Thursday, January 31, 2008

what i can't have.

he is jambu. he watches hindustan every weekend.

he's 2cm taller. he is soft-spoken.

he always make me laugh with the way he quipped whatever i say.

he drives vic like his own. he is passionate about sepak takraw.

he speaks no english.

above all, he has the prettiest eyes.

he already has a girlfriend.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

menu for today

- take out the flat steel pan, layering it with oil and put it on the stove.

- crack 2 eggs, add pepper and salt as liked. whip it till it looked well-beaten.

- pour the eggs on the heated pan according to style: omelette, the well-rounded heap; the scrambled, pour-it-like-you-don't-care, since you're gonna scramble it anyway; free-style, just do it!

- remove the cooked scrambled egg. put out the fire. lay 2 slices of bread on the pan. put mounds of frozen butter on them. slightly over time, lather the melting butter all over the toast.

- open a tin of baked beans. pour the content out into a bowl. fry last night's tapao chicken from mcd.

- take the toast, put some egg and beans on it. the other hand holding a chicken. itadakimasu!

P/S: no, i'm not trying to show my culinary skills. it's rather my lack of it and how to survive a sunday lunch.

* congratulations to dzaidah hanin and husband! may the union bring lots of joy into both of you guy's shared life, happily ever after!

Friday, January 25, 2008

friends and backstabbers

a backstabber can be a friend.

but a friend can't and shouldn't be a backstabber.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

selamat hari lahir!



***** for being who you are *****

happy birthday, dude!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the love post. again.

we befriend each other. long time ago. i was the lame one.

still, we stuck together.

through the years, i fell in and out of love. the crying shoulders, the listening ear, the patient one. you are.

still, we stuck together.

through the years, i grew up. you noticed but slightly amused. always the observer. not aware that i too, long time been the keen one.

still, we stuck together.

we fought. we made up. stronger than before. always wondered the missing parts here and there. made a mess out of myself, emotionally.

still, we stuck together.

it is heart-warming and joyful to see you becoming whole, as a human. emotionally attached, finally.

we will stick together, till the end.

Monday, January 21, 2008

happy birthday, angel!

this little, messy brat:

turned 6 today.

happy birthday, darling. kak long loves you very much.

month of love (-y-dovey and flowers, fererro and such!)

Occasion I

one of my birthday wishes from one of my best-friend:

"happy bestday, semoga cepat mendapat jodoh hehe."

fortunately that one coming from one who's married herself.

Occasion II

a close-friend revealed her plans to get married in 2 years. and what's that gotta do with me, right? unless she planned to force me to be the bridesmaid, which won't happen since she planned on having a simple ceremony which definitely won't include bridesmaids.

so, the picture of me come to view : she intends to see me get married first beforehand so that she can attend my oh-so-ceremonious wedding reception.

Occasion III

another friend and i were catching up on old times when the subject of another schoolmate came up, whose wedding invitation didn't seem to reach us. when she shrugged it off, her exact words were,

"takpe ah, die tak sempat nak jemput kite kot. janji kalo ko kawin, jangan tak jemput aku sudah"

Occasion IV

a friendster testimonial:

".......... aku dengar ko nak tunang. kenduri wei, lapor lapor. "

there seem to be one slight problem.

i AM still SINGLE, people!

forgive me for having planned my wedding years in advance, i have this knack for planning functions, weddings in particular. i know what kind of food i'd serve to my guests. i also would like to have 7-tiered cake with a sword to cut the cake.

the only thing missing is the groom to walk the aisle with.

so, until i get lots of fererro and a truckload of white lilies on valentine's day, the subject of marriage is definitely out of question. unless you are playing match-maker and hooked me with a potential suitor a.k.a eligible bachelor. ha, then we'll talk business.

and still, i have to find sponsors for my upcoming wedding. photographers? wedding-gown designer, anyone?

Friday, January 18, 2008

eating fast food

i've been eating fast food for 4 days of the week since the last 4 years. i'm pretty used to it, so i have to eat it for energy. imagine you have to eat burgers and fries for 4 days of the week. i know some of you couldn't even stand having them for 2 days straight. but i guess, i just had to consume them, for the sake of eating.

but even that couldn't beat this week's feeds of snack plate on monday and today and stuffed crust on wednesday. i felt sick. i don't feel healthy at all. and they weren't even fulfilling. huhu. nak nasik jugak.

there are going to be more eating sessions next week, and i don't think i'd be able to finish them, alone. ade sesape nak ikut, makan makanan segera?

just so i get paid for that. hehe.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

starting of new semester

i am just a step away from

* pulling my hair off my head ( and it's something i hated to do since i fancy my mane very much )

* becoming a crazed-hallucinating-insomniac freak ( all from not having enough sleep )

* a desperately walking stick with curves haha!(i'm definitely losing weight, ya'know though the fluffed up cheeks kinda denied that)

tell ye what, people? this is LIFE.